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The bird of wisdom:

Image result for beauty of birdsThe bird of health and wisdom, the owl, with catchy gaze as if the whole world is in its command.










Love is great, love is Divine:


A parrot relaxing cozily in the lap of a cat –isn’t it that it otherwise sounds unbelievable? No, this is real and those who are well nigh conversant with animal life and their behaviour  could be the ones to fully endorse it. What prompts them to resort to such a tender and affectionate conduct as against their well known violent character recognised as some thing fully set in their genes. It is LOVE that plays its role transcending much beyond the violent characteristics at times. The birds like dove, parrot and sparrows seen in conjunction with mouse and lizards are most favourite a dish being an easy prey. In my childhood days I was told a story that a child was snatched away by a wolf in some village from its mother’s lap in the dark night obviously to be swallowed and gulped as a meal. But what really happened was just the reverse. The child was harmlessly tamed with care developing it as a wolf. After some time the passersby in the nearby barrens saw the child completely transformed as a wolf indulging in violent attacks to the surprise of the locals whose efforts to take back the child turned to a wolf to its parents failed as the very child itself was all out to resist the efforts to take it to its parents. It’s not yet researched as to how such a phenomenon occurs but what is established is that love is like a rain shower to target any thing including all beings on earth –both men and animals. Love pervades and is capable of striking any one any where taming and crippling even the violent most elements in this world. Love is great, Love is Divine.

Little bird’s pride for its home:


A tiny bird sitting pretty proud on the heap of the small straws she has collected to form her home. She has every reason to feel proud of it as it has been done by her bit by bit flying helter skelter through every nook and corner of her reach in search of necessary material for it. Birds too, like humans, need a home, more so when they get pregnant, to lay their eggs more securely keeping them fully prepared to ensure that their off springs are duly taken care of before they grow to a level when they can fly in the open air at their own. Their upkeep is fully flaw less and, besides being provided with necessary food by their parents, they are given a proper training too by them (the parents) to move from place to place at their own. Theirs is a typical system of training which the humans should learn from them. When the off springs grow in full shape, their parents push them with a jirk outside the nest taking full care that in the event of falling down on earth they don’t get injured. Normally it doesn’t happen, and the baby birds are able to take the plunge after a few false flutters. After this lesson, they start depending on their own selves. We, the humans, lag far away behind the birds in many respects.

Thanks to Nitin Puranik, the photographer, from whom I got inspired to blog this photograph of his. His is the calibre in photography quite potentially rich in growing to much bigger a horizon.