Pension issues–A clarion call with calling a spade a spade by KR Saini:


As you all know, KR Saini is a crusader and more so in relation to Pension issues in State Bank of India after he joined us, me and RO Shah from Ahmedabad. Both of us were actually the loners at that time to highlight the pension issues like upgradation of pension payable to the retirees of the Bank and several other anomalies severely affecting the pensioners at every level. It all warranted launching of a massive movement to elicit the needful outcome for the purpose. After he appeared on the scene working day and night toiling hardest possible on the mission, his writings on the pension issues published in our blog ‘Avenues’ with the requisite frequency became a much sought after material for the readers as they were quite meaningfully directed to the core points of the issue. It’s practically he who is exclusively managing the running post of ‘Avenues’ as ‘NewsPage’. We are glad that his indefatigable efforts have made it feasible for the latest news on pension issues to reach the readers immediately on their latest release as from the courts and other related quarters. Now that PPR Upadhyaya, a colossus talent wise, too has joined the movement and all are expecting him to deliver the goods in some tangible shape to the SBI pensioners who are most inquisitively hankering for something worth their satisfaction who have been asking in one voice as to how long the still current acrobatics would continue in a barren order and answer to them is that they are judgment seekers and not the judgment givers. The concerned lot is supposed to realise that the light of smiles would have to emerge some day and their patience coupled with a massive movement would have to pay in tangible terms. Pertinently meaningful as they are, some of the writings of KR Saini in the form of comments and pointers, say 3 in number at the moment in the dates of 31st January and 1st February, need to be thoroughly gone through and they shall reach you shortly as separate posts exclusively. Please do study them to feel updated in real terms preferably by advising your reaction directly to him.


Starbucks Planner 2017

Nice one full of inspirations, hence this reblog for the use by the readers of this blog. All the pictures provide a glimpse of divine sort of a satiation.

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Hello! As promised, I’ll be showing you pages of my Starbucks planner. This planner was given to me by my friend, Lucky. ❤ I’m so grateful and happy!

I got the coffee stain design and this is what the cover looks like. It also comes with a cloth pouch (that matches the planner’s cover), magnetic bookmark and erasable pen.

This planner offers a weekly page and Notes page after each week. 

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Pension Issues–developments:

I received a message on date as from one of the activists Rakesh Kumar Saxena the contents of which are yet to be authenticated but the same is reproduced here for the information of the pensioners, the retirees and the readers in general. They may apply their own sources for securing the authenticity on the issue. We shall be releasing necessary message to you all after the news is finally confirmed or it is the other way round.

Rakesh Kumar Saxena commented on your activity onWordPress.

Rakesh Kumar Saxena

October 13 at 12:28pm

This msg has been confirmed by Sri K P Rao ex GM . You can trust. [?][?][?][?][?][?][?][?] A Writ Petition filed 22/08/2016 by a group of SBI Pensioners in Delhi HC. WP admitted on 14/09/2016, with No 8085/2016. Relief claimed: (1) uniformly to all 50% of avg of last 12 months pay as pension (2) DA at qly intervals as paid to serving employees (3) periodical revision of pension with every salary revision (4) family pension @ 30% (min). Grant of all these reliefs within powers of Bank’s Board & no sanction of GoI required. WP prepared on basis of various SC & HC judgments, consultation with Sr advocates & reference to Pension Fund Rules & Regulations. About Rs. 9 lacs contributed by several Pensioners (including former Chairmen/MDs). Rs. 4.75 lacs spent till admission of WP. Much more money required. Appeal to all Pensioners & serving employees to contribute as much as they can, BUT REQUEST FOR MINIMUM OF Rs. 1,000/-. Contributions be remitted to Current Account No. 3520438380854 opened in names of Rajesh Rai, MMK Sardana & Umesh Sharma at Jagriti Vihar Branch, Meerut: Code:16607. IFS Code: SBIN0016607. After remitting contributions please SMS Umesh Sharma on 8979199558 giving details of name of remitter, city residing in, amount remitted & branch from where remitted. Details could also be mailed Details of WP & references posted on Team Meerut’s Facebook page. WP initiated by PPR Upadhyaya, Retd GM of Bangalore Circle now settled in Mysore. This WP different from one filed by Pensioners’ Federation many years ago before same HC. Latter has asked for only 50% of pay as pension and they made GoI made a party by which is not required. Please confirm it’s genuineness”



Called ‘Light of Asia’ in a book in the same name. the author gave many attributes and illustration to Lord Buddha, recognised as God incarnate depicting Him as a Divine superior entity. Hailing from India he was and is worshipped more in countries like China and Japan. He himself believed in God or did not has been a matter of controversy for hundreds of centuries till now and his disciples take it like the Lord himself never talked of God. The Bhikshus (a celebrated form of his disciples) too more or less maintain the same view as I took it while talking to some of them at the B.H.U. Temple in Varanasi. You visit there and you find a small scripture in Pali language pasted there reading as: “Attahi attano naathho kohi naathho parosia” (Man is a Master for himself and there is none to guide him).God appears fully sidelined here. There is controversy on his caste also –whether he was a kshatri or some thing else? Some of the talented readers of this blog have written to me a lot quite meaningfully which is a big topic itself and I shall be taking it up later with the help of my readers who have contributed much to this blog. I am already thankful to them for providing me enough of material with a scholarly touch. 

