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Art of living -a view

Image result for art of livingThere are several organisations delivering art of living programmes on identical lines. Aasanas and mudras are the same every where slightly varying from platform to platform devolving  different modus operandi from programme to programme with the sole purpose of eliciting peace, health and fitness which are quite in vogue in YOGA. There can’t be two opinions on the therapy utilisation  on bumper scale people are able to secure. Some people ask as to how this applies in relation to sex. It does in the same measure as other areas forming any part of the body as no therapy functions with any kind of prejudice. If you feel mentally at ease, this feel operates in the whole body  and not only brain.




Prithviraj Chauhan/Sanyogita–forcing sex oriented ugly thoughts:

I wrote several dozens of articles on Prithviraj Chauhan on this blog and obviously it had to include his love Sanyogita which were  a hit with tremendous popularity at the readers level. No contents of any work remain original after they reach the readers as they are  the ones who view the object with their own bent of mind in much wider a proportion. You talk of birds and some reader thinks of a dove and thought of an owl may flash into the mind of the other one. Whatever be the object and the contents every reader receives it differently. That is what happened in the case of my posts on Prithviraj Chauhan. Fed up with the vulgar language exchanged between pro Prithviraj Chauhan and his enemy Mohd Ghori by way of lengthy comments, I actually stopped writing about the great Indian hero Prithviraj Chauhan. It looks like a well organised gang is hell bent to torpedo the publication on this count. They took exception of important extracts quoted from eminent historians in the post using a filthiest possible language. After a big gap, the mud slinging and use of a vulgar most style of expression is resumed by the gang by way of comments. I am restraining myself to aggressively react and deal with the situation but instead I simply appeal to the antagonists that they have no reasons to read their own perversion between the lines. They can’t erase history nor can they discard the facts. Better it is for them not to go through the writeups which are not to their taste and fancies. Why read something that is not to the taste of the readers concerned or why should they see only sex and vulgarity in a text? It goes without saying that all Indians, and me too, are worshippers of the great hero, Prithviraj Chauhan, but there is no reason to take exception of calling a spade a spade.

An ‘Yes’ to sex as from the rape victim:

The law enforcement authorities in U.K. have since been asked by their government to strictly follow the new rule that the rape perpetrator seeking his defense has to provide an ‘Yes’ consenting to sex  as from the rape victim as a proof that he was innocent. Isn’t it that it looks funny and quixotic for the reason that the rapist who can force sex on the victim can equally force her to confess her consent for the act. Such a rule actually suits the rapist more as he can easily procure such a consent by applying forceful methods like he did while perpetrating the rape. The law is supposed to be based on logic and not the manipulations. Indian law is historically rich enough in dealing with the crimes in most logical a way. One such story needs a mention here where the great legal luminary like Pt. Motilal Nehru acted as defense counsel. One English woman was travelling all alone in the first class compartment of a train (Those were the days when only English men and women had the privilege of travelling in first class compartment and it was treated as an offence if some Indian passenger tried to travel as such). Fail as he did in resisting his temptation, an Indian youth barged into the compartment and had a rape with the young woman. The hell broke. The train had to be stopped and a police case registered against the young man who fully realised that he was now in for a severe punishment and his exoneration was just out of question. Many a people advised him that the only remedy available for his acquittal was if he could afford engaging Pt. Motilal Nehru, then a top ranking giant sized personality in the world of Law, as his Defense Counsel. It was managed. Pt. Motilal Nehru who was holidaying at Nainital advised his client to keep mum without uttering a single word in response to any questions asked to him by any one including the judge or even himself when the Court proceedings start. Proceedings started at Allahabad High Court. As already briefed by Pt. Nehru, the Defense Counsel for the accused,  the accused just kept mum to all the questions raised by different counsels and also the judge himself. This was the stage when Pt. Motilal Nehru interrupted saying in a louder voice that ‘……here lies the point In fact when the accused was raping the woman he was slapped by her hitting him so hard that he lost his voice and has gone totally dumb’. The woman who was present in the court shrieked loudly  with the words ‘….no, no, Sir I didn’t do any thing and was only quiet all along’. At this juncture Pt. Nehru roared saying ‘ …where is the case Sir when the lady concerned herself is confessing that she didn’t resist at all all along and it shows that she was fully in a compromising posture and sex with consent is no offence, Sir. The accused was fully acquitted of all the charges against him.

This story is quoted in the context that certain countries besides U.K. have a Law that a rape victim has to produce a sufficient proof to prove that she was raped. How funny? Laws  like this only support the rapist and not the rape victim. If a rapist can rape a woman by force it is damn easy for him  to manage some proof coercively in the case of both –the rapist and the rape victim.

Route to divorce goes via gym too:

Society does undergo a change in course of time and it is changing fast currently. Clubs and gyms have mushroomed every where and a woman is no more confined to house hold activities alone –she is free in most of the cases to walk to some club or a gym of her choice selecting her partners in exercise the way she wants. Such a life pattern has been quite common globally in different developed countries now spreading its wings in a country like India, the country till now known well for its Vedic culture, a family based culture with a discipline. The new culture as it obtains now permits a free styled life hardly knowing any boundaries or limitations and all this is practiced in the name of neo culture. It is this style vagabondly kept in vogue that is responsible for a rupture in family relationship in the cases of many and it further results into disharmony and even divorce which has become feasibly a handy tool in relation to number of couples who otherwise had a healthy and well knit married life earlier. The gyms, says a report, are most popular an area where ladies from well to do families initially get familiar with their trainers ultimately leading to a close relationship including the sexual side. This, reiterates the report, leads to divorce in several cases ruining the otherwise normal husband and wife relationship. This is an aspect where the laws of the land are of no help and only a radical improvement at the level of the society can overcome the menace. The need is for the society to feel alerted and wake up.

