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Population growth, a menace worse than an explosive!

Population rate in India is growing by leaps and bounds with current figure being more than 120 crores human heads in the country, a three fold increase in what was obtaining in early 1940s when it was 40 crores only. Earlier China was on the top in this context, and now the lead is taken by India. Thanks to Sanjai Gandhi, who took a major initiative on this front in early 1970s bringing the population growth within control (artificial figures included), but there was an abrupt cut in its speed when there was a lot of hue and cry raised throughout the country against such a movement. This attempt on the part of Sanjai Gandhi proved to be a major setback for the Congress. Like it is said ‘once bitten twice shy’, Congress chose to withdraw completely from the campaign as such, rather it became more liberal on the population factor. As a result, population growth picked up more of a speed again culminating into a biggest ever figure as it stands today. The Government does look concerned about the explosive population situations, but they feel handicapped in initiating any stringent measures on that count for the fear that the adverse impact which was caused by Sanjai Gandhi’s campaign should not relapse with the result that whatever measures they are taking are soft ones with only stress on self awareness on the part of the people in general. General awareness is a vague area and it is hardly compatible with the populace in the country for the reason that they have suffered extreme sort of a subordination for several centuries in India in the hands of foreigners, invaders, aggressors from outside. May be it takes several decades, if not the centuries, for them to fully recover and resettle themselves to the mode of a conscious self awareness with necessary compatibility with the need of the hour. Self awareness apart, the other alternative is that the Government takes effective measures to implement result oriented programmes for curbing the population growth, which is possible only when there is a stable single party in power at the central level of the governance, and any possibility as such appears to be too remote for  the present.


Opting for more toilets than temples?

A man is known by the type of the choices he has, and this equally applies to Jairam Ramesh, Union Rural Development Minister, when he expresses more of his preference for toilets than temples in the country. For him, there is nothing unusual if he passes rigidly coarse a remark on some point or the other. He wanted to emphasize his mission on sanitation, but he lacked better words to say that there is much felt need of bigger number of toilets in the country from sanitary angle, instead his choice fell on temples for a comparison. It looks derogatory, not just from any religious angle alone, but more so from a descency point of view. Activists of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal protested the remark by staging an hour long dharna at his New Delhi residence the other day. Long back, the then another political stalwart, Kanshi Ram of Bahujan Samaj Party, passed the similar remarks eliciting a large scale protest throughout the country, not only from certain religious parties but by the people in general. An inference can well be drawn here from what Vivekanand, then an Indian missionary abroad, spoke. He said that what the world needs more is supply of food to  those who are hungry leading a life of misery and not the construction of temples, churches or mosques at a massive scale. He was correct in highlighting the help for the poor without ridiculing the religious places of worship. People in the current scenario occupying positions at the top in the country find it more feasible to promote themselves as messiahs of a particular mission to appease certain sections by ridiculing others than doing the same thing in a graceful order. As a responsible Minister in the Central set up of India, Jairam Ramesh, must withdraw the tone and tenor of his remarks failing which he deserves nothing but the wrath of the people in the country as a whole.

Corruption–no remedy in sight:

Talking volumes on corruption has no end. Talking continues, and so does corruption. People, the media, say every one, groans and grumbles taking a deep sigh of agony with utter chagrin on that count, but there is nothing happening, rather the situation is going from bad to worse. When Anna Hazare launched his movement against corruption first at Ramlila Grounds and later at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi, there appeared some ray of hope, but it was just short lived. Every thing almost collapsed thereafter. A failure of this type was indicated by me in one of my posts on the subject earlier titled as Anna Hazare’s movement and the doubts so expressed by me came true when Anna Hazare first tried to switch over to politics by forming a party for the purpose followed by his retraction. Anna’s team as a whole is confused and there is a large scale internal strife going on amongst its members with the result that the total movement is just bordering a collapse. The tussle between Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdeo over claiming supremacy on the movement was also the reason behind the entire struggle dwindling to zero point. Baba Ramdeo launched a parallel movement against black money parked in foreign country banks claiming its restoration to India, besides corruption. This was to show his strength on which front he succeeded to some extent, but result wise this too proved barren with people in general remaining only disillusioned and disappointed. Problem with Baba Ramdeo is that he is too ambitious a saint for supremacy and also too much in a hurry. The stubborn governmental machinery is all out to chase him to the last as a matter of revenge for the reason that he took cudgels to expose them on different counts one after the other.

The political parties without any exception are the ones who wouldn’t do any thing unless it directly serves their own interest. Many of them prefer to be called as messiahs of socialism, and if their own interest is involved, they have no hesitation in prescribing that if a cow can get pregnant, why not a bull too. Chances of recovery from this hell sort of a situation are only bleak unless some thing like a miracle occurs.



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Gopal Krishna Gokhale on politics–a mini story:

Gopal Krishna Gokhale is known to have been political guru (mentor) of Mahatma Gandhi. He was principal of Ferguson College at Pune. He resigned from the post as he had to join active politics. He was given a farewell and while addressing the gathering, he narrated to them a story. The story was that of a fisherman who loved and relished the sea waves so much. He used to roam on the sea waves going far off even in most adverse weather conditions. He enjoyed all this feeling himself lost into the very environment with a soothing pleasure and a sort of divine thrill. One day he thought as to why he should not take his family along with him in his journey of adventure to give them a feel of what he himself was enjoying. He had a plunge. Highly turbulent waves of the sea warned him not to risk the life of himself and also his family, but he was dead set to proceed further. He continued moving onward and even beyond that. There came a stage when all of them were engulfed by the high waves and they got lost into them for ever. Politics is like that only, said Gokhale, and he was plunging into it knowing fully well that by actively joining it, he was inviting only great troubles for him and his family besides losing his career as an educationist, but his inner self was stopping him from resisting the temptation.