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In the void air towards THEE….?

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  • Suffering from the pangs of seclusion and hankering for a look and glimpse of his love partner he stretches his hands towards the horizon but in vain, she is not there nor his voice is audible to her and the distance between the two increases tens of times with the passage of time and out of a sheer disgust he cries in the vacuum “…In the void air towards thee my strained arms are cast”. Much easier it is to pursue a loose sort of love but tremendously difficult and tortuously painful to go for the one that is serenely ecstatic with an absolute satiation close to Divine where pangs of seclusion are manifest much larger in more serene an order on the face of the partners with the whole world in their fist. Possibly it was this kind of love for which Thomas Hardy made the lady of one of his novels wandering alone in the Egdon Heath crying “Give me love, my Lord, give it to me, give it, give it” (sic). Love is not a kabaddi game or a lust, love is a great sacrifice.

  • Some of my beloved readers requested me to write something exclusively on love and to  meet their requisition I put up here one of my poems in the form of prose, hence this writeup.

“Love is great, love is Divine”–an addendum:

images (10)This follows it’s very predecessor post nearly in the same name as an addendum being a comment as from R.S. Pandey, a versatile writer. It’s not confined to a mere comment but has fully assumed the characteristic of a full fledged write-up dealing with the relative theme philosophically like Annie Besant did while writing on Mira Bai. It is reproduced here:

Sir, the subject of the post – Love – has been fiercely discussed and debated from the times immemorial. The worldly as well as divine references to love have been made by the people, yet even to date, it remains one of the most confusing and misunderstood(?) term. The bonding between two creatures with contrasting characters as shown in the post which may be love, probably is the feeling of absence of fear and insecurity which might have got generated by their habitation in an atmosphere where they are cared as pets sans any violence. The feeling of mercy and compassion are there in even cruel and omnivorous beings, when it comes to taking care of their kids. The love which, in general parlance, is often equated with longing of varying nature, depending upon the context and relation, is considered of a mean nature when related to worldly relations but when related to a deity or God for that matter is considered a pious one. This piousness or otherwise of love, although being a relative phenomenon, is the real cause of confusion. When a term when associated with the so called divine is good, how it becomes bad when associated with worldly relations? After all, relations are but result of the creation of the He. The desire, both for worldly as well as divine attainments (even for sake of Moksha) are desires; how they can be classified along different parameters for which essentially the concerned person may or may not be responsible (often not)?

Sir, may be I have dared to tread in an area of which I have no insight and have no qualification or ability at all. But, as it seems to me, these are very perplexing ideas and notions which are not discussed and debated in public domain. The so called gurus try to have their own view point digested with no questions from other side. Raising questions is taken as being misbeliever or the one with no respect for gurus (the preachers who claim to be able and learned ones).

If this coincidence can give some solution to my problem, I shall be greatly obliged, although already and always so. However, seeking forgiveness for misadventure. Regards.

Love is great, love is Divine:


A parrot relaxing cozily in the lap of a cat –isn’t it that it otherwise sounds unbelievable? No, this is real and those who are well nigh conversant with animal life and their behaviour  could be the ones to fully endorse it. What prompts them to resort to such a tender and affectionate conduct as against their well known violent character recognised as some thing fully set in their genes. It is LOVE that plays its role transcending much beyond the violent characteristics at times. The birds like dove, parrot and sparrows seen in conjunction with mouse and lizards are most favourite a dish being an easy prey. In my childhood days I was told a story that a child was snatched away by a wolf in some village from its mother’s lap in the dark night obviously to be swallowed and gulped as a meal. But what really happened was just the reverse. The child was harmlessly tamed with care developing it as a wolf. After some time the passersby in the nearby barrens saw the child completely transformed as a wolf indulging in violent attacks to the surprise of the locals whose efforts to take back the child turned to a wolf to its parents failed as the very child itself was all out to resist the efforts to take it to its parents. It’s not yet researched as to how such a phenomenon occurs but what is established is that love is like a rain shower to target any thing including all beings on earth –both men and animals. Love pervades and is capable of striking any one any where taming and crippling even the violent most elements in this world. Love is great, Love is Divine.

