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On population growth?

Image result for population growthIndia is confronted with the unruly  populatioan, say population growth, and there is hardly any one to bother the least including political heavy weights and the reason is once bitten twice shy. During Emergency this was top agenda of Sanjai Gandhi and it cost Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of the country, her government. It was virtually once bitten twice shy and the till then   a great furore got silenced. None was bold enough to take cudgels against the public and the issue got fully gorbaged. Infact none had guts to bell the cat since then. There are murmers that some selected individuals are there who tried to raise their voice but they were silenced by the power blocks. True, moves are there on developmental programmes and progress of the country but gains on that count only get submerged leaving nothing for the people.The need of the hour  is to enable a plug that is capable of arresting population growth failing which all pro development and reconstruction activities would have to get doomed.

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What is it they owe to the people?

They are Members of Parliament representing the people of the Country with a mandate to serve them adequately and honestly in all the  matters of welfare for a tenure of five years normally. It’s different matter that with the exception of a limited few the rest always are deeply prone to foster their own personal interests say their rise of salary at par with top beaurocrats on which count they raised all hue and cries on the floor of Parliament. They ultimately got it obviously at the cost of the public exchequer. As a result several other important sectors like Banking were ignored which trend still continues unabated. Initially there was nothing like a fixed salary but an allowance of Rs.2,500/ and that too was an optional feature differing from an MP to MP.

May Day martyrs -Forget them not?

Only a few months back the 1st May was observed all over the world as Labour Day, ofcourse at many a places just merely as a routine ritual unmindful of its virtual significance and the cruelmost horrific death of 4 stalwarts of the movement preceded by 6 others. The protestants included a large number of women and all of them led the movement demanding fixed working hours for the workforce to not more than 8 hours a day as against the unlimited working hours a day exactly the way the callous practice was obtaining in India by the then ruling East India Company in the country. The incident is more elaborately covered by V Ganesan, himself a legendary trade union leader of STATE BANKS’ STAFF UNION, THE THEN MADRAS CIRCLE in his book MOMENTOUS MOVEMENT which book is a must read book for those who belong to bank employees unions particularly those in State Bank of India.

The movement turned to a massacre with the different managements in a total connivance of the Government and as a final outcome of their furry against the employees there were the manifold victimisations further let loose to include assault and killings. The 4 top leaders who prominently in the light were pronounced as the main accused and awarded death sentence. They might have been spared if they sought pardon but they refused to budge an inch, they rather accepted the death penalty instead and were hanged. These champions of the movement besides several others were –

1   ALFRED PARSANS      HANGED      11-11-1887

2   AUGUST SPICE            HANGED       11-11-1887

3   ADOLF PISHER           HANGED       11-11-1887

4   GEORGE ENGEL          HANGED       11-11-1887

They are no more with the workforce in the world as a whole but the very fact that the mission for which they had to embrace death is alive much enough for some cause or the other. The current generation, more so the union leaders, are addicted to comforts, laxity in work and lot many other facilities with a cozy most environment and there is hardly any visible movement in sight but if they forget the past and sacrifices made by their predecessor generations, they lose their present too and if they lose the present, they lose their very base and existence. If nothing, they ARE NOT TO FORGET THE PAST AND THE SACRIFICES made by their predecessor generations failing which they are bound to suffer from inevitable disaster. Continue reading May Day martyrs -Forget them not?

A potential war -hazards:

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War is a factor that can’t be ruled out any where in any part of the globe any time even in the apparent absence of any symptoms in the direction as this is how the world has lived for millions of a century -those who won the battle became Raja or Maharaja and the ones who lost had to live as a praja (public) with cycle running in the same measure till date in all continents and countries even whenever it was strategically warranted new country or countries were created to accommodate the gymnasts in politics. History is the witness with examples being that of Pakistan and Bangladesh. There are already undercurrents for more of the regions or countries currently in a subdued tenor when the global scenario is viewed as such. A war, if it so occurs anywhere in any region of the world, may result into what a ghastly scenario and havoc can well be imagined by any one with the index of history and viewed from that angle none could really be for it as with the present day nuclear war equipments available almost everywhere it has to be turned to a Dooms Day with a total devastation of the  mankind on earth. Mercenaries apart, any one would hardly ever opt for it

Bad money drives good money out of circulation:

A short post:

Be it Malthusian theory in economics or any other theory else where they hardly get erased from the public memory, more so in the case of political leaders irrespective of as to which party they belong to. Isn’t it damn easy to go by imitations? But quality lies with the fine tuning the respective masters can afford to manage. Modi, the Prime Minister, is known well for doing necessary home work before jumping to the fray on any front. One can hardly draw an idea like the monetary restrictions coupled with other measures already spelt out by the Prime Minister but it looks like an action taken too much in a hurry. To check black money, the answer is not this as there are ample administrative measures available as pertinent option. This gives a chance to opposition to gherao the Prime Minister calling him names. They are already voicing loud that this is a weak action and it lacks a matured statesmanship and public as a whole would have to suffer in many ways.

The lids that overflow with tears:

sadimages (5)Who bothers for them? Possibly none. They are the abandoned lot in the whole democracy with none around to offer them some succor allowing them to lead a normal life like others do in the country. The hardships are caused to them by none others but the Government of India itself and Banking Industry mainly including State Bank of India. I am referring to the plights of the retirees from giant Bank of the country State Bank where this issue is pending for the last two decades with the result that the pensioners are hankering for some relief as their pension amount is too low incapable of necessary sustentation of self and their family. The problem continues hovering around Government of India, the courts including Supreme Court and State Bank. Parliament of the country is all out preparing itself to raise the monthly emoluments of the so called less paid Members of the Parliament. The tearful face and a visibly a depressed look of the aggrieved man both can well be seen on the two pictures in the beginning of this post. These pictures are the real ones telling the whole world what could be the amount of their sufferings. Besides pension issue, the issue of compassionate appointment which was there in State Bank was abruptly withdrawn without any reason or rhyme at the end of the last century. Why such an onslaught let loose terribly against the bank employees. Why political leaders are seen stressing their throat boasting at the top of their voice that ‘ see how best we are doing for the development and welfare of the people’. Is it that pensioners of State Bank of India and the aggrieved ones on account of their bread earner’s death can’t claim their rights as a citizen of the country?. They only cry and weep in the absence of any relief from any side. Compassionate appointment is the dire need of the first order but the issue is callously side tracked. Our question to the Government of India is whether they aim at seeing the retirees particularly those in the wrong side of their age gasping to death. Look ye Government of India and top executives of State Bank, you have no right to gamble with the life of SBI pensioners and the aggrieved claimants for compassionate appoints. The workforce involved has strength enough to fight a do or die battle and you are not allowed to behave yourself the way you are doing.

Pension case in Delhi High Court–date shifted to 14/9/2016:

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Based on the following information received from K R Saini the next date in Delhi High Court on pension issue is fixed up for 14th September’2016 as repeated below. This is besides the important news that are regularly published in the ‘NewsPage’ of this blog:




RELIST ON 14.09.2016.”

AUGUST 22,2016                                    SANJIV KHANNA JUSTICE