Pension issues–Hail the silver line manifest on the scene:


The powers that be agreeing to several of the demands raised for and on behalf of the retiree pensioners is a historical event and it is quite expected that their implementation woud’nt take much time. You may get a detailed circular on the matter as from the quarters concerned who negotiated the settlement so dexterously. As per a message released by KR Saini, the one who worked day and night to foster the great task, necessary agreement is since reached. The copy of his message follows separately.


Blogging -Many a sips between cup and the lips:

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There are many who consider blogging as a job damn easy  performable in too cozy  a manner like moving fingers in the void air. It’s not. The exercise is too tedious a task that involves your mental faculties to remain alert all the time on your tenterhooks, you try to adhere to one particular point and in the meantime another one interrupts resulting into a confused state of thoughts and in the process the whole chain of proceeding onwards is lost halting at nullity. As a freelancer mine is too vast an area of work with their coverage on different blogs involving ten hours plus on an average every day on my laptop which is a quality brand but it too succumbs to pressure of work at times with continuous 7 days a week work and collapses obviously forcing me to wait till it is resuscitated. My readers might be thinking  that I didn’t care to meet their requisitions without realising my predicaments. At times there are several urgency based tasks while talking to the visitors and they override other schedules. The entire situation is virtually like many a sips between cup and the lips while trying to sort out which item on the agenda is to be taken up first. I happen to have most uneasy a time when my work remains unattended but I have to take it essentially as a part of tasks allotted to me which has but to be attended even if it costs me my health. My readers are my source of strength. “…work is worship”, said Wordsworth.


Biting a loaf without teeth:

Howsoever gigantic it is, any task has to be pursued with strength, will and determination to elicit the desired goal. No strength, no results. ‘Right is the might’ is the logo of certain unions but right sans strength is meaningless. Innumerable trade unions have mushroomed since our country became independent, many for the name sake without legs to stand and there are certain ones which are giant sized with few of them sponsored and patronised by  some political party or the other as their parents. Their political interest comes first for them and workers interest is just secondary. Banking industry in India has numerous unions with their affiliation to some federation or confederation. Their managements always keep them in good humour but hardly ever concede to their major demands. The retirees from these bank too have their unions and Federation but they are toothless in the absence of their capacity to agitate or go on strike. Currently there are two major areas for them –pension issues and compassionate appointments which are pending for the last several years and none in the management or even Government of India is prepared to pay them any heed realising that they are all in the wrong side of their age. This is just so callous a conduct. Rule of making compassion based appointment was very much there in State Bank of India but was unilaterally withdrawn by them at the end of 19th century depriving the dependents of the employees dying in harness what was called compassionate appointment which action dragged their families to the point of starvation. Their cries of pain failed to secure the attention of the authorities concerned. The aggrieved pensioners and the claimants of compassionate appointment strongly feel that the case is not adequately followed up by their respective unions and they are more submissive than aggressive on demands and this snag is landing them no where. To bite a fruit the respective leaders of  the union have possibly yet to develop their teeth in the shape of a result oriented struggle.

The need to revamp the modus operandi of approach:

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Methodology of any discipline is always subject to a change in consonance with the passage of time coupled with the cycle of events. One of the experts on pension issues in SBI KR Saini expressed his concern on the pension issue not eliciting the desired outcome even after hectic efforts made by all concerned. What should be done was his question to me. This is a genuine anxiety where we along with our readers, pensioners and the other sympathizers have to work out the requisite strategies away from a rotten conservatism with a pragmatic mind. I applied my mind to the task with repeats but nothing has emerged as a key note but what I strongly feel is that the very pensioners themselves may have to be there in the forefront and a lot has since been done for generating necessary awareness amongst them. I also feel that an aggressive system may have to be evolved to further generate necessary confidence in the matter of life itself on which the retirees are well known for feeling always shaky. Let us not forget that what the current generation is doing is not for themselves alone, more than that what they do today is more for the posterities. This is just a vague thought and it is for the readers to receive it the way it suits them. I am sharing this part of the problems with the readers to themselves give a thought to this and share their views with us. The more the opinions and suggestions are received from them the more are the chances to rebuild the via media with a bigger strength capable of securing a powerful tool to overcome the tasks related to the workforce both past and present.

Modi, a hard task master:


Yes, he is virtually a hard task master and spares none when it comes to work. Himself a work alcoholic, he wants the whole world to fall in line harnessing itself to work and work alone picking up a new project after the other in a series and sequence unending. When Dr. S. Radhakrishnan visited Soviet Union as its Indian Ambassador for the first time in 1949, the then Soviet Union Prime Minister indented a meeting with him saying ‘I want to see a  person who reads 24 hours a day’ and may be this time when the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits America in the last week of this month, the American President Barrack Obama receives him as a person who works 24 hours a day. History repeats. The people of the country saw in him a Master giving a tutorial to the girls and boys on the last 5th September vehemently stressing upon need to work hard. As a hard task master he is dealing with his ministerial colleagues firmly day in and day out without any relaxation to any one in the matter of performance. ‘Work is worship’ said Wordsworth and this is an area where Modi stands as greatest of all the worshippers. The modus operandi of his work style itself is a great message to the masses of India and there lies a distinct ray of hope for a better future of the country.

Yes, we can:

Words change their meaning and weight, and also their element of message, when two great leader celebrities of the world like Barack Obama and Narendra Modi use them. They assume the status of a powerful slogan, a slogan that inspires the people, a slogan that energises the people inculcating the spirit of zeal and fervour in their mind prompting them to take their mission as a challenge harnessing themselves to it with a solemn commitment. Nothing in this world is insurmountable if the relative task is undertaken with a strong will for the purpose. This is the need, and hence the call of the day, not confined to India or America alone but the whole world as one consolidated unit to speak aloud with determination ‘Yes, we can’.

I am writing mammoth but for whom?


I have written so much and am still continuing the marathon race knowing no estoppel. Sounds funny and quixotic but is a reality at my own level. Some one may well ask me why the hell I am exerting so much and for what purpose or whether it is some doctor’s advice to me to continue pursuing the task unabated for health reasons. No, nothing of this sort, it is rather a sheer weakness sort of thing on my part to share with others what I think is important taking a chance that they too may like it notwithstanding the very possibility that they may not. There are writers who say they are writing for self satisfaction. I don’t think they are honest enough in their expression as such as it is an inherent weakness of any human to have sharing with others. I too thought initially that whatever I am writing is aimed at self satisfaction but then I realised that it was not exactly as such and the truth was that I had an inbuilt hankering for sharing with others whatever was my thought wave. Sharing actually elicits more of a confidence which otherwise lacks many a times at the level of self. Most tiring and cumbersome a task is writing and it acts worse when not shared. Very often I think of giving up the onerous task of writing indefatigably and then I feel a jerk within myself to reconcile that it is a necessary evil and needs to be pursued as such.