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hirundine608 commented on Monarchy Vs democracy:

James Allen

This blog is read by thousands of readers across the globe and they make their own comments on the relative topic in their own way agreeing or disagreeing with the author and such an exercise is interesting as it brings plus and minus together. At times I feel that the style and material provided by the different authors warrant a bigger publicity to the benefit and interest of the overall readership, hence reproduction of certain selected few. This time it is James Allen ‘Hirundine’ who as usual made a comment on my blog post ‘Monarchy Vs democracy’ dated 19th June’16 quite in brief and highly meaningful. I wish the readers go through it with interest. It is reproduced below:

Democracy little more than mob rule where 51% of the people take away the rights of the other 49%. T. Jeffereson.

Democracy can and is, manipulated. Monarchy is absurd. That people are born into wealth and land ownership, should not have the automatic right to govern others. Land ownership is also absurd. We are born into this world with fists tightly clenched and we exit with them wide-open.

Democracy is a method of counting votes, for a candidate. It does not guarantee freedom nor idividuality.
Cheers Jamie


Freelancing with a purpose:

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There are many a people asking me a question quite often as to why I resorted to freelancing instead of sticking to a particular theme giving vent to my thoughts and expressions. The reasons are simple –feelings, thoughts and expressions can’t be confined to a certain boundary lines. Some of the readers asked me as to why I am mostly focusing so much on the issues like pension disputes in the case of retirees from State Bank of India. I am simply drawing the attention of my valued readers to a large variety of themes covered on my blog. History, metaphysics, humanity, social science, human relations, current affairs and behavioural science are by and large the areas widely covered in my blog without any prejudice to an individual topic. The purpose is to serve the humanity in whatever humblest possible measure I can afford. The statistics provided by WordPress shows the articles on history covered by me in my blog as ones read most by a vast readership to the tune of millions of the people all over the world. In the recent past I stressed more on pension issues of State Bank of India for the reason that it matches and meets the demands of the pensioners from the Bank and the conclusion in their case pending in different courts of Law hanging in the balance for more than two decades causing most tortuous a suspense for the retirees majority of whom is on the wrong side of the age and they are the ones who can’t wait till eternity. I earnestly request my valued readers in all the categories to bear with me without getting  upset when the articles of their choice are not there as posts. In a way, we are committed to serve the people in whatever an humble we can for which purpose my valued readers are my resource.


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Is it that a two liner post too may suffice?

I have come across many a bloggers who write just two lines and their post is complete. I envy their capacity as such, as one is supposed to be bold enough to be that much brief i.e. telling things without actually telling them. Different platforms providing blogging service also encourage the writers to write brief. I too felt at times tempted to follow such writers as it is certainly a measure to save energy and time both. Every time I tried to fall in line with them, I just landed as a flop. This post, as I had a mind to write small, is an attempt in that direction, but to remain still brief I may have to cut down the vast material that is otherwise flooding in my mind by pronouncing to myself an abrupt cut, and here I stop. In olden days the style of writing letters included a line like ‘..thoda likhna bahut samajhana’, which part I have no option but to leave it to my readers.This is my extreme side of limit to minimise my expressions.