Prithviraj Chauhan–certain hard facts:


History is brazenly hard and dispassionate to the events that occur where there is no scope of accommodating any prejudices –pro or anti and so is the case while dealing with our most loved hero like Prithviraj Chauhan. His life alongwith his  queen Sanyogita has been most popular a theme in several dozens of the posts on this blog. The Indian readers never relish any thing negative in their context but honesty demands, and so does the history, that they don’t close their eyes against various facts and events. Every view has to be gone through in a dispassionate order. A friend of mine Prof. Karan Dev, an outstanding research scholar in history and himself a great fan of Prithviraj Chauhan, is good enough to keep me apprised of different research themes from time to time. The themes depended upon are basically based on the following great works:

Prthviraja-vijaya of Jayanka
Prthviraja Raso of Chand Bardai
Hammira Mahakavya of Nayachandra Suri
Prabandha-cintamani of Merutunga
Viruddhavidhi-viddhavamsa of Laksmidhara
Kharataragaccha-pattavali of Jinapala
Tabaqat-i Nasiri by Minhaj-i-Siraj
Tarikh-i-Rashidi by Mirza Haider
Tarikh-i-Firishta by Ferishta
Gulshan-i Ibrahim by Muhammad Qasim

Indians by and large worship Prithviraj Chauhan as a victor defeating Ghori but this is what is most controversial an issue and if authors like Prof. Lane Pool are to be relied upon the story is just the opposite. It is like this in the words of Prof. Lane Pool:

“As for the battle of Tarain II, history squarely puts the blame of the defeat on fatty Prithviraj, the hot-headed, sensuous, amorous and arrogant commander of Hindu forces at Tarain — it was he who disregarded the advice given by his aged minister, that of keeping the women, away from the battlefield. the huge Hindu forces on the battlefield were massively hampered by the need to protect their beautiful womenfolk from Islamic rapes, and were consequently not able to fight effectively against the small Muslim army led by ugly Ghori, resulting in disastrous defeat and death of millions of productive potent Hindu Soldiers and rapes of millions of fertile young Hindu wives. Ghori crushed Prithviraj’s testes so hardly that it burst out in his own sac. Ghori raped Sanyogita repeatedly in front of her dying husband Prithviraj to humiliate him. Then Ghori butchered & killed Prithviraj in front of his raped wife Sanyogita”.

The very theme that war field priorities of Raja Prithviraj Chauhan were superseded by his lusty attachment to Rani Sanyogita resulting into India having been dragged to slavery is still a matter of debate and further research, and nothing would exhilarate Indians more than proving that it was actually Prithviraj Chauhan who emerged victorious defeating a dragon named Ghori.

He deserves a place in gallows:

Crisis of security is the core area that confronts the society in India and it is more manifest in the cases of women folk several of whom fall prey to sex maniacs and are raped every now and then throughout the country with the rape perpetrators devising strange modus operandi for the purpose. A police officer Amarjeet Singh Shahi of Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh, India) raped a minor girl being daughter of a close friend of his taking advantage of their close proximity bordering family terms. One afternoon  he visited his friend’s house when the girl was all alone, she offered him tea herself joining him for company sake. Giving her a hoodwink he mixed some hard intoxicant in her cup of tea and she fell unconscious and the rape followed. Soon after he was arrested and tried in a local Court that awarded him 10 years imprisonment with a fine of Rs.65,000/ out of which 50,000/ is to be given to the victim and the balance deposited in the government treasury. Not at all enough. Highly dissatisfied the girls father is planning to take the matter to higher court demanding much harsher a punishment for the culprit. In fact for a heinous crime like perpetrating rape 10 years imprisonment is nothing. The punishment has to be the one that adequately teaches a lesson to the culprit and also the other potential perpetrators of rape giving a message in an ample measure that the people involving themselves in most condemnable a crime like this shall at no cost be spared. Nothing short of a death sentence sending the culprit to gallows is acceptable.

Defining a corrupt person:

Corruption is quite vague a term having several dimensions and at times it is so difficult to determine as to who is actually corrupt and who is not. It assumes more grotesque a form in the cases of those who are sexually corrupt. This is an area where society plays more of a role than the law. Laws are hardly helpful in this context as they are callously technical about it never bothering to enter the soul of the issue. Perceptions emanating from a society are manifestly more visible on the surface as against the laws. Some Miss Universe may have several dozens of affairs and there no body bothers nor one has any courage to call her as corrupt but if there is a slightest possible semblance of it in the case of a house hold woman, heavens start falling and the entire locality declares a jihaad against her. The kind of life style many a celebrities in different walks of life have has an inbuilt resistance mode of cover against whatever they do which can otherwise be branded as a corruption or something that borders it but there is a calculated witch hunt that starts against common people immediately the moment there is even a frugal most allegation of the order of a corrupt practice, be it social, sexual or financial in nature, against them. A scenario like this is not a new story as the same thing has been happening in our society since ages with the difference that it may be more rampant in the current context. A  corrupt practice in our present day society is practically interpreted based on not what it is actually but on who does it and this is how the big bullies can go scotch free with small fries punished heavily for the same kind of offence.