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In the void air towards THEE….?

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  • Suffering from the pangs of seclusion and hankering for a look and glimpse of his love partner he stretches his hands towards the horizon but in vain, she is not there nor his voice is audible to her and the distance between the two increases tens of times with the passage of time and out of a sheer disgust he cries in the vacuum “…In the void air towards thee my strained arms are cast”. Much easier it is to pursue a loose sort of love but tremendously difficult and tortuously painful to go for the one that is serenely ecstatic with an absolute satiation close to Divine where pangs of seclusion are manifest much larger in more serene an order on the face of the partners with the whole world in their fist. Possibly it was this kind of love for which Thomas Hardy made the lady of one of his novels wandering alone in the Egdon Heath crying “Give me love, my Lord, give it to me, give it, give it” (sic). Love is not a kabaddi game or a lust, love is a great sacrifice.

  • Some of my beloved readers requested me to write something exclusively on love and to  meet their requisition I put up here one of my poems in the form of prose, hence this writeup.

Many a babas, and so is a Computer Baba!

There are many a babas at Mahakumbh, Sangam, at Allahabad, and so is a baba called Computer Baba for the simple reason that he keeps a computer with him all the time, besides mobile phone. There are other Sadhus called Mobile Babas, as they invariably keep a mobile phone with them even while giving their darshan to their disciples. Computer Baba, his original name being Swami Namdev Tyagi, has a conviction that like all other developmental agencies in the world, spreading religious messages too needs necessary technological devices, mainly including computer. He keeps his laptop wherever he moves and does so even while delivering his discourses to his devotees. He also owns a helicopter which has been gifted to him by his followers. What about the austerity measures the seers are supposed to observe?. Computer Baba replies to this saying that those are the practices of the oblivious past, and nothing like that has any relevance in the modern context. Is he redefining the modes of religious pursuits?. He evades any direct answer to this but sticks to the point that every thing continues changing and different religions too have to fall in line with it without any exception. Looks some what funny!. True, computer is helpful in communicational areas exchanging different kinds of messages but it has no role in constructing the thoughts behind particular themes and messages. The seers are known as a symbol of austerity for several thousands of years and no religion ever taught luxury as the purpose of life. Any new definition in the name of modernity is just incapable of replacing the very sanctity of a religion. The kind of life Computer Baba is leading, or preaching, is a matter of sheer materialism and lust denounced by the saints who intrinsically had earned the title of seer-hood by their sacrifices for the sake of the humanity as a whole. Austerity, and not the luxury, has to become the quality of life, as the sages in the real sense preached in the past and are doing so presently. Any religion practised for some sheer luxury is no religion but just a business house.

Prithviraj Chauhan/ Sanyogta–an appraisal on the feed back:

This is a topic so widely responded and shared by the readers through their comments and emails. Some of the readers, who are themselves good research scholars on Prithviraj Chauhan, like a reader who prefers himself to be called as Prithviraj, and they are the ones who are not only well read on the subject but are still doing marathon work adding a new perspective to the story every now and then through their comments. While going through these enormous sized comments running in several pages, at times I develop a feeling as if the topic is assuming proportions beyond history with a major tilt towards a robust romance emanating from Sanyogta as a source, as a sex symbol. My writer friend Prithviraj, in one of his comments, made a mention of how Mohd.Ghori, after he defeated Prithviraj Chauhan, used to have sex with the number of queens of the king so defeated as per his version, at one stage including Sanyogta. He even used to have sex with them even during the period they were having menstrual cycle, or yet even he used to sodomize them. At least I am the one who could never come across such a narrative in whatever large number of books I have gone through on the subject. Films and television serials have of course highlighted the romantic side bordering sex as a theme but they too have not vulgarised it beyond proportions. To me such an expression sounds to be nothing more than imagining what one could do as his obsession for sex. With due regards to Prithviraj, the writer and the commenter, I find myself unable to consider such a narrative essentially as a matter of history, imagination wise this could of course be an exception. As requested by Prithviraj (writer) himself, I have a mind to write more on otherwise much powerful a romantic side of the love story relating to Sanyogta and Prithviraj, later with an encroachment made by Mohd. Ghori, but this may not go beyond the precincts of grace and dignity of love, of course with justice to the very historical reality of the events.

