On age?

Came across a quotation while surfing online telling it hardly matters how old are you, what really matters is ‘how are you old’. Nice quot inspiring to many who otherwise just meekly succumb to their advancing age feeling more crippled mentally than physically. Age is more a matter of mind -the stronger one feels about life and action the bigger is his score at activity level. Bertrand Russel, the great author, was fully active on writing book after book in his middle eightees having married for the 7th time as I have read.There are several such instances. Disease, old age, death can’t be abolished -they are there very much as the part of the Eternity but one can keep a proper balance in life style by resorting to a disciplined regimen of activities like some exercise, yoga and above all a level of harmony on mind front.

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6 thoughts on “On age?

  1. Very good


  2. i too join Deepyamini in their comment.


  3. Just came back and read this again. I’m smiling and I see I already commented but you know each time you read something inspiring it takes on a whole new perspective. Russell was quite the role model! Attitude is everything, isn’t it? Have a great weekend. Paulette


    1. My sincere thanks again and again. Your reference to Russel is significant.


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