Love is but burs in your petticoat:

Just a few days back a visitor to me asked a typical question ‘Sir, how to define love in a graceful manner?’. In reply to his question I drew his attention to how Shakespeare projected it in his book ‘As you like it’. The relevant part of the story goes like this: Rosalind has her closest possible friend in Celia and there is Orlando, an athlete well built and handsome. Rosalind loves him so much but feels hesitant to express it. All the time she thinks of him but is unable to pick up necessary courage to talk to him face to face. She talks to Celia telling every thing to her in confidence. I see you are in love with Orlando and there Rosalind asked Celia to tell her actually what the love is? Celia jocularly replies “Love is but burs in our petticoat”##. The man concerned  laughed loudly asking me question after question but I had to call it a time to him concluding the talks. I told him such an expression is in a lighter way but love is something eternal ecstasy at the pinnacle, serene and Divine.

## Actually bur is a tiny crispy leave with a pinny top that pinch and pierce the inner side of womens lower clothing. In India this grass  is called latjeera.

Why not behave yourself ?

‘The world is without joints’ as said Shakespeare in his ‘Hamlet’, and it was like this only when it came into existence, and has to remain as such during all the time the eternity consumes. Grievance against whom?. Me alone one side with the world as a whole at the other end. People don’t behave the way I want, or the way you want. What  to do?. Do whatever you like, the world is not going to incur any change in its behaviour simply to match your mood and convenience. You might be a business man with a thinking that your other dealers are dishonest. Did you ever notice that you yourself are like that?. You could be a boss nurturing a malice that your junior is not performing well the duties so allocated to him. Did you ever realise that you too are lagging much behind in discharging your responsibilities in the required measure. There is a small story running like this:

There was a boy consuming too much of jaggery with the result that it caused a regular disorder to his stomach and his parents remained upset on that count all the time. As a last resort, they took the boy to their family priest, whose word was considered to be the last and final in every matter in the family, humbly requesting a remedy to this. The priest told them to see him again after a fortnight for the purpose. They returned to him along with the boy as advised. The priest told the boy ‘Look, too much of jaggery intake is very harmful for health, stop it or just take a very little amount of it’. The parents were shocked and humbly requested the priest to tell them why it was not possible for him to give the same advice a fortnight back. The priest replied ‘…my problem was that at that time I myself was used to taking too much of jaggery, and how could I give an advice on an evil unless I myself got rid of it’.

If one is himself a liar, he has no business to advise others to follow the truth. Moreover, one can’t go ahead with the task of reforming the world as a whole, but what he can very well do is to correct himself and adjust. If I am the master of my soul, it is me myself to set an order for me and then expect the similar response from others in the society. This even applies in the case of animals too. If I treat an animal with love and care, the act sumptuously elicits the similar reaction from it in much bigger a measure.

A sea mosquito in love:

This article is not to be mistaken as a parody of love, it’s rather a real story of how even the small creatures are fond of love and love making in as  good a measure as the humans do. I was at  Gopalpur-on-sea (Orissa, India) in connection with a meeting there. Had a chance to stroll on the sea side in the morning hours, the rush time for the fishermen to collect their catches, the fish. Besides fish, the net of the fishermen catches in its fold numerous kinds of other species like serpents, turtles, and even the mosquitos. Sea mosquitos, as a fisherman told me, differ from the open air mosquitos in the sense that they can even creep on the sea shore sands besides flying in the air. Their bee line movement creates a thread like track for themselves. I developed an anxiety to know more about them closely watching their movement. I could see the one bypassing others in speed with a sort of a restless pace. The fishermen told me that it was a male mosquito hankering to meet its love mate. It ultimately succeeded in tracing its female partner. I could vividly see them mating. I could also realise the amount of anxiety and the longing they had for each other. Humans suffer from the complex as if they are the monopolists in the matters of love and romance whereas the fact is that the other live beings on earth including the creatures in no way lag behind, both feeling and sensitivity wise. Commitment wise too, the creature couples are more loyal and sincere for each other. It is for humans to realise that love is a language more effectively understood by the animals and the creatures.