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After a prolonged critical illness for  a long time I am venturing to resume the otherwise my routine write-ups, a sort of onerous schedules. I feel somewhat better now except sheer weakness. Hopefully whatever is my Will power it would foster my faculties in a requisite order enabling my readers, till now the very source of inspiration to me, to share my expressions. All the best to my beloved readers.


Why should I write more?

is the question that confronts my mind very often and may be other writers too make it feasible to do the exercise in more a serious mode adding additions one after the other with the result that the scripts get swollen unyielding

Buying Visits To Your Site Is A Bad Idea

Effectively usable site worth being followed up in an arduous measure. I do make an honest commitment for the purpose.


We all want to build a bigger audience for our website and increase our earnings — but how we go about it is important. Every month, the WordAds team sees advertisers flag some of our program members for acquiring non-human traffic. The owners of these flagged sites often tell us that they didn’t realize they were buying fraudulent, non-human site visits, and promise not to repeat this decision. Unfortunately, once a site owner has purchased fraudulent traffic the damage is already done. Their site may never fully recover their previous status with paying advertising accounts.

As your advertising partners, we want to see you succeed and grow your WordAds earnings over time. So we decided to answer these frequently asked questions around the perils of buying site visits.

What is non-human traffic? Advertisers pay to display their ads in front of real humans. However, fraudsters have developed various means —…

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A New Design for Sharing and Reblogging

Fascinating as it is from all angles I feel tempted to reblog this blog to be shared by my beloved readers.

The Blog

Today, we’re launching a refreshed sharing and reblogging experience. We’re bringing both visual and functional improvements to how reblogging, sharing, and liking posts on works. Let’s take a look at some of the changes we’ve introduced.


We’ve redesigned reblogged posts for clearer attribution and more intelligent excerpting. If the reblogged post contains pictures, those images now really shine — even in the reblog.


To accompany the new reblog design, we also crafted a brand new Reblog button to show next to the Like button, and both have a fresh, clean look:



Speaking of new buttons, we also overhauled your blog’s social sharing buttons:


With a more subdued, streamlined feel, these buttons lend your posts’ footer an airier, lighter look. They now also share the same visual style as the Like and Reblog buttons.

We replaced the previously-used graphics with an icon font — which means the new…

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Virtually an Ashwamedh Yagna!

Image result for ashwamedh yagyaWhat transpired in elections in Gujarat  is  an an eye opener and it so robustly manifests victory of Narendra Modi. Ashwamedh Yagna is an oriental culture observed by kings and emperers challenging an authority to rule with a claim to centralised power base. As per ritual the power entity releases a free horse throughout the geographical area as a composite Chunauti with the challenge to dispute the authority. If there is no challenge thrown by other forces the master of the horse is declared as a winner and he is called chakraborty. This is symbolic.If the situation culminates like this which has already occurred every thing goes in favour of Modi and he has acquired that status.



This one is the blog I write freelancing with Yoga, politics,compassion and metaphysics,love. workforce, history as the primary focuss and I try my level best to accommodate the requisition.The readers,viewers may give their suggestions adding their indent or other suggestions neatly without any prejudice or bias or disdain enabling my office to accommodate their expressions to the extent possible at this end.