Why the hell one should read me?

thI am a writer writing so much as a journalist knowing no limit and there could hardly be any subject I haven’t touched. For whom? Obviously for sharing sake with the people or say with the like minded people. But how many of them are requisitely serious about their task? Hardly few and far between. There are tricks for every thing and how reading too could be an exception? One of my maternal grandfathers was known well for his interest in books even those in the language not known to him. Once I overheard him advising a visitor that the easy way of finishing a book quickly is to cursorily see the first 2-3 lines of a page and the same number in the bottom. Munshi Premchand was his one of the most favourite authors. Being otherwise a reputed Zamindar what he said was always taken as from Ten Commandments. I as a child then had no guts to ask him whether the reading trick suggested by him applied to a legend like Munshi Premchand’s books too. In my college the Chief Librarian controlling and monitoring the huge library of the college and all had a great regard for him as a very learned person. Any body entering his chamber invariably found him deeply involved in reading some book or the other. Was he really that serious? No, he was really not. He himself shared the secret of it while addressing a gathering. As he disclosed, he said that he was not at all serious but he did the exercise to leave an impression on the visitors particularly the students that one should develop himself to the level of an omnivorous reader. Coming to the readers of a blog, more of them are the result of mobilising them and those doing it at their own are only a limited number. The ideal situation is that the readers have to be committed readers with a scholarly pursuit.



Avenues–Change in blog theme:

A short post:

I have a deep fancy for blog themes and trying one after the other never knows an end. Technically this one has several improvements but my mind still continues hovering for a better one. I don’t know when such anxiety gets quenched. Readers liking is my primary concern and if they feel satisfied with it every thing is okay; if not, I may have to go for another one till such time I am able to lay my hands at the one that altogether matches my readers choice. I solicit their reaction.



Lord Buddha’s caste (Ref:Earlier post “Which caste Lord Buddha belonged to?”:

images (5) When I wrote “Which caste Lord Buddha belong to” this became a matter of rage with a tremendous response as from the readers all over the world and since then there is continuous upsurge going on with most voluminous comments. Some of the comments are greatly meaningful like the one from Ravi Shakya bringing out sumptuous material to the topic. I thought this one could equally be of interest to the readers and others. With that end in view his detailed comment is reproduced here:

According to Hindus, Prince Siddhartha born in Kshatriya family but when he became Buddha after that he taught Brahmins and others so he is also a Brahmin. Then Son of Buddha(Rahula) was a Brahmin so whole Shakyas should come in Brahmins but that’s a not truth only same peoples write Brahmins.The right thing is actually nobody can tell exact caste of Lord Buddha. According to Indian mentality , i am going to tell you a truth, Shakya Caste is the only caste in this world who gave a very large religion to the world, this religion is not have in India only whole world are following, i want to tell you some truth……. Shakya people form a strong caste and community in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Myanmar and some Shakyas are also live in Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore etc.
In Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore etc they all are Buddhism Guru or Brahmins.
In Nepal, Shakya caste is mostly Buddhist. Even though they are a Kshatriya caste in Hinduism, in Buddhism they are equivalent to Brahmin caste because of their role as priests in Buddhism.
In Tibet, Shakya are Buddhist Brahmin caste or Priests.
In Myanmar, Shakyans are descentants of the legendary King Abhiraja Shakya. Abhiraja Shakya belonged to the ruling Shakya Dynasty of India/Nepal. He migrated to the present-day Burma after the annexation of the Shakya kingdom by Kosala and established the Kingdom of Taguang.
In Sri Lanka, Shakya caste is known as Sinhalese, which was the ruling dynasty of Sri Lanka. Descendant of Buddha’s cousin Pandu Shakya was King Pandukabhaya who established the Kingdom of Anuradhapura which lasted more than 600 years. Sinhalese is the national language of Sri Lanka and Sinhalese people are a majority, forming the ruling political party.
so Now, i am coming to the point so please don’t compare with caste of Lord Buddha, he was the only person who gave peace to whole world from the caste and some others things…