Diabetes is controllable! « Avenues

Disbetes is controllable! « Avenues

An attempt on sharing my experience as a patient of diabetes with emphasis that it is controllable if given an earnest followup treatmentwise and more than that carewise.In pursuit of such a mission I propose to cover the writings on the subject in order of a serial so that it doesn’t become cumbersome for the readers to go through it.


Mother Divine, my best_mom:

Some sort of a pinchful thrill I do undergo on THEGOODBLOGS inviting writeups on ‘best mother’. So sad I feel that my mother, my mother divine as we called her’ is no more. She left us years back. Time passed has no impact and she is every minute in our heart, in our thoughts. The chance given to write on mother gives me an opportunity to repeat my tribute manifestatingly through this post. I think of her and I think of those heavy moments when she left us. It runs like this :



 WHY DO I FEEL SO SHATTERED ON MY MOTHER BEING NO MORE IN EARTHLY EXISTENCE IS THE QUESTION I AM ASKING TO MYSELF GETTING ANSWER FROM THE SPHERE THAT THERE COULD BE PARALLELS FOR SEVERAL THINGS IN THE WORLD BUT NEVER THE ONE FOR MOTHER`S LOVE  -MORE SO IN THE CASE OF MY MOTHER WHOSE LOVE KNEW NO BOUNDARIES NOT FOR HER SONS ALONE BUT FOR SEVERAL WHOM SHE TREATED LIKE HER SONS. IT VERY MUCH FEELS AS IF SHE IS STILL AROUND. BUT AS THE TRUTH DAWNS, SHE ISN’T.   10~08~1991                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Neelkanth

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Diabetes is controllable!


Diabetes is controllable!

Normally diabetes is taken as a dreaded disease in the sense that it is supposed to cause multifarious complications in the body system compounding to various ailments one after the other.There are many to claim that it is fully curable and necessary prescription on that count are pouring into market every now and then. Doctors are not of one opinion and each one tells about it purely from their commercial point of view. I am not a doctor nor have done any academic course on it. I am just as good a patient as thousands of people in the country.I strongly believe that curable or not but diabetes is certainly controllable if necessary regimen of a disciplined life pattern is followed. Based on my individual experience as a patient, the following is the text of what I once submitted as a frugal brief to ACCUCHECK as requisitioned by them:

“Diabetes is disease that is more a challenge than ailment. If tamed, it infact alerts a patient against likelihood of different ailments. The disease is undoubtely capable of causing havoc as cells in the pancreas damaged once are irreversible but, if taken seriously and as a challenge, the harm so caused can be taken care of.What is required is a proper monitoring with a sense of perseverance. I am in mid sixties having diabetes for the last 3 decades -blood sugar shooting up 480 at one stage in Jaslok Hospital,Mumbai. Presently, say continuously for the last 3 years, it is under control with Blood Sugar (Fasting) hardly exceeding 90 and Blood Sugar (PP) remaining within 118. I am insulin dependant with 9 Units (Human Mixtard) before breakfast and 19 Units at dinner. Pathological test sugar is meticulously done every month besides a daily checkup through Diastix. Dietary precautions I take as advised by doctors prove helpful in overcoming disorders likely to occur otherwise.

I resorted to insulin at my own as the concerned doctors were all advocating for an increased dose of different tablets which, to my mind, are a cause for some adverse effect or the other to vital organs in the body. This switch over gives me the confidence that it hardly causes any side effects and that the amount of dose can accurately be measured in terms of the need staggering it upward or downward as be the cassse in consonance with food intake. I don’t think an accurate and well measured dose of medicine is possible in the case of talets. Pricks that an isulin taker undergoes are no doubt inconvenient but it is worth ignoring them in the context of protection and safety it offers to a patient of diabetes.”

