Bad money drives good money out of circulation:

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Be it Malthusian theory in economics or any other theory else where they hardly get erased from the public memory, more so in the case of political leaders irrespective of as to which party they belong to. Isn’t it damn easy to go by imitations? But quality lies with the fine tuning the respective masters can afford to manage. Modi, the Prime Minister, is known well for doing necessary home work before jumping to the fray on any front. One can hardly draw an idea like the monetary restrictions coupled with other measures already spelt out by the Prime Minister but it looks like an action taken too much in a hurry. To check black money, the answer is not this as there are ample administrative measures available as pertinent option. This gives a chance to opposition to gherao the Prime Minister calling him names. They are already voicing loud that this is a weak action and it lacks a matured statesmanship and public as a whole would have to suffer in many ways.


The lids that overflow with tears:

sadimages (5)Who bothers for them? Possibly none. They are the abandoned lot in the whole democracy with none around to offer them some succor allowing them to lead a normal life like others do in the country. The hardships are caused to them by none others but the Government of India itself and Banking Industry mainly including State Bank of India. I am referring to the plights of the retirees from giant Bank of the country State Bank where this issue is pending for the last two decades with the result that the pensioners are hankering for some relief as their pension amount is too low incapable of necessary sustentation of self and their family. The problem continues hovering around Government of India, the courts including Supreme Court and State Bank. Parliament of the country is all out preparing itself to raise the monthly emoluments of the so called less paid Members of the Parliament. The tearful face and a visibly a depressed look of the aggrieved man both can well be seen on the two pictures in the beginning of this post. These pictures are the real ones telling the whole world what could be the amount of their sufferings. Besides pension issue, the issue of compassionate appointment which was there in State Bank was abruptly withdrawn without any reason or rhyme at the end of the last century. Why such an onslaught let loose terribly against the bank employees. Why political leaders are seen stressing their throat boasting at the top of their voice that ‘ see how best we are doing for the development and welfare of the people’. Is it that pensioners of State Bank of India and the aggrieved ones on account of their bread earner’s death can’t claim their rights as a citizen of the country?. They only cry and weep in the absence of any relief from any side. Compassionate appointment is the dire need of the first order but the issue is callously side tracked. Our question to the Government of India is whether they aim at seeing the retirees particularly those in the wrong side of their age gasping to death. Look ye Government of India and top executives of State Bank, you have no right to gamble with the life of SBI pensioners and the aggrieved claimants for compassionate appoints. The workforce involved has strength enough to fight a do or die battle and you are not allowed to behave yourself the way you are doing.

Pension case in Delhi High Court–date shifted to 14/9/2016:

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Based on the following information received from K R Saini the next date in Delhi High Court on pension issue is fixed up for 14th September’2016 as repeated below. This is besides the important news that are regularly published in the ‘NewsPage’ of this blog:




RELIST ON 14.09.2016.”

AUGUST 22,2016                                    SANJIV KHANNA JUSTICE




Dates in Delhi High Court on Pension issue–corrigendum:

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As per the following intimation received from K R Saini, the changed date in Delhi High Court is like this:



Compassion based employment and pension issues:

It is a gigantic task to handle an ocean of huge emails and telephone calls in hundreds every day at my officeunity to be responded. The very view of the aggrieved ones flashing before my eyes causes me pain and groans with excruciating  uneasiness. Mostly they are on pension issues and compassionate appointments in banks particularly State Bank of India. Since these issues are pending at the level of Government and State Bank of India for quite a long time the aggrieved persons are now feeling terribly restive and at times they nurture a thought that the leaders involved in sorting out the problems are not throwing their full  weight. They are wrong but are not prepared to take the reality to themselves. Government of India is not a paan shop nor State Bank is a small fry and theirs is a giant stature capable enough to support their negatives.Courts of the land have a deep prejudice against the bank men falling in line with the Government bluntly forgetting that bank employees too equally belong to the land and it is they who generate a Government and bear their burden. Courts no more consist of ‘Daniels’. Politics is gradually  creeping there to make the inroads of their convenience. It’s time for the retirees, pensioners, aggrieved employees, who lost their bread earner during service, to harness themselves to the martyrdom. They are wrong if they nourish a misunderstanding that some one out of the crowd would suddenly appear as a flash like Prof. Balthasar (Portia) in Merchant of Venice. Leaders, members, activists and all concerned will have to rise to the occasion with a formidable strength to shake even Himalayas. ‘Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached’ said Vibekanand.

Pension issues in SBI–an expression:

pensionerMirza Ghalib was, like Keats in English, a poet of romance and had nothing to do with politics or governance but what he wrote impliedly or otherwise applies quite much to the people in general in their life on this earth. An unending wait for the verdict on grievance used to be a valid ground for punishment for delay so caused at the level of the Qazees, the then magistrates in olden times. Much above Paleolithic age, we are greatly civilised a society today claiming to be ultra modern but certain practices like those in Law appear to be not only outmoded but utterly out of date with thousands and thousands of the victims groaning with pain for an awful delay in timely delivering the requisite judgment –for example Pensioners case in State Bank of India where nothing could be done by the courts even after a lapse of decades. This is all brutally callous. Wait and wait till eternity is the scenario. The pangs of pain like Ghalib said as quoted below equally apply to the victim pensioners knowing no end. Possibly a maga revolution is the need:

आह को चाहिए एक उम्र असर होने तक

कौन जीता है तेरी ज़ुल्फ़ के सर होने तक। 

hirundine608 commented on Monarchy Vs democracy:

James Allen

This blog is read by thousands of readers across the globe and they make their own comments on the relative topic in their own way agreeing or disagreeing with the author and such an exercise is interesting as it brings plus and minus together. At times I feel that the style and material provided by the different authors warrant a bigger publicity to the benefit and interest of the overall readership, hence reproduction of certain selected few. This time it is James Allen ‘Hirundine’ who as usual made a comment on my blog post ‘Monarchy Vs democracy’ dated 19th June’16 quite in brief and highly meaningful. I wish the readers go through it with interest. It is reproduced below:

Democracy little more than mob rule where 51% of the people take away the rights of the other 49%. T. Jeffereson.

