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This one is just the trial sort of an exercise to see whether the scipts meant for are able to manifest the requisite clarity and a well meant neatness to satisfy the readers and all those who in some form or the other are connected to the new blog. This short post has only a limited purpose to this extent.


Similarity of thoughts:

Thought process is a peculiar phenomenon. One thinks something and his/ her mind repeats the same thing times and again. On many an occasions, something occurs to my mind and when I trace my memory I find that this I had already thought of earlier. It doesn’t end here only as what happens many a times is that some body somewhere else gave an expression to his thoughts, and the thoughts I am having now are just similar to that. The ethics applicable to bloggers provide that whatever they write should be just ‘unique’, but what I see in practical terms is that it is just not possible as because this amounts to an attempt to trespass the rules of Nature. Sometime back I wrote a post titled as Every thing we do is initially an imagination only, but only the other day while reading Bernard Shaw I found that more or less exactly the same idea was expressed by him in the following  manner:

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.”

George Bernard Shaw has been my favourite writer right from  my school days but I had never come across what he said on imagination like it is quoted above. Those who may not be aware of this fact may just develop a feeling that the very idea I did expatiate in my above mentioned article (link) is borrowed from Bernard Shaw, just contrary to what is not the fact at all. It’s for sure that almost every writer might be undergoing such a problem. My daughter once told me that one of my poems in Hindi quite resembled the one sung by Jagjit Singh. I went through my records and found that the poem so recited by him itself was written much later after I wrote my own. Such a coincidence is just very normal in every field even the ones much outside writings. Look wise every person differs from one another, and so are writings. They differ from person to person howsoever much be the similarity in expressions.


Jumping to a lions’ cage–a novel alternative to suicide!

As per reports, a man aged around 35 years in Bhubaneswar had some quarrel with his wife. The dispute between the two assuming graver proportions, he threatened his wife to kill himself. He not only threatened, he actually worked on it. He thought of a novel method to end his life. He reached the Nandankanan zoo at Bhubaneswar, reached the enclosure of the lions, where he saw the two of them sitting in a calm posture outside their cage. He gave them a salute imagining to himself as if it was the last one in his life. It was followed by his big jump into the very enclosure. The lions, since they were born in the zoo itself and practically had no experience of a real wild life including hunting, they were initially not that much aggressive, but soon their natural instinct worked, one of them jumping upon him fiercely dragging him by his neck, and the other one too joining the task causing innumerable bruises and wounds to the body of their victim. The Zoo staff rushed to the spot joined by the big crowd of visitors hurling volley of stones on the lions. Since the lions were not used to such type of attacks on them, they meekly went back to their cages at their own, and this gave the zoo staff an opportunity to lock the cage from outside. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital where his condition, as the concerned doctors said, was not completely out of risk. There is no news as to how his wife might have reacted to the whole episode. Looks like it had hardly any impact on her. May be she was too callous a woman.

Opting for more toilets than temples?

A man is known by the type of the choices he has, and this equally applies to Jairam Ramesh, Union Rural Development Minister, when he expresses more of his preference for toilets than temples in the country. For him, there is nothing unusual if he passes rigidly coarse a remark on some point or the other. He wanted to emphasize his mission on sanitation, but he lacked better words to say that there is much felt need of bigger number of toilets in the country from sanitary angle, instead his choice fell on temples for a comparison. It looks derogatory, not just from any religious angle alone, but more so from a descency point of view. Activists of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal protested the remark by staging an hour long dharna at his New Delhi residence the other day. Long back, the then another political stalwart, Kanshi Ram of Bahujan Samaj Party, passed the similar remarks eliciting a large scale protest throughout the country, not only from certain religious parties but by the people in general. An inference can well be drawn here from what Vivekanand, then an Indian missionary abroad, spoke. He said that what the world needs more is supply of food to  those who are hungry leading a life of misery and not the construction of temples, churches or mosques at a massive scale. He was correct in highlighting the help for the poor without ridiculing the religious places of worship. People in the current scenario occupying positions at the top in the country find it more feasible to promote themselves as messiahs of a particular mission to appease certain sections by ridiculing others than doing the same thing in a graceful order. As a responsible Minister in the Central set up of India, Jairam Ramesh, must withdraw the tone and tenor of his remarks failing which he deserves nothing but the wrath of the people in the country as a whole.