I have no reason to disagree with the said writer on the fact that a large chunk of Indian territory was lost to invaders because of Prithviraj Chauhan’s over lust resulting into a situation where he was just unable to devote the required amount of time with a robust monitoring on war front against the enemy. I don’t take it as the said writer’s prejudice against Prithviraj Chauhan, I rather take it as a hard truth that cost freedom to the country.

Comments on this site of mine on the topic are in several hundreds, and I am requesting the readers to peruse them to the extent they can, as this may enable them to get apprised of the subject in its totality.

Insaafe-e-janhageeri–Is there really any truth in it?

Besides having been the ruler of India (1605-1627), King Saleem Nuruddin Jahangeer, has more of a reputation in history as most judicious a person, as he was much more strict a man in the matters of rules and discipline. Whenever there is an honest and fair a judgement/ decision given by some court or top men in the administration, it is branded as Insaaf jahangeeri even now, an equivalent to Daniel’s judgement. There is a question mark raised by many, including myself, if it was really a fact or just some praise as a matter of sycophancy in his days as a ruler. The saying goes that, as per orders of the King, there was a gong fixed outside the palace, and whenever it was struck to create an alarm bell, he used to come out personally to attend to the grievance of the caller delivering his judgement on the spot. Once a bull struck his horns against the bell creating an alarm sound, and when the King saw the animal as a caller, he felt surprised. What he imagined was that the animal must have been ill treated some way or the other by his master. He called the master, and thrashed him giving an order to give a better treatment to the bull.

If the story so narrated is really true, how it is that so judicious a king like Janhageer was instrumental in getting Sher Afghan, husband of Nur Jahan (Mehrunnishan) killed. An inscription, as I saw it, written on Sher Afghan’s grave at Burdwan (West Bengal) is indicative of it. In fact, Janhangeer felt highly infatuated towards Nur Jahan, an extra-ordinarily beautiful a woman, and he wanted to procure her somehow or the other to satisfy his lust, hence this planned killing. Most judicious a King like Janhageer thus succeeded in his designs to get Nurjahan finally causing her a situation to marry him. It’s a different matter that she virtually ruled the country as a queen in later years. What a justice?

A few lines from my otherwise a big poem are given here:

Bada naam Ooncha hai insaaf mein jo

Janhageer ke faisle ko bhi dekha

Hawis jis ne apnee bujhane ke khhatir

Tha Mehru* ke baghhe mohabbat ko loota 

* Sher Afghan lovingly used to call Nur Jahan, his beloved wife, as ‘Mehru’.

Love life of Prithviraj Chauhan/ Sanyogta

A reader friend of mine made a request to me to write ‘more and more’ on the erotic measures of love between Prithviraj Chauhan and Sanyogta. He is not the only one to make such a requisition; there are several others who have been making a similar sort of request to me from time to time. What do they mean by eroticPrithvi_Raj_Chauhan[1] love? Obviously they are talking of erotic sex. I replied to him that this theme is robustly sex oriented and any attempt to work on it with due elaboration is bound to turn into a spam. I am, however, working a way out to see if something meaningful in this direction can be done without compromising decency and grace. Love and lust are just two different things; love is serene and lust is ridiculous, love is superb and lust is ludicrous and, ironically enough, both the sides are equally involved in the case of Prithviraj Chauhan and Sanyogta. The task is gigantic but as I have assured him and others, and as I don’t want to disappoint my important readers I may have to find out some tangible via media for the purpose ensuring that I am able to finally locate some necessary theme to accomplish the job in days to come through my subsequent post(s) on this blog.