Democracy can and is, manipulated. Monarchy is absurd. That people are born into wealth and land ownership, should not have the automatic right to govern others. Land ownership is also absurd. We are born into this world with fists tightly clenched and we exit with them wide-open.

Democracy is a method of counting votes, for a candidate. It does not guarantee freedom nor idividuality.
Cheers Jamie

Monarchy Vs democracy:

Swami Daya Nand wrote in his Satyarthprakash that monarchy is at no cost to be tolerated even if democrat rulers ill treat their people. Country is ours and so has to be the governance. Sounds nice but the requisites on this count differ a lot. Our experience of breathing in an independent India for the last 7 decades shows that there is hardly any difference on the part of governance by kings and monarchs and the one by democratically elected people as Members of Parliament. Thousands and thousands of people in the country laid down their life to secure freedom of India and today people even don’t remember them. This doesn’t at all mean that there is any justification in any rule from outside but one thing is very clear that those in saddle currently holding reins in the country should behave themselves. Freedom is dear to us even if it costs our lives but what stops the present government led by Narendra Modi to adequately take care of plights of the masses on several counts. Every time a development is proposed every time there is a new tax levied. If you see the list of ‘cess’ it is increasing every day and the another new on agriculture is in the offing. If all talks on developments are based entirely at the cost of the people, what a hell they are doing from the recurring income the government. The elected representatives being Members of Parliament are greedily in a hurry to get their salary and allowance to a sky high level as if salary increase of 1 lakh+ besides dozens of extra allowances granted to them a few years back was not enough. Freedom at no cost is to be compromised but if democracy is defined as of the people and by the people their grievances are to be redressed  on a peremptory footing lest it becomes terribly difficult to stop the murmurs that administration wise the present government is no better than the erstwhile rajas and maharajas taxing people every now and then as the history says.

Which way the wind blows?

Pt Nehru

History changes from dynasty to dynasty and new names are given to erstwhile stalwarts. The government in the saddle in India are out to do this with rabbit’s speed with an attempt to win over the support, say political support, as from the masses. Democracy is supposed to be by the people and for the people. As a slogan it sounds so attractive but practically it is not. Whosoever are the people running the government go by their choices and favour and at times it looks like a dictator’s role and not that of a democrat. The news that Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru’s name is being removed from the text books in schools and colleges. Ignoring the great personality like Pt. Nehru, the very architect of present day India, is sans any sense, it is rather a sin. Howsoever popular the present day leadership could manage to be there is no match to a leader like him. Even if people are loyal and sincere to the masses in the country they have no reason to abandon the past in the context of the freedom Movement. The leadership that won the struggle for freedom to India in fact deserves to be worshipped and any move to erase them or their images amounts to an anti nation act deserving condemnation by all committed followers of the most historical an event like freedom movement of the country. If not corrected, the move to eradicate the images of the champions of the freedom movement has but to be condemned by the people of the country.

The hawks out on a loot spree in a broad day light:


They are the Members of Parliament representing 130 crores of people in the country. Busy they are supposed to be otherwise in the interest of the people of the country but actually busy they keep themselves in serving their own interest –latest being a loud drumming on increase in their wages, allowances, perquisites and several other areas of comforts and luxury. Only 6 years back their wages were increased to full one lakh and this was done in response to a ho halla launched by Lallu Prasad Yadav and his coterie claiming wages atleast a little above what is paid to a senior I.A.S. What a logic –funny and absurd. Politics is a mission and not a profession. They are the kind enjoying best of both the world cost of which is borne by public. Gone are the days when there used to be honest people like Gulzarilal Nanda, Lal Bahadur Shastri and a few more like them who practically worked for people like a faqir never caring the least for money as against the current generation of Members of Parliament who are on a loot spree to acquire money and more money with shamelessly nefarious a modus operandi.

There are thousands of trade union organisations in the country hankering to secure a most legitimately raised charter of demand for their low paid employee members. Take banks for instance where both serving employees and the retirees are suffering with their families getting a beat of soaring prices. The top bank in the country State Bank of India has independent rules and regulations to  grant fair salary and allowances including welfare area but every time some thing is initiated the Government of India applies uncalled for vetoes and nothing is allowed to move. The pension issues in State Bank of India are pending for the last two decades but those in Parliament are not the least concerned with paying any heed to it. The ex Finance Minister of the country P. Chidambaram instantly brushed aside the demands saying ‘we are not able to bear the cost burden and there are several other areas too who need a boost up in their wages’. May be he had the pay package of Members of Parliament in mind while talking of other areas which line of approach is unfortunately curtly followed by his successors as a matter of mutual interest.