A big anomalous feature which the patients of Diabetes suffer from most is that they are unnecessarily required very often to call on their doctors paying them exhorbitantly.Diagnosis wise and from pathological point of view, doctors opinion is certainly the need. This is the factor where it is very difficult to get the correct opinion with an accurate pathological test.Doctors opinion in most of the cases is just commercial. Only a few are lucky to get proper advice. But the problem is where the patients should go. What they should do is to only initially concentrate on obtaining a proper diagnosis on disease whereafter concentration has to be more on follow up with self monitoring without wasting money and time by calling on doctors simply to know about their current rate of sugar fluctuation which they can do better and with more of confidence if they resort to devices available for the purpose like glucometer to check sugar and Blood Pressure monitor to check the blood pressure which is a normal problem with the diabetics. The three instruments e.g. Huma Pen for those who are insulin dependent using pen instead of routine syringe, striips to check blood sugar and Glucometer are cursorily indicated in the photograph above. The mode and kind of these devices may vary according to individual preference. Investment on these devices is worth it if you compare much bigger an amount you have to spend by depending on outside sources and that too hardly reliable.

Self discipline, self monitoring and self followup are the essential measures which are capable of giving much more relief to diabetics compared to confusing opinions commercially given by the doctors. I am not for not  consulting physicians at all but what I plead is to secure necessary confidence on where your ailment stands which is possible only when you do it yourself. Patients are to consult doctors only on selective basis and the followup measures can best be followed by them themselves in much better and safe a measure sticking to routine medication, testing and healthfully better dietary intake. Normally what doctors suggest on diet is the same what their predecessors used to prescribe ages back. How funny it looks that when you go to a physician, he hardly talks to you for a few minutes and what he invariably has to do at the end is to put a stamped version of diet which he might have done dozens of times with other patients before you called on him. This is the system the topmost doctors in the city adopt.

With adequate precautions, self monitoring and a regular follow up it is no more a difficulty in controlling diabetes. There are conflicting opinions whether it is fully curable or not but diabetics need not take it for granted that it can be eliminated simply because some doctor or the other boastfully claims so.For routine medicinal preliminaries and followup measures, you yourself can be the best judge.

What 786 stands for?

Digital translation of Bismillah-ul-Rahman-ul-Rahim in Islaam is 786 denoting a new start in the name of Allah,the God. This one is actually the Persian equaivalent of ‘Shri Ganesh Shayenamah’ in Hindu religion. Azal, that is me, thus takes off for the destination resuming the task with a reviewed perspective on the challenge unmindful of whatever tediousness it may involve and whatever the difficulties. I think I should follow a staunch Islamist and repeat 786 times and again.

Hang them by first available lamp post!

It is a Babubhai Katara or several others involved in human trafficking or smuggling people abroad, they have no case for any pardon. The crime assumes graver propotions when the people so involved happen tobe  Members of Parliament. It is a pity to hear a M.P. pleading that “…I was given only Rs.8 lakh. I really don’t know if they (other accomplices) charged Rs.30 or 40 lakh for sending people abroad with me”. This is what Babubhai Katara, M.P. explained to police. Looks like as if the poor man didn’t get enough of amount for the service he rendered to the Nation and the people. In other words, the service he rendered deserved a remuneration in a bigger measure. The incident is not just confined to a singular M.P. –there are many who have been found lucratively indulging themselves into such nefarious activities tarnishing the image normally a public representative of a high status is supposed to carry.Why do these shameless fellows need so much money.for which they don’t hesitate the least in introducing some body else’s wife as their wife and some body else’s children as their children and that too times without number in furtherance of their job of human trafficking and smuggling people outside the country.

