Love is but burs in your petticoat:

Just a few days back a visitor to me asked a typical question ‘Sir, how to define love in a graceful manner?’. In reply to his question I drew his attention to how Shakespeare projected it in his book ‘As you like it’. The relevant part of the story goes like this: Rosalind has her closest possible friend in Celia and there is Orlando, an athlete well built and handsome. Rosalind loves him so much but feels hesitant to express it. All the time she thinks of him but is unable to pick up necessary courage to talk to him face to face. She talks to Celia telling every thing to her in confidence. I see you are in love with Orlando and there Rosalind asked Celia to tell her actually what the love is? Celia jocularly replies “Love is but burs in our petticoat”##. The man concerned  laughed loudly asking me question after question but I had to call it a time to him concluding the talks. I told him such an expression is in a lighter way but love is something eternal ecstasy at the pinnacle, serene and Divine.

## Actually bur is a tiny crispy leave with a pinny top that pinch and pierce the inner side of womens lower clothing. In India this grass  is called latjeera.


Worshipping a frog:

It’s all a matter of faith to worship some god or a goddess but, as the faith knows no limitation, it could very well include some animal or a creature for the purpose. There is a temple in Lakhimpur district of Uttar Pradesh (India) exclusively devoted to frogs known as Manduk mandir (Frog Temple). The temple attracts huge crowds of devotees during festivals of Mahashivratri and Deepawali with the faith that it bestows prosperity and happiness to the people of not only the locality but any one from any where who turns up there to seek the blessings of the deity. There is a story in the background as narrated by the locals that their king in the olden days had some big trouble and this vanished with the blessing of a frog in the vicinity and it was to commemorate the event that this temple was constructed by him. Pridyuman Narain Dutta Singh who represents 7th generation of the then ruler in the olden days says:

  • “Frog is the symbol of fertility. Therefore, people believe a visit to the temple ensures being blessed by children and their health. Frogs also herald prosperity”.

It is after all the very faith that matters leading people to believe in any object as a man, a woman, an animal or even creepers, and this is what pays in terms of a tangible outcome.

She does deserve most coveted a recognition:

Malala Yusafzai, the girl from Pakistan, is now the winner of Nobel Peace Prize, a coveted most honour internationally. The brave girl did deserve the great recognition. Undaunted she didn’t care the least for the bullets of Taliban and is now on her well cherished mission of championing the cause of education to women folk all over the world. This was an honour to her country Pakistan too which is otherwise not that rich in regard to top celebrities like this with the exception of Nobel Laureate Dr. Abdus Salam who was only badly ignored in his own country. Barelly 17, the brave girl has procured a recognition not for herself alone, she has rather done it in a bigger measure for her country Pakistan also who has every reason to feel joyous on this count. Not only women but people in general all over the world now look to her as a great pace setter revolutionising their cause. Long live Malala.

She is an inspiration for many:

Known well for her hot roles in films very often branded as a flirty because of her free styled life pattern, Manisha Koirala had to struggle hard battling for life against a dreaded disease like cancer. Losing all hopes initially to recover she was the one who finally emerged victorious as a result of her courage and will to live besides medical treatment in a New York hospital for a prolonged duration. She is well now and says she is enjoying her life in much better a way than earlier and feels committed to work for a general awareness on cancer contacting and consoling the persons who are afflicted with such a disease. She is involving herself in other social activities too finding herself more energetic and enthusiastic for the purpose now in her new avatar. At the initial stage of her disease when she was just a broken person depressed and exhausted, the man who inspired and encouraged her most was cricketer Yuvraj Singh who himself was a cancer patient, fought well with courage and will and overcame the ailment. The message from the cases like that of Manisha Koirala and Yuvraj Singh is that what in fact counts more is a will for life with determination besides the therapies and  medicines to combat the dreaded disease. Theirs is a great inspiration to the patients afflicted with such an ailment.

Route to divorce goes via gym too:

Society does undergo a change in course of time and it is changing fast currently. Clubs and gyms have mushroomed every where and a woman is no more confined to house hold activities alone –she is free in most of the cases to walk to some club or a gym of her choice selecting her partners in exercise the way she wants. Such a life pattern has been quite common globally in different developed countries now spreading its wings in a country like India, the country till now known well for its Vedic culture, a family based culture with a discipline. The new culture as it obtains now permits a free styled life hardly knowing any boundaries or limitations and all this is practiced in the name of neo culture. It is this style vagabondly kept in vogue that is responsible for a rupture in family relationship in the cases of many and it further results into disharmony and even divorce which has become feasibly a handy tool in relation to number of couples who otherwise had a healthy and well knit married life earlier. The gyms, says a report, are most popular an area where ladies from well to do families initially get familiar with their trainers ultimately leading to a close relationship including the sexual side. This, reiterates the report, leads to divorce in several cases ruining the otherwise normal husband and wife relationship. This is an aspect where the laws of the land are of no help and only a radical improvement at the level of the society can overcome the menace. The need is for the society to feel alerted and wake up.

