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The wild too could be a family friend:

Image result for pet tigerThe ferocious  most wild cat well known for its valour to shake the whole forest is not just terrific roars causing a jolt all around is the one  who can be taken into confidence and turn to a tamed one with a family atmosphere. Love is something that can make it possible. Man has to learn many a lessons like this.


Date Tempo Attempo?

images-15_thumb.jpgMany a readers queried as to what is meant by DATE TEMPO ATTEMPO, the emblem for both AVENUES and ETERNITY blogs. This was the slogan raised and used by the great German revolutionary Gairybaldi that means ‘GIVE TIME TO TIME’ meaning thereby that one has to understand and realise the value of time and follow the same meticulously as it is immanently pertinent a factor in one’s life. There is a small story. When he met his Image result for garybaldifirst lady love in some remote forest he greeted her with the words “TU DEVIZHAR MIA” (sic) that in turn means ‘you are supposed to be mine’ with the advice of DATE TEMPO ATTEMPO he gave her. Later they became life partners and they pursued the campaign jointly then onwards. Time is a great phenomenon to be adhered to with honesty and discipline, time is immortal as against any thing else in the universal cycle. This is a factor that never grants any excuses in whatsoever circumstances.

Women Executives in Banks:

Image result for women executives in banksThe women empowerment started taking strides in independent India a few decades back, more so in Banking industry and it is increasingly gaining grounds day by day with their induction in almost all areas both in public and private undertakings with a requisite speed. It was in fact Swami Vibekanand who was the first Indian to play an ambassadorial role abroad promoting women empowerment while addressing the masses there as ‘Sisters and brothers’ as against the routine ritual then obtaining every where as ‘Brothers and sisters’. This remarkable utterance became a great tool in promoting and highlighting the significance at a great scale. Theirs is a major share in joining senior positions in different major Banks like State Bank of India and ICICI Bank where they occupy the most covetous a placement as their top executive level. Many take it as notional but the fact is the said incumbents are able to justify their role as such by working hard with competent managerial capability of a high quality. It is quite in tune with the Vedic culture of respect for women with the saying “…yatra nariyastu poojyantey ramantey tatra devta” (angels are present where ladies are respected/worshipped).

May Day martyrs -Forget them not?

Only a few months back the 1st May was observed all over the world as Labour Day, ofcourse at many a places just merely as a routine ritual unmindful of its virtual significance and the cruelmost horrific death of 4 stalwarts of the movement preceded by 6 others. The protestants included a large number of women and all of them led the movement demanding fixed working hours for the workforce to not more than 8 hours a day as against the unlimited working hours a day exactly the way the callous practice was obtaining in India by the then ruling East India Company in the country. The incident is more elaborately covered by V Ganesan, himself a legendary trade union leader of STATE BANKS’ STAFF UNION, THE THEN MADRAS CIRCLE in his book MOMENTOUS MOVEMENT which book is a must read book for those who belong to bank employees unions particularly those in State Bank of India.

The movement turned to a massacre with the different managements in a total connivance of the Government and as a final outcome of their furry against the employees there were the manifold victimisations further let loose to include assault and killings. The 4 top leaders who prominently in the light were pronounced as the main accused and awarded death sentence. They might have been spared if they sought pardon but they refused to budge an inch, they rather accepted the death penalty instead and were hanged. These champions of the movement besides several others were –

1   ALFRED PARSANS      HANGED      11-11-1887

2   AUGUST SPICE            HANGED       11-11-1887

3   ADOLF PISHER           HANGED       11-11-1887

4   GEORGE ENGEL          HANGED       11-11-1887

They are no more with the workforce in the world as a whole but the very fact that the mission for which they had to embrace death is alive much enough for some cause or the other. The current generation, more so the union leaders, are addicted to comforts, laxity in work and lot many other facilities with a cozy most environment and there is hardly any visible movement in sight but if they forget the past and sacrifices made by their predecessor generations, they lose their present too and if they lose the present, they lose their very base and existence. If nothing, they ARE NOT TO FORGET THE PAST AND THE SACRIFICES made by their predecessor generations failing which they are bound to suffer from inevitable disaster. Continue reading May Day martyrs -Forget them not?

Love is but burs in your petticoat:

Just a few days back a visitor to me asked a typical question ‘Sir, how to define love in a graceful manner?’. In reply to his question I drew his attention to how Shakespeare projected it in his book ‘As you like it’. The relevant part of the story goes like this: Rosalind has her closest possible friend in Celia and there is Orlando, an athlete well built and handsome. Rosalind loves him so much but feels hesitant to express it. All the time she thinks of him but is unable to pick up necessary courage to talk to him face to face. She talks to Celia telling every thing to her in confidence. I see you are in love with Orlando and there Rosalind asked Celia to tell her actually what the love is? Celia jocularly replies “Love is but burs in our petticoat”##. The man concerned  laughed loudly asking me question after question but I had to call it a time to him concluding the talks. I told him such an expression is in a lighter way but love is something eternal ecstasy at the pinnacle, serene and Divine.

## Actually bur is a tiny crispy leave with a pinny top that pinch and pierce the inner side of womens lower clothing. In India this grass  is called latjeera.

Worshipping a frog:

It’s all a matter of faith to worship some god or a goddess but, as the faith knows no limitation, it could very well include some animal or a creature for the purpose. There is a temple in Lakhimpur district of Uttar Pradesh (India) exclusively devoted to frogs known as Manduk mandir (Frog Temple). The temple attracts huge crowds of devotees during festivals of Mahashivratri and Deepawali with the faith that it bestows prosperity and happiness to the people of not only the locality but any one from any where who turns up there to seek the blessings of the deity. There is a story in the background as narrated by the locals that their king in the olden days had some big trouble and this vanished with the blessing of a frog in the vicinity and it was to commemorate the event that this temple was constructed by him. Pridyuman Narain Dutta Singh who represents 7th generation of the then ruler in the olden days says:

  • “Frog is the symbol of fertility. Therefore, people believe a visit to the temple ensures being blessed by children and their health. Frogs also herald prosperity”.

It is after all the very faith that matters leading people to believe in any object as a man, a woman, an animal or even creepers, and this is what pays in terms of a tangible outcome.