Divine love

Let pleasures differ from what is ecstatic –pleasures are drawn from extraneous factors as against ecstasy which is intrinsically experienced from within internally. This is not just a matter of option one can apply, this is rather a matter of perseverance and a devoted practice seeking nearness to the element of divinity. Yoga provides the required mechanism for the purpose by prescribing necessary approach in the matter through Kundalini jagran (awakening the kundalini), which of course is a tedious process not practiceable  unless one possesses a healthy body system in its totality. Once kundalini is awakened, the person concerned feels like belonging to some other world, altogether different, and away from any prejudice, malice, or any kind of hatred. What the person concerned is able to derive to himself/ herself from outside at this stage is, in real terms, Divine ecstasy, far away from an otherwise materialistic world. It is at this stage that the Divine love surpasses every thing else in the Universe.

Do the falling down and getting up just run in a cyclic order?

Inspired by a co blogger’s write-up on fall and rise in life, I felt tempted to supplement her with my own endorsement to her views. She emphasized that if a fall is there, a rise too is there as a natural cycle. Even if it is not there, this has to be taken as such as a matter of challenge in life. If I fall down, why can’t I get up, or if I don’t get up just as a matter of cycle, why can’t I strive hard to make up the fall. This is not a sermon simply pronounced from a church, a gurdwara, a temple, or a masjid, this is an eternal reality which the people stand confronted with all their life, and this is a reality which has to be faced by people in whatever situations and circumstances they are placed. In adverse situations, we have to remind ourselves what the persons in similar circumstances said, say like Milton when he became blind –

“They also serve who stand and wait”

or say like what Dalai Lama said quoting an adage prevalent in Tibet –

‘‘Nine times fall down, Nine times pick yourself up”  

or even say what Vibekanand heralded emboldening the people who are undergoing battles of this rise and fall sequence and are still unable to reach their goals –

“…Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached”

The very focus lies on the factor that instead of taking the rise and fall or vice versa as a natural phenomenon, it has to be accepted as a challenge of life, and is required to be resisted with utmost strength at the command of the individual concerned without surrendering to the circumstances, howsoever adverse and ordeal they are.

Robert Vadra’s wealth grew from Rs 50 lakh to over Rs 300 crore in three years, Kejriwal says – The Times of India

What else can be more shocking than this news appearing in the press. The way things are going on in relation to corruption in the country, this one is a major addition to it. True, it is not that any news has to be taken on its face value, but the very context and the sequence do matter. It’s a Raja, or a Kalmadi, the culprits are safely out from their jail term roaming free like any man in the gallery. Priyanka Gandhi has all the time been talking of remaining away from politics giving an impression as if she is the one who wants to remain above board, but her husband, Robert Vadera, whose interest of joining politics is well known, is taking full advantage of his mother-in-law, Sonia Gandhi, being in a top position in the country. I read a blog post describing the situation on corruption in India as an indication of another scam being in the offing. It appears that what he has tried to foresee is more or less already in the pipe line. Any jump in fortune from 50 lakh to 300 crore is unthinkable if viewed from a normality angle, but this is what the media has brought out, and this, on the face of the things as they are obtaining in the country, appears to be true. Earning such a huge amount merely in a period of simply 3 years is only denotative of the fact that there is something which is not possible in a normal manner. Prashant Bhushan and Arvind Kejriwal, both being members of India against Corruption (IAC), who brought the matter to light through a press conference called for the purpose, can be branded by the Congress Party or even by the Government, as those belonging to the opposition, but this, in no measure, can brush aside the allegations. If they are honest, or they pose to behave as such, why they don’t come out openly for an independent enquiry in the matter.

Robert Vadra’s wealth grew from Rs 50 lakh to over Rs 300 crore in three years, Kejriwal says – The Times of India