Prithviraj Chauhan–certain hard facts:


History is brazenly hard and dispassionate to the events that occur where there is no scope of accommodating any prejudices –pro or anti and so is the case while dealing with our most loved hero like Prithviraj Chauhan. His life alongwith his  queen Sanyogita has been most popular a theme in several dozens of the posts on this blog. The Indian readers never relish any thing negative in their context but honesty demands, and so does the history, that they don’t close their eyes against various facts and events. Every view has to be gone through in a dispassionate order. A friend of mine Prof. Karan Dev, an outstanding research scholar in history and himself a great fan of Prithviraj Chauhan, is good enough to keep me apprised of different research themes from time to time. The themes depended upon are basically based on the following great works:

Prthviraja-vijaya of Jayanka
Prthviraja Raso of Chand Bardai
Hammira Mahakavya of Nayachandra Suri
Prabandha-cintamani of Merutunga
Viruddhavidhi-viddhavamsa of Laksmidhara
Kharataragaccha-pattavali of Jinapala
Tabaqat-i Nasiri by Minhaj-i-Siraj
Tarikh-i-Rashidi by Mirza Haider
Tarikh-i-Firishta by Ferishta
Gulshan-i Ibrahim by Muhammad Qasim

Indians by and large worship Prithviraj Chauhan as a victor defeating Ghori but this is what is most controversial an issue and if authors like Prof. Lane Pool are to be relied upon the story is just the opposite. It is like this in the words of Prof. Lane Pool:

“As for the battle of Tarain II, history squarely puts the blame of the defeat on fatty Prithviraj, the hot-headed, sensuous, amorous and arrogant commander of Hindu forces at Tarain — it was he who disregarded the advice given by his aged minister, that of keeping the women, away from the battlefield. the huge Hindu forces on the battlefield were massively hampered by the need to protect their beautiful womenfolk from Islamic rapes, and were consequently not able to fight effectively against the small Muslim army led by ugly Ghori, resulting in disastrous defeat and death of millions of productive potent Hindu Soldiers and rapes of millions of fertile young Hindu wives. Ghori crushed Prithviraj’s testes so hardly that it burst out in his own sac. Ghori raped Sanyogita repeatedly in front of her dying husband Prithviraj to humiliate him. Then Ghori butchered & killed Prithviraj in front of his raped wife Sanyogita”.

The very theme that war field priorities of Raja Prithviraj Chauhan were superseded by his lusty attachment to Rani Sanyogita resulting into India having been dragged to slavery is still a matter of debate and further research, and nothing would exhilarate Indians more than proving that it was actually Prithviraj Chauhan who emerged victorious defeating a dragon named Ghori.

He deserves a place in gallows:

Crisis of security is the core area that confronts the society in India and it is more manifest in the cases of women folk several of whom fall prey to sex maniacs and are raped every now and then throughout the country with the rape perpetrators devising strange modus operandi for the purpose. A police officer Amarjeet Singh Shahi of Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh, India) raped a minor girl being daughter of a close friend of his taking advantage of their close proximity bordering family terms. One afternoon  he visited his friend’s house when the girl was all alone, she offered him tea herself joining him for company sake. Giving her a hoodwink he mixed some hard intoxicant in her cup of tea and she fell unconscious and the rape followed. Soon after he was arrested and tried in a local Court that awarded him 10 years imprisonment with a fine of Rs.65,000/ out of which 50,000/ is to be given to the victim and the balance deposited in the government treasury. Not at all enough. Highly dissatisfied the girls father is planning to take the matter to higher court demanding much harsher a punishment for the culprit. In fact for a heinous crime like perpetrating rape 10 years imprisonment is nothing. The punishment has to be the one that adequately teaches a lesson to the culprit and also the other potential perpetrators of rape giving a message in an ample measure that the people involving themselves in most condemnable a crime like this shall at no cost be spared. Nothing short of a death sentence sending the culprit to gallows is acceptable.

In no way she is an outsider:

A great tennis sensation Sania Mirza is branded as an outsider by certain politicians in India obviously in the context that she is married to a foreigner muslim cricketer Shoaib Malik. The controversy arose when she was appointed as Brand Ambassador of newly formed state Telangana by its Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar. The critics questioned her image as a Brand Ambassador of Telangana. Sania Mirza aggressively disputed the remark saying she belongs to India and will continue as such till the end of her life and that she is not going to change her nationality. True, she married a citizen from Pakistan but what is wrong in it. A woman can marry any one she likes and hers is not a solitary case. She could marry a man from Pakistan, America, England or any country in the world which practice is quite old one. She is the daughter of India and as a tennis player of an extraordinary calibre she has given the country a historical image with several of awards to her credit both from within India and outside. There are several movie stars including Amitabh Bachhan, who got sumptuous laurels for working as Brand Ambassador of Gujarat State, known for their assignment as such in different political areas besides a large number of the other big organisations and there is no reason for heavens to fall if Sania Mirza is offered such an appointment by Telangana State Chief Minister. She in fact deserves laurels for her contribution as a sportswoman as from the society and not the unwanted ridicules as from the vested interests.

A thing of beauty…..

While in America Swami Ramteerth of India was passing through a city street and all of a sudden he stopped with his eyes glued to the face of a beautiful woman  standing on the terrace of her house. A passerby interrupted him asking ‘what is wrong with you’ to which he replied saying ‘I was wondering if this woman is that beautiful to force my attention to her, how beautiful might be the God who created a human like her’. The man who interrupted him felt terribly inspired and became his disciple. Beauty is of course a great divine factor and this is how Keats felt when he said ‘A thing of beauty is a joy for ever’.


Women’s empowerment in India:


A woman is born powerful blessed with capability to lead the posterities from generation to generation making the human existence on earth an eternal phenomenon. Does she need more powers? Yes, she does in the context of sharing material powers in social and political day today life scenario. She being a supreme factor deserves to be treated as such in routine practical terms in which area she has grossly been discriminated against men for ages, a trend immensely warranting amends at the level of the current society. India has a global reputation so far as the respect for women is concerned but it lags behind several of countries in the world in the matter of extending them due recognition in political terms, there it lags behind even Pakistan, the country otherwise known for discouraging women in their social upliftment. India’s age old slogan यत्र नारियस्तु पूजयन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवता (angels live where women are worshipped) has to be adhered to in practical sense extending due respect to women folk. Now that the new government is there in India led by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, there is every hope that the Indian women shall be extended the due respect they otherwise deserve in different social circles including Politics.