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A towering personality in Trade Union movement in the country based at Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh), Surendra Mohan Pathak who served a long tenure as a top executive of State Bank of India Staff Association at its Bareilly module is no more. He succumbed to his heart ailment on the 21st October’2016. In him his huge number of committed followers have lost a robust personality all along fighting for the cause of workforce in the Banking Industry both locally and outside. Wish peace to the departed soul and patience and courage to the bereaved family.


Computer–a memory lane:

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Years back I was in Toronto (Canada) attending a meet on computers leading a delegation as from State Bank of India. All heads of the local organisations, particularly the Banking, attended. Those days the  more stress was laid that is it possible to run the computers where there is no electricity. It was in the context of some representatives raising questions on functionality of computers in the areas where there is no enough of electricity supply or no supply. While interacting with the Chairman of Bank of Canada on the subject I said ‘How come in a country like India where there is no electricity at all in the villages and even urban areas there is large number of bigger cities facing this problem. You are the one who has no such problem. At this point he robustly reacted saying ‘No, no, Mr. Awasthi, there is problem at this end too. Only two years back there was no electricity at all in the whole city for three minutes. Every body laughed and the meeting got adjourned for lunch.

I received a message on date as from one of the activists Rakesh Kumar Saxena the contents of which are yet to be authenticated but the same is reproduced here for the information of the pensioners, the retirees and the readers in general. They may apply their own sources for securing the authenticity on the issue. We shall be releasing necessary message to you all after the news is finally confirmed or it is the other way round.

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Rakesh Kumar Saxena

October 13 at 12:28pm

This msg has been confirmed by Sri K P Rao ex GM . You can trust. [?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?] A Writ Petition filed 22/08/2016 by a group of SBI Pensioners in Delhi HC. WP admitted on 14/09/2016, with No 8085/2016. Relief claimed: (1) uniformly to all 50% of avg of last 12 months pay as pension (2) DA at qly intervals as paid to serving employees (3) periodical revision of pension with every salary revision (4) family pension @ 30% (min). Grant of all these reliefs within powers of Bank’s Board & no sanction of GoI required. WP prepared on basis of various SC & HC judgments, consultation with Sr advocates & reference to Pension Fund Rules & Regulations. About Rs. 9 lacs contributed by several Pensioners (including former Chairmen/MDs). Rs. 4.75 lacs spent till admission of WP. Much more money required. Appeal to all Pensioners & serving employees to contribute as much as they can, BUT REQUEST FOR MINIMUM OF Rs. 1,000/-. Contributions be remitted to Current Account No. 3520438380854 opened in names of Rajesh Rai, MMK Sardana & Umesh Sharma at Jagriti Vihar Branch, Meerut: Code:16607. IFS Code: SBIN0016607. After remitting contributions please SMS Umesh Sharma on 8979199558 giving details of name of remitter, city residing in, amount remitted & branch from where remitted. Details could also be mailed toumesh.sharma492@gmail.com. Details of WP & references posted on Team Meerut’s Facebook page. WP initiated by PPR Upadhyaya, Retd GM of Bangalore Circle now settled in Mysore. This WP different from one filed by Pensioners’ Federation many years ago before same HC. Latter has asked for only 50% of pay as pension and they made GoI made a party by which is not required. Please confirm it’s genuineness”

A clarification?

A short blog post:   

There are many a messages as email and also comments some of which indicated directly or indirectly as to what was the purpose of the very predecessor post “On Lord Buddha”. This was of course nothing like any question mark, it was actually raised innocently with scholarly touch. I, however, owe a minor clarification to my readers with the remark that whatever a writer/ blogger writes it is exclusively done for sharing taste. Such pointers provide a great feedback to the author on the topic. There was nothing like malice or any sort of hatred.I am thankful to the persons concerned.



Called ‘Light of Asia’ in a book in the same name. the author gave many attributes and illustration to Lord Buddha, recognised as God incarnate depicting Him as a Divine superior entity. Hailing from India he was and is worshipped more in countries like China and Japan. He himself believed in God or did not has been a matter of controversy for hundreds of centuries till now and his disciples take it like the Lord himself never talked of God. The Bhikshus (a celebrated form of his disciples) too more or less maintain the same view as I took it while talking to some of them at the B.H.U. Temple in Varanasi. You visit there and you find a small scripture in Pali language pasted there reading as: “Attahi attano naathho kohi naathho parosia” (Man is a Master for himself and there is none to guide him).God appears fully sidelined here. There is controversy on his caste also –whether he was a kshatri or some thing else? Some of the talented readers of this blog have written to me a lot quite meaningfully which is a big topic itself and I shall be taking it up later with the help of my readers who have contributed much to this blog. I am already thankful to them for providing me enough of material with a scholarly touch. 


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On an auspicious occasion like this I extend to you all and the families a very very HAPPY DUSSEHRA/ VIJAYA DASHMI granting us the requisite strength capable of eliciting success on issues pending with the State Bank of India.

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As per the news flashed by the media, the ruling party BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) is all set to ban the Hindi Bhajans sung by the music legend Mohd. Rafi and several others in the film industry like Naushaad, Sahir Ludhianvi, Javed Akhtar, Shakeel Badayuni and a huge number of Muslim artists. The purpose? not legibly clear. But one thing is clear enough that the proposed list for the purpose begins with a Muslim artist and it ends too like that. The major chunk of Muslim populace in India have their faith in Ganga-Jamuni culture that recognizes both Hindus and Muslims totally at par without the least of any discrimination. The dialogues of the great epic Mahabharat, a maga TV serial in the past, were written by a muslim scholar, the top list of popular most Hindi bhajans were sung by Mod. Rafi with an astounding graph of popularity amongst the masses from all castes. Who can forget Hindu na banega na Musalmaan banega, Insaan ki aulad hai insaan banega:  Kab logey khabar morey Ram baree der bhayee: O duniya ke rakhwaley:  The shehnayee maestro Bismillah Khan once said to me ‘bhai mazhab ki baat to main karta nahin, main to itna jaanta hoon ki main Kashi ka niwasi aur Banaras sey kuchh lena dena nahin. Like that there are numerous instances quotable in volumes. If this contemplated  version of the news is really implemented, this is only unfortunate.

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