Red in tooth and claw–It’s May Day today!


It is in fact too cosy and comfortable a life for trade union leaders with hardly any performance but one has not to forget that on this very first day of May the four leaders in America were hanged to death for simply demanding fixed working hours in different establishments in the country and it

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was for this crime that four leaders were hanged not only at the behest of different managements but as a clear cut decision as from the Government then in the saddle. I see there are greetings exchanged on the occasion but in actual terms it’s a day of mourning. Why greetings? This is the day to be solemnly remembered respectfully by all the workers of the world, more so by different leaderships as a great pointer for them. Let us bow down in the name of those who sacrificed their life for the cause of the workers all over the globe praying for the peace to the great souls.


A world without joints?


It’s a mirage in itself as to what the world as a whole is and what is the purpose which it stands for. Is there some God who created it or it just emerged at  its own with or without any massive volcanic eruptions devastatingly colluding with one another and the resultant mass was called the world. But authenticity part on this version is still sans an acceptable truth. What historians and anthropologists talk on the subject is all guess based. The role of the mythologists too has worsened the confusion in a form worse confounded.

We can of course talk about the real world of which we are the inhabitants, we can visibly see it, we can use it, we can share our views with one another candidly and frankly, and above all we can secure some little space somewhere as our own with plenty of ifs and buts to add or subtract from any where to any where. If it suits Jigar Moradabadi, an eminent Urdu poet he fumes and frowns saying “…na jaane kidhar se na jaane kidhar ko, azal se abad tak baha jaa raha hoon…”. As if it was not enough, Shakespeare finds the world as a whole suffering from loopholes and his Hamlet proclaims that he is the one born to set these disorders fixed. Hamlet cries with a shriek “The world is without joints and I am born to set it right”. The world continues the way it suits it and the critics have no pause against whatever they could at the maximum, say beyond a limit. We may have to keep ourselves contended that there are actually two worlds –one that we could never see and the other one that we could see with snags at every step.




Love is great, love is Divine:


A parrot relaxing cozily in the lap of a cat –isn’t it that it otherwise sounds unbelievable? No, this is real and those who are well nigh conversant with animal life and their behaviour  could be the ones to fully endorse it. What prompts them to resort to such a tender and affectionate conduct as against their well known violent character recognised as some thing fully set in their genes. It is LOVE that plays its role transcending much beyond the violent characteristics at times. The birds like dove, parrot and sparrows seen in conjunction with mouse and lizards are most favourite a dish being an easy prey. In my childhood days I was told a story that a child was snatched away by a wolf in some village from its mother’s lap in the dark night obviously to be swallowed and gulped as a meal. But what really happened was just the reverse. The child was harmlessly tamed with care developing it as a wolf. After some time the passersby in the nearby barrens saw the child completely transformed as a wolf indulging in violent attacks to the surprise of the locals whose efforts to take back the child turned to a wolf to its parents failed as the very child itself was all out to resist the efforts to take it to its parents. It’s not yet researched as to how such a phenomenon occurs but what is established is that love is like a rain shower to target any thing including all beings on earth –both men and animals. Love pervades and is capable of striking any one any where taming and crippling even the violent most elements in this world. Love is great, Love is Divine.

Now Yoga has a day for it globally:

After United Nations gave it their seal to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s proposal to have a definite day to be observed as an International day for Yoga seconded by 177 countries of the world, the decks are now clear for observing a specific day as World Yoga Day. The Day allocated for the purpose is 21st June and it has to have a take off with effect from the current year itself. It adds to the pride and privilege of INDIA. All Indians also feel proud of their Prime Minister Narendra Modi for most assertively leading the campaign for the purpose. Yoga is an ancient Vedic science having its origin in India for thousands of years extending its benefits both physical and divine to millions of the people not only in India alone but the people from all over the world. The miracles it plays are not just confined to sound health and physical fitness, it equally extends ways and means in the matters of a divine pursuit in an spiritual order. The experts in the field claim that this science based methodology has nothing like any adverse side effects and can be practiced even by a child aged 5 years and an old man of 105 years.

