You favour a woman, you are lost !

When asked as to how come the women are able to see a man without looking at him straight, Thomas Hardy explains through his hero in one of his novels saying “..they (women) have their eyes in their ribbons”.Thomas Hardy was certainly correct in all measure as a woman does possess a propensity of realising nearnwess of a man without looking at him straight. Thomas Hardy also made one of his characters in one of his novels say “you favour a woman, you are lost”. That again deals with a very crucial psychological aspect in relation to a woman’s behaviour. The more you are dancingly attentive to her hovering around, the more is the tendency on her part to distance away from you. Count Leo Tolstoy was the other great writer who dealt with his women characters candidly depicting pschychological side of a person. Studied carefully, the views of Tolstoy on this aspect are in many ways identical to that of Hardy.

13 thoughts on “You favour a woman, you are lost !

  1. Post is too brief.Should have been much more interesting if elaborated



    Please don’t try to forget the ‘Thomas Hardy’ in ‘The Mayor of Casterbridge’ says in chapter xxxv –
    “She (Lucetta) decided to employ persuasion – not with Donald, but with the enemy himself. It seemed the only practicable weapon left her as a woman. Having laid her plan she rose, and wrote to him who kept her on these tenterhooks:
    “ I overheard your interview with my husband… relent….I cannot rest till I have seen you face to face,………….”

    My Personal view may be different (vary).
    Any way may not be true on today’s world.
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  3. Correctly said


  4. Good comparison.


  5. men or women – two rarely act alike. but i think none of them appreciates being stalked, then there are exceptions too i guess.


    1. Yes, Madam, I also join you so far as exceptions are concerned.


  6. Prof. Parthasarathy February 6, 2013 — 3:32 pm

    You favour a woman, you are lost !

    as per history the truth is that ghori cut down prithviraj’s lund and repeatedly raped his wife sanyogita in front of him. later ghori killed prithviraj in front of his wife sanyogita and forcibly married sanyogita. this is what given in all history books. even in school books of history it is given simply that ghori killed prithviraj and captured his wife sanyogita at second battle of tarain.

    why you are supporting mere folklore stories like prithviraj killed ghori using arrow which are given only in comic books but never ever in any history books.

    i hope you should support the articles of the author Prithviraj. His articles are some what erotic, but they are nothing but open truth. every one should know the truth and false stories and folklores should not be supported. as gandhiji told sathyameva jeyathae – truth alone triumphs.

    every country in the world teach their true history to their kids, so that their generations are taught to avoid the mistakes again. take the example of japan and korea. they accepted their defeats in the world war and the korean war. now they are again the most powerful nations – back to top from zero.

    but indians fail to tell the truths and history to their generations. that’s why india is not fast growing. we still see many young indians waste their times behind beautiful girls and loosing their ambitions. prithviraj’s real history is an example for the indian youths.

    if they know that india was lost to muslim invaders because of the amorous and sensuous activities of fat erotic prithviraj and beauteous sanyogita, they will atleast stop wasting time behind girls and work hard like veer shivaji and abdul kalam to make India a strong and developed nation. if they were taught false stories like prithvi killed ghori even after he wasted his seminal energy with sanyogita in bed day and night, they won’t become strong and ambitious, but will become prithvi’s and run behind sanyogita’s. then india will again face trouble in the hands of ghori’s.

    please promote the history of prithviraj, not the story of prithviraj. i think you got my point clearly.

    jai bharat mata! jai javan! jai kisan!




  8. When it comes to women, let us not forget the words of Chanakya Neeti. While much of his wisdom is from an earlier age. His observations on the personalities of women, do not age. Men will not ever understand the women’s psyche. For above all, men do not carry a child to birthing. That women’s heads are turned by pretty things, is almost irrelevant.

    Men lust after women, for the urge to procreate is much stronger. This women know and use it to their advantage. For although stronger in different ways than men. In so may ways, women’s minds and bodies are different and they use their strengths so.

    To lure in those men from Mars, using the strength of Venus. I would say, the trick is to learn the ways of women, not to dominate. To learn the charming side, that they appreciate. Above all keep ones head and wits about you, as Ulysses did with the sirens. For the rocks lay thick about, when dealing with those of the fairer sex.

    Women I find, generally much more to them than men. If women ran the world it would likely be a different place?

    Lastly, I hope the people of India are not too much inconvenienced by this winter’s weather? The news outlets report severe cold. For us here in Canada we are used to it. In that we have heaters, etc. To stay warm through the lower temps. Our blood thickens through fall [autumn], in readiness. While we have had snow in southern B.C. it is not lying as thickly as other years. I hope those who are poverty stricken, can survive!!


    1. Wonderful feedback with so meaningful a link on Chanrakya (Kautilya). My sincere thanks with regards.


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