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Starbucks Planner 2017

Nice one full of inspirations, hence this reblog for the use by the readers of this blog. All the pictures provide a glimpse of divine sort of a satiation.

glimmer of happiness 🙂

Hello! As promised, I’ll be showing you pages of my Starbucks planner. This planner was given to me by my friend, Lucky. ❤ I’m so grateful and happy!

I got the coffee stain design and this is what the cover looks like. It also comes with a cloth pouch (that matches the planner’s cover), magnetic bookmark and erasable pen.

This planner offers a weekly page and Notes page after each week. 

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Passing through the divine thrills:


Lost into memory lanes and engrossed into woven threads of imaginations in a pensive mode of mind with my eyes glued to an overstretched horizon, somewhere at a long distance I see a storm brewing, a storm transmitting currents to my otherwise awe fully inquisitive a heart, a heart twitchingly hankering for a  sublime sereneness of ecstasy emanating from the Divine. If wastages are written off the sum and substance of real life apparently so lived by an individual is in fact too little but this too little amount of time counts enormously if measured in terms of its quality, the divineness of thoughts. I remember number of such events –one of them being when I was on a visit to Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir) quite a long time back. This being a Sunday in between, a friend of mine and his wife prevailed upon me to accompany them on some sight seeing much yonder to Gulmarg. I had some back pain but did agree to join them. A little beyond Gulmarg I developed more of discomfort due to back ache and opted out to drop at a particular spot with enchantingly beautiful greeneries all around, a fall streaming with a royal grace in the mid of it. It was a forest area and both of my friends were reluctant to leave  me alone at otherwise a lonely place. I convinced them and they proceeded ahead with a word to return earliest possible even though total to and fro journey involved around 8 hours. After a brief strolling I sat by the site of the fall with an ocean of thoughts entering my mind feeling for a moment as if my mental faculties had some jerk undergoing a colossal change with a feel that I was entirely in a different world sumptuously lost into a tranquil calm and a divine ease. I was no more myself and the time was stopped for me making those moments an eternity. It was a sort of collapsing into nothingness and I actually failed to notice when my friends returned until they gave me a swift jerk. It was about 6 hours time I had spent alone in a divine lap with my friends away but had a feel as if I sat there for an eternity. It looked like regaining consciousness to realise that my friends were really back and that my staying there lasted around 6 hours. I feel like getting bestowed with a thrilling experience like this times and again as actually there lies the worth part of life.

Bhagwad Gita–a phenomenon much beyond politics:

There are people with a fancy to force politics every where irrespective of the fact that the theme may even relate to divine perspectives, an area far beyond politics or any other discipline. Supreme Court Justice A. R. Dave stressed the other day the need of teaching Bhagwad Gita and Mahabharat to the children right from day one of their joining a school saying:

“Some body who is very secular…. so called secular will not agree…..Had I been the dictator of India, I would have introduced the Gita and the Mahabharat in Class I. That is the way you learn how to live life”.

The statement of Justice Dave was contested by Press Council of India Chairman Markandey Katju saying that “….this is against India’s secular feature and constitution and will do it great harm”. Slogan of secularism is adopted by many in India as a cult for displaying an overstretched definition of it very often just to appease certain sections of society within the country. They should know that Bhagwad Gita does not talk of any particular religion nor it forces any body to embrace it, it simply talks of life and its multifarious aspects with the teachings as to how live the complexities of it. It unfolds the mysteries of life to the point of awakening and enlightenment which factor applies to all human beings without any discrimination. Both the scriptures Gita and Mahabharat deal with the problems the humans in general are confronted with and it is nothing but too much of a fuss to link it with any kind of secularism. Those who advocate for a hyper twist of a meaning on secularism are in fact the people who are obsessed with the desire to force their own ill conceived notions on humanity causing a colossal damage to cohesive existence of humans on this earth. Both Bhagwad Gita and Mahabharat are much above all this.

Why don’t you come to my dreams?


Borrowing a look like this gives a feeling like I am the one who is owning it getting it embedded to my own heart. Nature does possess the treasures like this to embalm the injured hearts hankering for a hand that could give a soothing touch capable of rendering some solace to an otherwise tortured a mind. Why don’t you come to me in my dreams at least cursorily, taking me to a site blossoming into an enchanting beauty, so serene and so celestially divine.

A machine falling in love

Invited by a friend of mine to share a cup of coffee with his family, I had a chance to glance over a small film over his TV, which was half way through by the time I reached him. I don’t know the details of the film, nor even the name of it, except that the lead role was played by a machine, the robot. I would like to use ‘robot’, as if it was the name of an individual man, for the sake of describing the story. He is strong with a tough body built up. He fights with his enemies with an extra-ordinary valour and strength. In the process of fighting, he gets very often injured and at one stage one of his knees gets terribly broken. He is able to mend it by repairing the knee  using necessary nuts and bolts for the purpose. In course of running here and there seeking some shelter against the enemies who were constantly chasing him, he comes across a good looking girl, and such a situation recurs number of times without, of course, any talk between them. He was deeply in love with her, as the Robot felt. He also realised that the girl too was equally attracted to him as he could guess through her gestures and miens. Both of them had never any chance to interact, Every thing was just speechless. Robot, tired as he was with a perpetual sort of fighting, thought of settling somewhere and lead a normal life. In the meantime, his enemies chased him again to finish him once for all. He ran away without offering any resistance, as he was now no more interested in any fight. He was doubly chased, and a bomb was hurled against him. While burning in flames, he was struggling to get out of them for a moment to have a last look of the girl he loved so much, though speechlessly. He stopped struggling surrendering to the flames when he saw the girl standing at some distance. She belonged to the chasers.

Love is certainly divine having capacity to melt even steel, but it is not the cup of tea for every body. Only lucky ones are able to share it.