Red in tooth and claw–It’s May Day today!


It is in fact too cosy and comfortable a life for trade union leaders with hardly any performance but one has not to forget that on this very first day of May the four leaders in America were hanged to death for simply demanding fixed working hours in different establishments in the country and it

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was for this crime that four leaders were hanged not only at the behest of different managements but as a clear cut decision as from the Government then in the saddle. I see there are greetings exchanged on the occasion but in actual terms it’s a day of mourning. Why greetings? This is the day to be solemnly remembered respectfully by all the workers of the world, more so by different leaderships as a great pointer for them. Let us bow down in the name of those who sacrificed their life for the cause of the workers all over the globe praying for the peace to the great souls.


Why they went on strike?

Different trade union organisations including those operating in banks were on strike on 20th and 21st February’2013 pressing for their demands on various issues seeking resolution of their grievances pending for a long time. Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh, issued an appeal to call of the strike, of course without any tangibly positive assurance to the unions. The appeal so made was obviously unheeded. The public and the media both vehemently condemned the move on the grounds that it was an exercise to result into lot of problems and inconvenience to the people of the country in general. Some of them also said that the action as such was politically motivated and aimed at deliberately causing embarrassment to the ruling collusion government at the behest of the opposition. This is some thing far from the truth. Work was struck by the unions, true, but every protest or some other action can’t be construed as the one bucked up by the political parties in opposition. Unions have their own identities and are adult enough to decide as to what is there in their interest, and what is not. They don’t require any masters from the outside to direct any such movement. Why not take a view of the unions legitimate demands?. Every time they staged a protest or struck work in pursuance of their demands, they were given some kind of an assurance or the other to do the needful in the matter of their grievances, but it was nothing more than a political ritual forming a sheer bluff mongering. After all how long the unions can wait?. There is limit to every thing and so is there in regard to their patience. Patience over brimmed, they were left with no alternative but to resort to the action of strike. What else they could do?.