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Meditation–Kriya yoga Vs. Hathh yoga:

Meditational pursuit as prescribed in Yoga as a master key to seeking tranquillity of thoughts in mind is no doubt a superbly result oriented exercise to attain what is called an absolute truth to free the humans from bondages of sordidness in thinking process. There are many a Kriyas in Kriya yoga as well as Hath yoga. At certain stage both Kriya yoga and Hath yoga look similar with destination aspect in both of them being the same. Practice aspect, however, in both the cases is somewhat different. Kriya yoga is aimed at achieving the goal by a sort of compromise between different faculties of the body system, in particular including the brain. The Hath yoga differs approach wise. It aims at acquiring necessary spiritual strength through a rigorous mode of exercises putting enormous strain on different body parts with theory in the background that nothing can be worth an achievement unless there is ample stress involved in the process as such. Theory of compromise, as envisaged in Kriya yog, is normally considered as more realistic as it has the capacity of smoothening the mental faculties. The goal and the purpose being the same, both the aspects of the yoga can be adopted into practice depending on the intuitions emerging from one’s own self and its compatibility factor from the very physical capacity point of view. Kriya yoga is smooth, Hath yoga is rigorous, both being capable of leading an individual practitioner to an spiritual enlightenment.