Medicos, nay the parasites?

images-20Call them by any name they are the ones not to mend their ways and modus operandi extracting blood of their patients to the heinous most extent fattening their own pockets with huge money. No kind of ethics applies to them nor even the medical guidelines issued by the Government of India. I wonder very often as to what they do with this much money and how it is that they don’t bother against the several curbs and checks imposed on them by different Governmental agencies. All this looks like a caucus they have formed for themselves to jointly cheat the consumer patients. They earn enormously enough to acquire an easy capability to build up their own hospitals/ nursing homes where they work as free stylers looting the patients on their own will and fancy. This sort of total scandalism on their part is to loot the people, some of them very poor patients. What is peremptorily warranted is to form some mechanism that can apply a sound checkup to nab them red handed, sternly punish them to let the public know who they really are -angelic relief providers to the patients or their blood suckers.


Pension issues in SBI–an expression:

pensionerMirza Ghalib was, like Keats in English, a poet of romance and had nothing to do with politics or governance but what he wrote impliedly or otherwise applies quite much to the people in general in their life on this earth. An unending wait for the verdict on grievance used to be a valid ground for punishment for delay so caused at the level of the Qazees, the then magistrates in olden times. Much above Paleolithic age, we are greatly civilised a society today claiming to be ultra modern but certain practices like those in Law appear to be not only outmoded but utterly out of date with thousands and thousands of the victims groaning with pain for an awful delay in timely delivering the requisite judgment –for example Pensioners case in State Bank of India where nothing could be done by the courts even after a lapse of decades. This is all brutally callous. Wait and wait till eternity is the scenario. The pangs of pain like Ghalib said as quoted below equally apply to the victim pensioners knowing no end. Possibly a maga revolution is the need:

आह को चाहिए एक उम्र असर होने तक

कौन जीता है तेरी ज़ुल्फ़ के सर होने तक। 

Relevance of media channels:

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In a supersonic age like it is there every thing stands transparently visible, nay exposed, to a naked eye with certain areas much more exceedingly making it difficult at times to differentiate between truth, half truth and an utter lie. Some child throws a pebble in a water pool and reporters from some press or the other are there to cover the news as if there is a bomb blast and the funniest part of it is when a camera man comes across a drowning person asking him as to how he takes the catastrophic event. Ganga barrage in Kanpur (U.P.) is a common sight for such eventualities. No doubt these channels have great role to play in building up the nation providing requisite. health to it in relation to development and overall growth of the country. Facebook sponsorers claim it to be a revolution in itself followed by Twitter. Yes, credit certainly goes to them to broaden much feasible a spectrum of  conversational value facilitating quite smooth a  platform where point to point contacts are just so easy and handy. But it is not that the great plus factors like these don’t suffer from colossal minuses much worse than media in general including news papers and periodical magazines resort to. Most of the print space goes to ads at the cost of the readers. If you are facebook enthusiast, it forms a task for you to get to the relative message straight, you may rather have to run between good morning, good evening, shubh ratri and the like. I wonder as to how people are able to spare hours of precious time in searching this thing and that and how it is that the users don’t keep it for other tasks, positive and with intrinsic worth. If some one goes for updating his/ her photograph in the face book, there is a huge number of people  to recognise the same as if it is a very big event concerning the whole world. No doubt social media is most powerful a tool to promote a climate for people to get closure to each other forming a strong society in in a bigger measure leading requisite missions.

Cricket -a boredom, a luxury or some thing creative?

