Is sex really an invincible a factor ?

Whatever best the subject you choose for talking or writing, it hardly makes an appeal on the audience. If you talk on sex you certainly get the instant receptivity.Possibly this is a phenomenon obtaining since ages or say since the time the Adam and the Eve had their first day on earth.

Only a day before I was listening to the news from ‘Aaj Tak’ who showed a coverage on ‘Awareness on Aids’. Good. Aids being a killer disease most heinous and tortuous too, there must be all out awareness inculcated in the minds of the people. I was curiously watching as to what could be the modus operendi adopted by the organisers to generate the so much wanted awareness. I couldn’t get much. What I got instead was a naked demonstration of sex gestures with a star of repute from Hollywood and the much publicised heroine of ‘Big Brother’ Shilpa Shetty -the Hollywood star aggressively planting kisses on Shilpa Shetty thrusting his body on her in quivers beastly playing with her body parts. To my stupefied amazement and possibly to amazement¬†of thousands of viewers throughout India and abroad it was a nightmarish experience to see that the scenario was repeated more than a dozen times by the news channel. Where was the message for awareness on Aids. In what sense such a love making acrobatics on the stage in a public show was to impart an education on dreaded menace? Aaj Tak is a very important news channel, sober,sincere and always to the point but is it that to attract loose publicity or to satisfy a lust for sex¬†inherantly obtaining in the minds of the directors/ producers themselves, they couldn’t resist the temptation of keeping the show live on the screen for nearly half an hour sidelining the other important areas of the news that might have been there. Possibly there are no takers of ethics or some semblance of a social ettiquette when it comes to sex or say when sex is there, all other human faculties stop functioning giving it a free hand to reign.



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