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You too owe them your blood:

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As a part of any trade union you are a successor to those who shed their blood in virtual terms to secure the very basic rights you are enjoying now and to keep the legacy as such you too are required to keep the same spirit while combating against the hawks of the management. It was America where 4 leaders of the workforce were hanged to death for the reason that they raised voice on having fixed working hours as against unlimited as was the practice that time. In India too the conditions were the worst with several atrocities. The trade union scenario every where in India is in a limping mode and worst it is in Banking sector. It is time for the trade unions and their leaders to wake up coming out of their deep slumber. A revolution is the dire need.



Pension issues in SBI–an expression:

pensionerMirza Ghalib was, like Keats in English, a poet of romance and had nothing to do with politics or governance but what he wrote impliedly or otherwise applies quite much to the people in general in their life on this earth. An unending wait for the verdict on grievance used to be a valid ground for punishment for delay so caused at the level of the Qazees, the then magistrates in olden times. Much above Paleolithic age, we are greatly civilised a society today claiming to be ultra modern but certain practices like those in Law appear to be not only outmoded but utterly out of date with thousands and thousands of the victims groaning with pain for an awful delay in timely delivering the requisite judgment –for example Pensioners case in State Bank of India where nothing could be done by the courts even after a lapse of decades. This is all brutally callous. Wait and wait till eternity is the scenario. The pangs of pain like Ghalib said as quoted below equally apply to the victim pensioners knowing no end. Possibly a maga revolution is the need:

आह को चाहिए एक उम्र असर होने तक

कौन जीता है तेरी ज़ुल्फ़ के सर होने तक। 


Isn’t it that disciplined readership of blogs is yet a rare community?

images (3)_thumbThere was a time when the choice of readers was confined to books alone and of course to news papers later and then icame blogs when computers emerged as a revolution in the current era with a magic wand to sort out a solution to any conceivable thought in the field of messaging followed by emergence of blogging as a great communicational tool. My association with the computers goes back to mid 1960s and with active blogging in the Ist decade of the current century. My fancy for it stretched to five blogs at a time daily on varying subjects mainly inclusive of human relation (HR). It was too tedious a job but I was able to manage all of them with requisite response from the readers all over the world. Currently my concentration is confined to two blogs only and that too with certain unavoidable gaps in their frequency of release from time to time. Readership of my blog ‘Avenues’ stands at present at close to 3 lakhs globally.

The strength of a blog is determined through it’s readers who form the backbone of it. This post is in no way a pointer to the readers and is simply aimed at sharing with them on what I have been experiencing in the field. They make a reference of some problem at their end seeking my advice and in case the subject is similar to the ones raised by several others, I release a composite post exclusively for the topic so referred. What actually follows is that several of them continue the same thing again and again without going through the relative post. There are many who simply ask ‘What happened’?, ‘Any development’?, ‘Please reply’, ‘Help me’, ‘Waiting for your answer’, etc. Such questions are without mentioning any head and tail of it in the absence of which it is just impossible to answer their queries leading them to conclude that I didn’t care for their question. Pension issue is a burning problem in State Bank of India in which context a case is pending with Delhi High Court10881486_1016309615062877_1718043244602304723_n_thumb and whatever is the progress or otherwise is reported on a specific Page in this blog NewsPage routinely by an exponent with scholarly pursuit on pension issues, KR Saini, apprising the readers of the latest update but many of them prefer to shoot a separate query like ‘What is the development?’ instead of bothering to refer to the NewsPage which tendency indicates that they only take the issue cursorily. Those who really feel serious about the dispute are supposed to go to the right site on the blog appreciating the efforts of the author who has embedded his heart and soul to the cause of the pensioners with his indefatigable spirits. It is also the need on the part of the readers/pensioners to associate themselves with whatever are the issues in a committed measure and not just an onlooker. Marching forward jointly is always likely to elicit the desired outcome.


Aam Admi’s Party–horizons and beyond?

Now that a new party, a political one, has since been formed as an offshoot of India Against Corruption, the people in general and the middle class in particular are looking forward to it with some hope that a novel revolution being there in the offing, some tangible measures are a likelihood on the front of corruption, inflation, law and order, security, and black money.

It’s not first time that any new party is formed, it happened in the past also. Political stalwarts like Acharya J.B. Kriplani and Chakravarty Rajgopalacari formed their own separating themselves from the Congress with an independent entity. Both of them did it with a claim that Congress was no more working in the interest of the common people, and that there was a need to bring in ‘inquilab’ in an effective manner and see that wrong doings of the Congress were remedied. Initially both the parties did well igniting new hopes to the people but soon the expectations built on new slogans got dwindled to a rock bottom level as nothing much tangible could be done by them. Congress remained where it was. Just in the recent past, Anna Hazare was considered to be a messiah of the masses and his name was a wave throughout the country giving entirely a new image to till then a non political forum called ‘India Against Corruption’. This too was a flop after some time, as indicated by me in my earlier posts. This was mainly as a result of a bitter difference of opinion amongst the partners of India Against Corruption. Baba Ramdeo took the lead with his own slogans against corruption and black money. He too had the same fate and miserably failed to bring in any results. Now it is ‘Aam Admi Party’ which is promising the moon to the people of India with Arvind Kejriwal in the saddle. Promising horizons of hope through self coined slogans is easy, but most difficult a task it is to give them a physical shape. For our own satisfaction, let us hope and wish for the better, but what actually is in store for the people, only time will tell.