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Every day growing higher and higher in popularity all over the world, the frenzy of the of cricket fans and enthusiasts is at the pinnacle and bound to cross even above that. What could it be in days to come no body knows. Yet there are many who don’t have any fancy for it, they rather take it as a wastage of time. Me too is more or less in line with them and if I disclose such a propensity on my part, the hell is to break at least at the level of my friends circle. Students at the schools and colleges would not go to their schools for the sake of watching the match at home or a friends house in a group enjoying the game concurrently with slogans and dance. Highly unproductive as the game is it fails to generate any acumen to those who are engrossed in some work or the other. It’s a sheer  luxury costing enormously the several other career plans. Except like enjoying a movie it is incapable of delivering any thing tangible to the society. May be what I am talking sounds like I am an iconoclast but as a human in my heart I shall be more happy if the vast amount of money spent in organising these events is redirected to the poor in the county who are terribly hungry, destitutes as they are. Let wastage be turned into a plus factor.

Why so much of a hurry?

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Who is there who doesn’t hanker for peace? –possibly none but spree of efforts on that count continues unabated literally without any halt with the result that it all turns into a tougher conflict with several deterrents in modern living leaving hardly any scope for those interested in practicing much talked of art of living. If you are on road you have to move inch by inch because of road jams at every few steps. So is the case with those opting to travel by train or even airlines. Falling sick requiring you to get admitted to some hospital you may not get even a single bed there or may be you have to rub your shoulders with several of other patients like you waiting for any medical attention in a uncertain manner. Private doctors, if you opt to go to them as an alternative, behave like wild vultures sucking the blood of the patients charging heavily. All this non sense one has to undergo irrespective of their capacity to meet the cost. This sort of unprecedented hurry coupled with much unwanted a greed on the part of not only doctors but all those who are in some way or the other concerned with earning  money to lead a lavish life is supposed only to lead to a disaster and chaos in the society. May be all this could be given the cover of development in the country but factually it all goes otherwise with a semblance of a Doom’s day. Failure on the part of those in administration to provide safe water in the requisite measure coupled with their inability to provide enough food to the hungry are all an indication in a disastrous direction.

Close to the heels of a Doom’s Day:

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How long and to what extent? There is nothing sans an end.

When there is too much of progress and development in the world this has to be treated as a symptom of sampurna Vinash, the Doom’s Day

We are much developed a society on earth to-day still pursuing more and more of further developments in the kitty. Applying Bernard Shaw’s saying ‘….It’s too bad to be too good’, it quite fits into the scenario obtaining in the whole world as on date with every body talking of more and more of further progress and developments. How long and to what extent? There is nothing sans an end. Applying a bird’s eye view to the whole spectrum it firmly leads to a conclusion that we are just close to an inevitable collapse, a collapse hardly recoverable. The very peace for which the humans have all along been hankering is hardly seen any where.

The Vedic scriptures provide that when there is too much of progress and development in the world this has to be treated as a symptom of sampurna Vinas, the Doom’s Day. May be those holding such a view are called backwards but the one glaring factor that the amount of peace the people in olden days enjoyed are only a dream in today’s world. The pace with which India is growing in population rate is alarming where too too much of the activities in the name of modernisation, progress and developmental activities are playing  a vital role. In 1930s the population of India was 35 crores and it has grown to its four times. This factor too may prove the cause of a massive disaster some day. Who could be the channels volunteering themselves to compromise peace as against disastrous modernisation? It’s only we, the people of India, always so crazy to go for something glaringly glittering unmindful of their intrinsic worth.


On trade unions–a view

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An omnivorous reader and a super intellectual, James  Allen Allen ‘hirundine608’ is unfailingly a regular contributor to this blog through his important comments which are gone through by the readers with a sumptuous interest. His views, far or against the subject, are always without any bias or prejudice and expressed candidly. A believer in metaphysics, he hardly has any interest in trade unionism but spares his attention to any topic that is covered in this blog. Quite meaningful as it is, one of his comments on my post “Biting a loaf without teeth* is given below:


My family has always been union supporter, including myself. Yet the only real weapon that unions have, is withdrawal of labour. This weapon is pretty much useless, in the face of overwhelming population and machines.

The union officials, largely enjoy a tenured position. Which further decreases their popularity. What unions nowadays should be focussed on. Would be health and welfare of the members. For a happy worker is a productive worker. Proper pensions are always going to be an issue. Spending money on things that war, is never as profitable as a happy retired population. Who will spend money back into the economy.

