Red in tooth and claw–It’s May Day today!


It is in fact too cosy and comfortable a life for trade union leaders with hardly any performance but one has not to forget that on this very first day of May the four leaders in America were hanged to death for simply demanding fixed working hours in different establishments in the country and it

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was for this crime that four leaders were hanged not only at the behest of different managements but as a clear cut decision as from the Government then in the saddle. I see there are greetings exchanged on the occasion but in actual terms it’s a day of mourning. Why greetings? This is the day to be solemnly remembered respectfully by all the workers of the world, more so by different leaderships as a great pointer for them. Let us bow down in the name of those who sacrificed their life for the cause of the workers all over the globe praying for the peace to the great souls.


If humans could realise the agony of those sacrificed!

Agony, the worst being agony of death, natural or the one caused by killing, is an agony for all, be they humans or be they animals. None has any control over natural deaths, but killing is a category very much in the hands of the killers, which can be avoided, if they so opt. It is not done, rather it is permitted in certain religions to be rejoiced as a great festivity. All over the world, Hindus do it to please the Goddess Durga, and Muslims resort to it to satisfy the will of their God, the Allah. Only a few days back, there was Durga Puja on the 23rd October followed by Bakrid (Eid-Al-Adha) on the 26th of this month. Both these great festivals are observed for several days at a stretch with sumptuous rejoicings. The Hindus have a faith that Goddess Durga feels appeased if the goats and buffaloes are sacrificed in front of her statue. Muslims have a different story. Their Prophet Ibrahim felt like he received a command from the God (Allah) to offer Him the sacrifice of something he loved most in the world. He selected his son Ismail for the purpose. The God felt satisfied with his decision and directed him to sacrifice a goat instead of his son. The festival Eid-Al-Adha is observed to honour Prophet Ibrahim’s great will for his readiness to sacrifice his son to the God. Millions and millions of goats, sheep, cows, buffaloes, bulls and camels might have been sacrificed on this day throughout the world. I, as one, do convey my Durga Puja greetings and ‘Eid Mubark’ to all every where so far as honouring the Goddess Durga and Prophet  Ibrahim’s will is concerned, but the great pinch and agony I am undergoing with the thought of killings of animals at a massive scale are un-erasable from my mind. I only wish if the humans could put themselves in the position of the animals so sacrificed to realise the pain and the agony they undergo, or else instead they could offer themselves as a sacrifice to please their Deities in a bigger measure.

Why Sonia Gandhi didn’t become the Prime Minister of India?

There has been so much of talk at the level of media and also the public in general on why Sonia Gandhi did not become the Prime Minister of India and there are many, particularly those belonging to Congress Party, who are never tired of praising her for her sacrifice in the matter. No doubt there was every chance that she could have become the Prime Minister of India, more so as every one had great sympathy for her after Rajiv Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India, was assassinated. The then illustrious President of India A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has categorically mentioned in his latest book ‘Turning Points’ that in May’2004 he had an affirmative nod in Sonia Gandhi’s favour for the post. Sequence of the circumstances is the one that runs in series with the fact remaining that she didn’t become the Prime Minister, but there is nothing to attribute it to any sort of sacrifice on her part. In fact she was not inclined to accept the post for her personal reasons and convenience. Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka both insisted that having lost their father they were the ones not to take any further risk of losing their mother too. This is what was given a wide coverage by the media at that time but, as it is said that public memory is too short on events including even those forming history, the people forgot it and were made to understand only this much that it was a great sacrifice of Sonia Gandhi. What can at the utmost be said is that she did not stick to the temptation so lustily like any other political person could have done for which she has definitely to be admired but in no way it can be termed as a big sacrifice.