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An unusual gap in releasing posts:


Yes, this was most unusual a gap in publishing necessary posts on this blog for too big a gap of three  week’s time after I started it in 2007 for the reason that I got confronted with certain eye related problems coupled with some seasonal ailments. It appears as if some one like my friend, philosopher and a guide has gone awry against me. It’s easy to have some compromise with other ailments but not those related to eyes, more so when it concerns the people who are computer maniacs like me too with ten hours a day on my laptop incessantly. I express my regrets to my readers on this count. I am somewhat better now and taking a plunge against odds to resume my routine tasks to secure release of posts on this blog every alternate day in the usual manner. I feel enriched with the warmth of love and affection showered on me in plenty by my beloved readers with the message of ‘Get well soon’ in a sumptuous measure. Spring up as it does from the very core of my heart, I offer them all my humble thanks in most sincere a measure.