The investment bankers look for always the profitable ways of increasing their wealth. Yet miss out on the stabilizing structures of society. They are in essence … short-sighted. They are a blot on society. Cheers Jamie.


Route to divorce goes via gym too:

Society does undergo a change in course of time and it is changing fast currently. Clubs and gyms have mushroomed every where and a woman is no more confined to house hold activities alone –she is free in most of the cases to walk to some club or a gym of her choice selecting her partners in exercise the way she wants. Such a life pattern has been quite common globally in different developed countries now spreading its wings in a country like India, the country till now known well for its Vedic culture, a family based culture with a discipline. The new culture as it obtains now permits a free styled life hardly knowing any boundaries or limitations and all this is practiced in the name of neo culture. It is this style vagabondly kept in vogue that is responsible for a rupture in family relationship in the cases of many and it further results into disharmony and even divorce which has become feasibly a handy tool in relation to number of couples who otherwise had a healthy and well knit married life earlier. The gyms, says a report, are most popular an area where ladies from well to do families initially get familiar with their trainers ultimately leading to a close relationship including the sexual side. This, reiterates the report, leads to divorce in several cases ruining the otherwise normal husband and wife relationship. This is an aspect where the laws of the land are of no help and only a radical improvement at the level of the society can overcome the menace. The need is for the society to feel alerted and wake up.

He deserves a place in gallows:

Crisis of security is the core area that confronts the society in India and it is more manifest in the cases of women folk several of whom fall prey to sex maniacs and are raped every now and then throughout the country with the rape perpetrators devising strange modus operandi for the purpose. A police officer Amarjeet Singh Shahi of Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh, India) raped a minor girl being daughter of a close friend of his taking advantage of their close proximity bordering family terms. One afternoon  he visited his friend’s house when the girl was all alone, she offered him tea herself joining him for company sake. Giving her a hoodwink he mixed some hard intoxicant in her cup of tea and she fell unconscious and the rape followed. Soon after he was arrested and tried in a local Court that awarded him 10 years imprisonment with a fine of Rs.65,000/ out of which 50,000/ is to be given to the victim and the balance deposited in the government treasury. Not at all enough. Highly dissatisfied the girls father is planning to take the matter to higher court demanding much harsher a punishment for the culprit. In fact for a heinous crime like perpetrating rape 10 years imprisonment is nothing. The punishment has to be the one that adequately teaches a lesson to the culprit and also the other potential perpetrators of rape giving a message in an ample measure that the people involving themselves in most condemnable a crime like this shall at no cost be spared. Nothing short of a death sentence sending the culprit to gallows is acceptable.

Faithfuls or saboteurs?

Faith could at times be a negative term too when it comes to defining its character and spelling out its direction. When direction is determined the very faith could lead to a sabotage in many a cases with the perpetrator turning to a saboteur instead of a faithful one. Much depends on what type of a society we have and what is our national character, every story takes place based on that. There is a locality with the mohalla name of Faithful Ganj in Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh, India). The mohalla was developed by the then British Collector of Kanpur exclusively as a colony for those Indians who were committed loyals to British rulers providing them their concocted evidences against freedom fighters besides acting as spies for British. Britishers used them as a produce from Indian soil to their own interest and benefit setting them against their own Indian brothers engaged in freedom movement. They were actually the slave monkeys dancing to the tunes of their masters, the British. They had no conscience ever to prick dead to the core as it was. The very locality still exists with the same name and the situation has  obviously undergone much of a change but whenever I pass through it I do develop a feel of the sort of a bad smell that emits there still, bad smell of the pigs who belonged to the country but acted against it licking to the toes of the aggressors, the British. They could have been ‘faithfuls’ to foreign rulers but the fact remains that they were actually the saboteurs for India, the motherland. Shame on them, this is how the history records it.

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