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This amounts to cheating!

images (1)There is a mushrooming growth of brokers in the share market of India and they are the ones fed fat on sucking the blood of the innocent traders in shares. They release silky ads to attract more and more of such traders projecting false images of theirs with plenty of offers and assurances to lure as bigger as possible a number of customers in their fold. Their greed for money is as big as a mountain bothering the least for the interest of the customers. They boast of offering new demat accounts fully operable within an hour but what follows after they receive the requisite money from the customers is raising flimsy and irrelevant grounds on delaying the proposal on some false pretext or the other as against finalising the same peremptorily. Dozens of the people come to me with the grievance of getting duped by such brokers and I am yet to make out a full fledged case for them to be taken up with the Government. In the meantime my advice to them is to generate necessary awareness in the masses to see that the traders in stocks keep themselves fully cautious and not fall into the brokers trap.


The mausoleum that still earns highest revenue:

The historical romance between Shahjahan and Mumtaz Mahal looking live even on date in the form of Taj Mahal on the bank of Yamuna river in Agra (India) is not only a love story but is the one that earns a big revenue to the Government of India as if love too is an investment capable of yielding sumptuous returns in terms of money. It earned a record high figure of Rs.21.84 crore as entrance fee alone during the current financial year 2013-14. Being a monarch with limitless financial resources Shahjahan could immortalise his love for Mumtaz Mahal constructing a monument for her which privilege is much beyond even a remotest dream for a common man despite the fact that his love for his spouse might be a thousand times more than that of Shahjahan’s. An eminent poet described this cruel anomaly like this:

“एक शहंशाह ने दौलत का सहारा लेकर

  हम ग़रीबों की मोहब्बत का  उड़ाया है मज़ाक”

(A monarch abusing his money power has made a fun of all of us, the poor)

The shining marbles of 361 years old Taj Mahal are fading away with the passage of time and there may come a stage when it disappears altogether mingling in the dust but the love story in the background may still remain. Love of both the rich and the poor, if it is really eternal, may continue as the part of stories and the folklore but not the money side of it. The flow of the money the monument earns today may be corked up some day obliviously transgressing into the past and what may remain still thereafter to a considerable extent is the love side of it, the serene sort of a love not necessarily prospering with the support of money power.

Buying solutions to the problems?

Yes, it is damn easy and simple. If you are having a problem which you are confronted with, you just think of it, go to some temple, contact the priest concerned and offer necessary prasad preferably in terms of money taking it, for your satisfaction only, that your problem is solved. So long you are able to carry on with this sort of illusion, you are a happy person, as nothing happens beyond that. Vijay Mallya, a liquor baron and till now the owner of second biggest airlines King Fisher in the country, offered 3 KGs of gold to Lord Venkateswar at Tirupati Balaji Temple. Vijay Mallya is continuously in some trouble or the other for quite some time, latest being his airline King Fisher going a flop due to strike of its Pilots and the Engineers. If he is confident of overcoming the crisis after offering this much of gold to Lord Venkateswar, why the same efforts didn’t elicit any response when he offered the prasad more or less nearly of the similar value on earlier occasions to different Deities. He offered a big amount to Art of Living Foundation of Shri Ravi Shankar repeating the same act in several other instances. In fact, if the sumptuous offering by way of a prasad has any meaning, no trouble should have erupted at all for Vijay Mallya, leave alone the current crisis he is facing. The kind of worship based on an enormous amount of money or gold only looks like the rich people blackmailing different gods and goddesses too, and they just feel awe-fully deluded when nothing emerges as some positive result.

Politics Vs. religion and business:

They are all so interlinked that it is quite difficult to draw a line of any difference between them. Politicians, business magnates and religious leaders, they appear all the same in a country like ours, India, using one for the other to match their goal. Baba Ramdeo is a saint, as he appears by his robes, but he is equally a business magnate running a full fledged business empire as a multi millionaire. It’s virtually a one man industry. He appears all set to join some political party or start one as his own like the then disciple of Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal, did, as this is the step which helps the concerned individuals to run their business more smoothly. His opponents, mainly the Congress Party, accused him of having amassed huge wealth through his business and by accepting enormous donations to the trust he is running. He replied to the allegation by saying that what is wrong in it adding further that if Rajiv Gandhi Foundation accepts huge donations it is considered as alright and how come if he accepts the same thing it is branded as business. Factually speaking, there is hardly any religion which is not putting it on sale some way or the other. In our country, there are several big business houses who lag much behind large number of temples, mosques, gurudwaras and churches in the matter of wealth. Politics, particularly in a country like India, is the centre of corruption in money matters no doubt, but there are many a religious centres also which are far above them in this regard.

Corporate Social Responsibility–a new levy is a likelihood!

As per indications received from different quarters including media, the Government is most likely to come out with more stringent a measure to ensure safety and security to the investors. Financial undertakings dealing in different trades may be asked to spare 2% of their profits (say as a levy) to be exclusively used for this purpose. The idea behind such a move is to fix necessary responsibility on different corporate bodies to have a bigger focus on social goals instead of just aiming at profits only. Financial agencies like banks, insurance companies, besides the share markets are the areas to be covered under the scheme. This measure is aimed at providing adequate security to the investors and depositors, who every now and then are the victims of cheating and bungling in the hands of different companies dealing in borrowings and lendings in some name or the other. Certain companies, as reported from time to time, disappeared from the market like they never existed. If the measures so initiated take a tangible shape in days to come, this is certainly a welcome move to provide due relief to those who take the risk of investing/ depositing their hard earned money with corporate bodies and various other companies.

Every thing ends at money and wealth:

Only the other day I wrote on romance icon, Rajesh Khanna, relative link of which is appended for a ready perusal. Just so little a time has passed since his death and there are disputes being raised to establish a claim on his wealth, particularly in relation to his palace like house ‘Aashirvad’. One Anita Advani, claiming to be the niece of a VVIP abroad, has lodged a petition to claim the house and also necessary maintenance on monthly basis on the ground that she was not only in love with Rajesh Khanna, she was his love mate too looking after him for the last 10 years before he died. The affair was well known to the family of Rajesh Khanna -Rajesh Khanna’s wife and his actor son-in-law Akshay Kumar, in particular, claims Anita Advani, who is in her 50s. She is fighting out his case through a noted local advocate, Mridula Kadam. It is strange as to why it didn’t strike Rajesh Khanna’s mind to indicate the fact in some will of his during his life time. Rajesh Khanna might have played several roles in his films covering many a typical type of family disputes but possibly not of the nature like this where he is himself involved. Now his is a haunted soul. No kind of love or relationship, howsoever strong the ties are, is capable of sustaining where money and wealth are involved.

Link: https://uppermost.me/2012/07/20/remembering-romance-icon-rajesh-khanna/