Forewarned is forearmed:

This is in continuation of a previous post vide the link – The topic is of a vast circumference and much can be talked about it. The comments and the feedbacks it elicited included certain significant ones –the one being as from R.S. Pandey, a scholarly writer, providing a rich feedback on the topic with the requisite elaboration and it warrants special perusal as from the readers, hence the reproduction as follows:

  • R.S.Pandey
    Nov 01, 2014 @ 18:03:20 Edit

    As the saying goes, and enumerated in the post itself, too much of anything is bad. The so called development is no exception to this rule. The technology based development which is adding new means of comfort and leisure with every passing day, is, to my opinion, nothing an extra. This all is only a sort of transformation of already existing things. Moreover, the materialistic development is not universal in nature. It differs from country to country, zone to zone, race to race and likes. The human race has made rules for itself and whatever ideas are there, they are based on the experiences of previous generations. Perceptions are also experience driven. Our ancient scriptures tell us about ultimate destruction of the universe (SRISHTI) but it is quite unfair to say that that time is there in very near future for the uncertainty of the certainty known as death in case of any individual bio mass itself is yet to be understood or explored. In such a situation how we can decipher on arrival of final moment of destruction of Srishti. Despite all scientific and technological advancements (development), we have not been able to unravel the mystery behind life or creation of universe for that matter. Theories like Big Bang are theories only and even more strong and logical one(s) coming in future cannot be ruled out. It is true that anything, after reaching pinnacle, takes downwards course but in case of development what that pinnacle is, is not known or defined anywhere. We often say that sky is the limit and infinite which the sky is, how it can be limited to any limit in any sense. Origin of universe** has been defined differently in different religions and so is the end also. In such a situation, how one can say with authority that this or that version is true. These all are theories enunciated by minds of finite; the capacity of which is itself unknown. And how can be it known also when the explorer is made of same (finite) elements. The knowledge that we have explored so far is but discovery and an unimaginable small a portion of that infinite. Our existence in the universe is even smaller than a sand particle available on earth because earth has been measured and the universe has so far been beyond measurement and without any measurement, no comparison can be drawn. However, so far as the peace is concerned, it is a state of mind regardless of any development. An undeveloped can be peaceful and a developed can be otherwise. The reverse is also equally true. Peace comes from contentment and detachment, a theory which only orient believes. For now, oriental philosophy has been eclipsed by western materialistic ideology for materialism and consumerism give immediate satisfaction, although momentary in nature. Peace has little to do with the development. Let us learn to Live, unmindful of doomsday for the end has been told to be certain, with or without our pondering over it; keep ready, for eventuality may fall upon any time, utterly sudden and unwarned. Forewarned is forearmed.

** ….all existing matter and space considered as a whole; the cosmos. The universe is believed to be at least 10 billion light years in diameter and contains a vast number of galaxies; it has been expanding since its creation in the Big Bang about 13 billion years ago….

Give up not come what may:


Disgruntled, many a times in my weak moments I feel like reconciling with the onslaughts of certain compelling situations but then springs up my inner voice crying a halt to me. I feel alerted with a new resolve not to succumb to the adverse situations but it is not a mere resolve that works as some more strength is needed for the purpose. I embark on searching my faculties to feel sure that they would not deceive me while confronting with odd most predicaments and I find they would not. The very realisation emboldens me with my inner self bemoaning me with a command to stand firm on convictions without getting swayed by any factors. I do see a message writ large on the face of the horizon with the contents ‘continue raising your voice heralding your concerns, the concerns of the people, and some day the world would have to listen to you, it could be today, tomorrow or even day after’.

Ring out the old, ring in the new:

Our fore fathers had their day, and so had the fore fathers themselves and equally fore fathers’ fore fathers had them. The very cycle of eternity thus goes on and on, no body knows since when?, and equally no body knows how long? The law of eternity has all along been a matter of mystery, and so it is as on date. It possibly has to continue as such with the mystery remaining unrevealed for ages to come. Falling in line with such a Law, we too have to address and adjust ourselves accordingly living the life as it is on this earth. We had to bid adieu to the Year 2012 enabling the Year 2013 to emerge with the people breathing anew new hopes and aspirations. Obliviously forgetting the past pinning new dimensions to various expectations with the immediate future has been the order of every current generation, and we have but to go by it.

Taking liberty with the space of my blog, I convey best of my good wishes and greetings on the advent of the New Year 2013 to all my valued readers, followers and the viewers. I wish peace to prevail on earth.