The amount they are paid in normal course by way of their salary, perquisites,allowances and the likes is dozens of times bigger than what their predecessors used to get a few decades back. Conceptwise, there was infact nothing like any salary fixed for a Member of Parliament initially on the ground that they were not the employees appointed as such but were just the representatives elected as such by the people to voice their cause in Parliament and elsewhere. None could have ever imagined that this ‘elsewhere’ may some day mean human trafficking and smuggling people out of the country for money or raise questions in Parliament on a price. When some demand on that count was raised by some of the M.Ps, some salary was frugally introduced but it was strictly optional –only those M.Ps were to get this amount who specifically gave their option that they wanted it. It was not generalized. The idea was not to make it an office of profit. There is a sky change since then. The M.Ps are now sumptuously paid all sorts of amenities like number of telephone connections, flats/bungalows, transport, mobiles, computers and any imaginable convenience tool for them and their families. Costliest computers and laptops are provided to many such M.Ps who don’t even know an abc of their use. Still every now and then there is a demand raised for increase in their salary,allowances and the likes and when put up  it is quite unanimously okayed by the House within seconds. Security is provided to them irrespective of the reality whether they actually need it. An army of security personnel is at their disposal more as a matter of ‘status symbol’ than any need. The first Prime Minister of India Pt.Jawahar Lal Nehru, most dynamic and loved most by the people of the country, had no security like this for himself. After Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination, when the then Home Minister Sardar Patel wanted to post necessary security for the Prime Minister,  Pt Nehru refused but strong willed as Sardar Patel was he did do it telling that after ‘Bapu’s assassination’ he was not for taking any risk for ‘Jawahar’.

How different are the leaders today. If they are no match to leaders like Pt Nehru, Sardar Patel,and their co leaders earlier, they should atleast be the ones to behave normal without resorting to the sort of a loot they are pertpetrating on our country with their  neck deep involvement in all sorts of scandals going for bribes, human trafficking and the like to satisfy their lust for money and wealth.

Such representatives elected to the highest national forum of the country possibly can’t behave themselves and are all out on a loot spree blackening the face of the Nation as the instant incident is not a solitary instance in its direction. Sounds crude and harsh, but the fact remains that such people should no more be allowed to put the country on sale and they must be adequately punished –they deserve to be hanged by the first available lamp post.

You favour a woman, you are lost ! « Avenues

You favour a woman, you are lost ! « Avenues

When asked as to how come the women are able to see a man without looking at him straight, Thomas Hardy explains through his hero in one of his novels saying “..they (women) have their eyes in their ribbons”.Thomas Hardy was certainly correct in all measure as a woman does possess a propensity of realising nearnwess of a man without looking at him straight. Thomas Hardy also made one of his characters in one of his novels say “you favour a woman, you are lost”. That again deals with a very crucial psychological aspect in relation to a woman’s behaviour. The more you are dancingly attentive to her hovering around, the more is the tendency on her part to distance away from you. Count Leo Tolstoy was the other great writer who dealt with his women characters candidly depicting pschychological side of a person. Studied carefully, the views of Tolstoy on this aspect are in many ways identical to that of Hardy.

Behave yourselves -Ye Sadhus!

Who is a Sadhu ? The one who practices austerity harnessing himself to the mission of service to the people or the one who just boasts tobe a Godman  claiming remedies for all evils and ills on earth hypocritically claiming capability to play readily available miracles solving whatever problems could be there.A sage leading the life of an ascetic adherently pursuing service to mankind in action and with prayers is certainly the one who honestly earns love, regard and obviously an obeisance from the people as against those who are nothing but just the lusty chaps exploiting the sentiments of innocent persons for their own ill designed motives. When exposed, they turnout to be the rascals of first order –ruffians,mafias,even the killers. 

Only the other day a friend of mine narrated to me an instance of how a so called sadhu was blatantly instrumental in killing the wife of a colleague of his. The sadhu is currently a kattha vachak (story teller) on religion with his disciples in tens of thousands spread over not only in
India but throughout the world. He acquired more of fame when he was able to coin an attractive marketing angle amongst his disciples – ‘I don’t need any money as dakshina (presents) but better you offer me atleast one of your vices or whatever bad habit(s) you suffer from.This I will accept as dakshina and as my aashirvaad (blessing) you will get rid of the problem. Such a marketing worked well sumptuously increasing the number of his followers who easily took it as something unique and selfless on the part of the sadhu.Hundreds and thousand started thronging to seek his blessings.My friend’s colleague and his wife, who was a chronic patient of diabetes with several other implied complications, approached the saint as his disciples requesting some remedy. The saint was kind enough to say ‘don’t worry, this moment onwards your problem is my problem.and you take it that you are now no more a patient of diabetes’. The couple’s query whether she should continue with her regular drugs was emphatically met with ‘no, not at all’. The advice followed meticulously, the ailment compounded most alarmingly.When contacted again first over phone and then personally, the sadhu stuck to his earlier advice which the couple followed faithfully. The lady died.The poor chap (victim’s husband) grew half mad.Asked as to why he didn’t question the godman’s audacity to play such a havoc with somebody’s life, his answer was ‘nobody has the courage to do so unless he is prepared for the worst –thrashing, beating, manhandling and even loss of life in the hands of goons hired by him’.

