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Back to squire one:

This is small story from the Vedic era describing about a cobbler who wanted to be better placed in his next birth and accordingly prayed at Bhairoghat temple near Dashaswamedh ghat close to the Ganges river. This temple is mythologically known for granting the worshippers the type of birth they wanted when they are born next time. One day the cobbler went to the temple with the resolve to return only after the Deity consents to his wish. He prayed in a sequence asking for a king in his next birth but withdrew it on the thought that king’s life is very risky and his life is always in danger. Like that imageshe  made a request to become the king’s Prime Minister but that too he himself turned down on the pretext that every Prime Minister is supposed to be a chamcha to the boss the king. Then he opted for a tiger but that too was dropped by him realising that some day an elephant may crush him to death using his heavy legs and the trunk. Like this he continued requesting for dozens of the choices but was unable to stick to one out of his list. In the end he had no option but to request the Deity after obeisance to allow him to take birth as a cobbler only and it is from this point onwards that the saying “Banda mochi ka mochi” did emerge. Any live being has the same discipline to follow and it is only utterly foolish to hanker for the fancy of different genres.This applies to all live beings uniformly with no discriminations of any kind



I am writing mammoth but for whom?


I have written so much and am still continuing the marathon race knowing no estoppel. Sounds funny and quixotic but is a reality at my own level. Some one may well ask me why the hell I am exerting so much and for what purpose or whether it is some doctor’s advice to me to continue pursuing the task unabated for health reasons. No, nothing of this sort, it is rather a sheer weakness sort of thing on my part to share with others what I think is important taking a chance that they too may like it notwithstanding the very possibility that they may not. There are writers who say they are writing for self satisfaction. I don’t think they are honest enough in their expression as such as it is an inherent weakness of any human to have sharing with others. I too thought initially that whatever I am writing is aimed at self satisfaction but then I realised that it was not exactly as such and the truth was that I had an inbuilt hankering for sharing with others whatever was my thought wave. Sharing actually elicits more of a confidence which otherwise lacks many a times at the level of self. Most tiring and cumbersome a task is writing and it acts worse when not shared. Very often I think of giving up the onerous task of writing indefatigably and then I feel a jerk within myself to reconcile that it is a necessary evil and needs to be pursued as such.