A senior Police Officer serving his Lord as his wife ?

An IPS officer GK Panda who was Inspector General of Police in Uttar Pradesh before he opted for retirement to devotedly serve Lord Krishna as his wife dressing himself as a woman with bindi and bangles.

A senior police officer of the rank of Inspector General (Police) in Uttar Pradesh opted for retirment from a prestigious position just to involve himself full to serve Lord Krishna as his wife. He abandoned his wife accepting the order of the Court to pay her substantially as maintenance. He can easily be seen in some temple or a religious gathering dressed as a woman with bindi on his forehead and thick bangles in hands. His miens, gestures and other patterns of behaviour are that of a woman only. He observes necessary fasts on prescribed puja days submitting himself to the Lord as his wife. He is received well at many a places particularly by the woman folk but he is ridiculed too by many of which he is the one to remain just unmindful.


Vidyapati, the poet of romance !

Vidyapati, the well known poet of 14th /15th  century from Mithila in Bihar is known more for writing on romance between
Krishna and Radha. An instance of romantic feelings being more intense in monsoon reads like this as translated in English:

How the rain falls

In deadly darkness

O’ gentle girl, the rain

Pours on your path

And roaming spirits straddle the wet night

She is afraidOf loving for the first time

Wait my darling wait !

Wait my darling wait ! 

Thou art a beauty                                         

 Enchanting and captivating

Your miens so sweet

Are soothing and temptating 

Against your disarming charm

There is no plea

I feel drowned into it                                    

With a tempestuous glea 

These are the moments

Eternal and sublime

They can’t be erased

 By passage of time 

Feel like getting lost

Into your curly hair

Placing my total entity

At your gaze and glare 

Forgetting the world

Forgetting the Self

Ignoring the surroundings

Ignoring the pelf 

Sumptuously charged

A scenario like this

Why should I lose

Why should I miss 

My overbrimming cravings

My intense pursuit

They refuse to name you

A forbidden fruit 

But, someone calls me from the horizon

Summons me to a mission gleam

And does overtake my longings

Bewildered, I just scream 

Think of the destitutes

Who starve and suffer

Listen to the crippled ones

Unable to go beyond a stutter 

The naked bodies

Sans any wears

There are lids

That overflow with tears 

Stricken by poverty

Bitten by onslaught

Whom only miseries

And pinches are brought 

The frail structure

The sunken eyes

That’s a hungry soul

That cries and dies 

Remedy the hunger ?

Remove the pain ?

Obviously beyond my reach

I know I am crying invain 

But why can’t I share the plight

Joining and consoling those

Who suffer the chagrin

Taking their life is at a close 

Whatever might at my command

Whatever energy left in me

Determined am I to harness the same

To secure some solace for them to see 

When it comes toSome one’s raking

It’s worth postponing

Love and love making 

Pangs of seclusion versus the poor

I rate them high with a weight

And till such time I get back to thee

Wait my darling wait.


At times, there is more demanding a situation than love hosoever strong be the intensity of it.

No limit to lust !

Love is blind, it is said.This obviously denotes that the committedness the love involves has no bounds and it goes on irrespective of situations howsoever odd they could be.This committedness has a grace, it is solemn. Things are just different when love is nothing but lust where a person behaves beastly to secure satiation to it. One news appearing in the press the other day where a woman named Lina, head mistress of a school in America, was in romance with a boy in early teens. Herself aged around 30, she chose a boy, her student, aged 13 as a love mate. What a combination, what a choice? Initially she used to give the boy oral lessons training him on sex and had full sex relations with him thereafter which continued for years. The local Court has since awarded Lina, ‘lusty Lina’ as she is called, punishment of 14 years in prison. It is certainly too difficult to demarcate between a love that is so sacred and the love that is nothing but lust. The instant case is just a sordid shape of a much confounded lust without any slightest possible semblance of any love that is pure and chaste.

Shilpa’s exposure -Limit to obscenity?

It was only the other day that Shilpa Shetty allowed Richard Gere to plant kisses on her in a volcanoic posture in a public show at New Delhi. The show was on Aids awareness. Difficult to understand what so much of obscenity had to do with the awareness on Aids. The way Richard Gere so amorously behaved with Shilpa on stage and the way Shilpa was receptive to his move and gestures aimed at physically lowering her down to a point after which nothing but virtual dirct sex activity remains. The great surprise that Gere, who only some time back posed himself in a saintly order joining Dalai Lama, the great Budha Monk, obviously indicating abundantlly that he is away from any lust or sex. Nothing of this kind could be believed by any one who saw him engulfing Shilpa to his body in a robustly tight grip and Shilpa fully joining him in the act. Another surprise that strikes every body is the conduct of media itself. The TV channels, or say the one that I was viewing on the material day, repeated the scene on the screen more than a dozen times suffering as they do from some thing sort of a lust to attract viewership. Freedom for love, OK but if the freedom crosses the limits this way, what else is left out. In that situation, better no body talks of obscenity as it in no manner differs from a free love and romance. Richard Gere apologising and Shilpa explaining that it was for the sake of public entertainment give a stormy feeler that what is being done in red light areas is equally for public only and only to their entertainment. 

I can help you !

Whatever be the reasons, some tension or the other is a common phenomenon for every body in the present day world.Behavioural imbalances are in the back of all problems –love, family, business or any thing. Those like  introverts by temperament prefer to keep their problem to themselves refraining from sharing it with others with the result that it only aggravates for want of sharing. Psychologically any human mind has an inherent system to get a tension alleviated the moment it is shared with others –ofcourse within a closer circle. Such a sharing further elicits a bigger relief on securing a suitable advice from wellwishers/sympathizers.Sometime back a person from
Belgium called on me. This was his 4th visit to
India in search of peace. His problem was that everytime he tried to practice ‘concentration’  to secure peace as advised to him by sages/seers, he invariably failed and instead of peace he only encountered nightmarish scenarios on sex. My advice to him was not to play an unnecessarily aggressive overdoing against such thoughts, such thoughts infact need a compromise by channelising them on those very thoughts themselves. Ignore the Gods, the Deities for the time being, concentrate on a source you otherwise love most, may be a girl friend. Once the mind is settled on a particular point, it just opens a gateway to positive thoughts making it quite easy to divert the negative to positive. I quoted to him certain stories including the one from the life of Lord Budha. I found him thrilled and could see an impression of a serene satiation on his face. On going back he wrote to me that he felt so comfortable and that he could now see peace face to face. This is one instace –the areas of tension could be so many otherwise.

I have been working on this for quite a long time and may be I could be of some help to any who undergoes a situation like this. Please feel free to contact me online –