This very godman once turned up several hours late on the venue of the congregation of his disciples who assembled there in a very large number to get blessed by him and obviously to listen to his godly discourse.The reason of the delay was that the organizers failed to pay him in advance the fee for his deliverance of sermons.The godman gave his darshan to the devotees only after the organizers apologized and paid him the agreed advance.The worse part of the drama was yet to happen.The godman wanted organizers to convery necessary message to the devotees that delay occurred as the Baba was in Samadhi mudra (deep meditational posture) and it was so high in degree that coming out of it was just not possible easily. Message conveyed to the gathering, they accepted it well as something so great on his part  but there was some murmuring too on the part of some who started whispering their doubts.Before it could further spread, the poor lot so doing were pounced upon by the goons and beaten mercilessly with the warning that if they still continued any murmur on the subject, nothing but death is to be their penalty.Little voices silenced, everything was normal and the godman was in his form giving discourse on the topic of the day –greed, lust  and vengeance.Elaborating his points, the Baba told ‘one should not feel greedy as the greed and lust are the causes of all trouble in the world and that if someone is harsh to the other one, this should  not be allowed to be a reason for retaliation’. 

Kumbhs/Ardh Kumbhs are great events periodically taking place at Pryag (Allahabad) for centuries.The sages, the saints who so gracefully adored these big events earlier are more or less a forgotten lot obliviously and the present scenario, with limited exception, is in no way rich in conveying any message of love,devotion, kindness or service to humanity kind of thoughts.What the changed scenario manifests is by and large  the grandeur,the pomps,the fanciful gestures. Displaying themselves in heavy crowns of gold and jewels, the sadhus lead a march mounting on glitteringly decorated elephants followed by their lieutenants on the horses enthusiastically imitating what the erstwhile kings used to do.The kings did it to demonstate the strength of their state against potential aggressions by their enemies and outsiders but why sadhus should do it is a matter that puts a question mark on their entity as the messengers of Divinity, the couriers of godly blessings. 

Yoga is recognized the world over as the science of vigour, vitality and over all health for the humans and demonstrations on that count are just common at any religious congregation like Kumbh, Ardh Kumbh.True, such demonstrations do impart a  message of health enabling a large number of people to derive a tangible benefit out of it. But there again one can easily come across number of the so called sadhus overdoing yoga with gymnastic feats to the point of exposing their masculine organs aimed at alluring their followers-tobe  mainly the womenfolk. In one instance a naga-sadhu performed an acrobatic event tying  a thick rope to his masculine organ with the other end of it fastened to a hook in the back of a jeep finally dragging the vehicle for several yards.His potential clientele cheered him showering flowers on him throughout whatever distance it was.One can’t just understand what a message on worshipping the God this sadhu wanted to convey to the people by exhibiting the strength and vitality of his private part. 

A lady friend of mine told me in confidence sometime back that a baba with whom she was in regular contact for the purpose of routine puja in her house prescribed her to have sex with him to get rid of certain evil spirits hovering around her as it was he only who could combat them with the supernatural powers vested in him.She reacted to baba telling that she didn’t in any manner feel any presence of some spirit or the other around her, the baba threatened her of dire consequences cautioning ‘you can’t see what I can through my divine capability. I see certain evil spirits in your house and some day you will be killed.The lady stopped going to him. 

Such stories are innumerable and as said Shakespeare through his ‘Hamlet’ that ‘the world is without joints’, it appears it is really so, rather it continues tobe so worse confounded. None is yet ‘born to set it right’.

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