Shylocks operating in the share market–Beware of them!

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There are common people who have to resort to share trading to supplement their source of sustentation but they are hardly ever aware that this option of theirs is leading them to a den of wild vultures, the brokers as they are called, as their prey. The modus operandi adopted by them in the matter of their accounts is so grotesque that no common man is able to decode the same in a legible term. They are dexterous enough to keep their statistical data just so clean on the surface that it is far beyond any comprehension by an outsider including share traders. The laymen as most of the traders are they just can’t afford to unfold the intricacies and all this taken in its totality it results into making a rich broker much richer at the cost of the traders. The bumper ads released by them are quite silky and the traders are normally prone to take them on their face value getting allured with the gimmics so played by them hoodwinking their customers like a pick pocket does. The problem is that the otherwise badly laden with anxiety and concern on involving their money in the gamble, the traders are hardly left with an alternative against such a ghastly loot on the part of the brokers. Their option is confined only to an alert and precaution to the extent they can afford in thoroughly checking their individual deals. They must apply due care with an eagle’s eye to save their investment against a well manoevred onslaught at the hands of the brokers.


This amounts to cheating!

images (1)There is a mushrooming growth of brokers in the share market of India and they are the ones fed fat on sucking the blood of the innocent traders in shares. They release silky ads to attract more and more of such traders projecting false images of theirs with plenty of offers and assurances to lure as bigger as possible a number of customers in their fold. Their greed for money is as big as a mountain bothering the least for the interest of the customers. They boast of offering new demat accounts fully operable within an hour but what follows after they receive the requisite money from the customers is raising flimsy and irrelevant grounds on delaying the proposal on some false pretext or the other as against finalising the same peremptorily. Dozens of the people come to me with the grievance of getting duped by such brokers and I am yet to make out a full fledged case for them to be taken up with the Government. In the meantime my advice to them is to generate necessary awareness in the masses to see that the traders in stocks keep themselves fully cautious and not fall into the brokers trap.


Money is the need for every one no doubt but it is also the cause number one for miseries engulfing big chunks of humans. Poor people are there in plenty in our county still but gone are the days when poverty was at the extreme for dearth of resources. Soaring prices continue to go up sky high. Whom to blame for this is a different matter but living standard of even a commonest possible person only gives an impression that it has really gone up much much bigger compared to what was there a few decades back.You go to a mall and see the huge crowd of buyers, you go to a restaurant there is no space available to sit any where. So is the situation in all cinema halls and worst it is in the case medicos who are earning lakhs of rupees for their service they give to their patients for which they spare only a couple of minutes. I have seen rickshapullers, masons, dhobees, maids no more going to medium lever doctors but the biggies who charge 400-500 rupees per patient and the queues continue on their clinic till mid night. One can see any where that a maid servant goes to the house where she works travelling to and fro by scooty, scooter or motor bike. It is their money besides others that is pumped in the market channels and that is the root of soaring prices. If such a scenario goes on unchecked, the country as a whole gets closure to a Doom’s day.

Gita in Urdu–Naghm-e-Ilahi:

An eternal source of knowledge and enlightenment, Srimadbhagwat Gita is now available in its new Urdu version named as Srimadbhagwat Gita (Naghm-e-Ilahi). There is hardly any language in which this masterpiece is not translated. The book is published by Gita Press, Gorakhpur, who were the pioneers in bringing out the first translated version in 1991 itself, and now it has been given more of originality in its essence and contents. It is in fact a historical event that Urdu lovers may now grasp its contents more feasibly. I know several people who know only Urdu language and are not at all conversant in Sanskrit in which the book is originally written, or even Hindi in which dozens of its translated versions are available in the market. There are many who claim that this epic was originally written in another ancient most language Pali. There are doubts whether this epic in its Urdu version could prove capable of conveying the real message in a tangible order in relation to its contents but the problem like this is not for Urdu alone and equally applies to all the languages in the world. Every language differs with the other so far as the very essence of original text is concerned. The move so initiated forms a history in itself the credit of which goes to Gita Press. They deserve all praise for the venture.

Poor MLAs–Do they really deserve sympathies?

Low paid as the poor MLAs in Uttar Pradesh are, they find it difficult to even offer a cup of tea to the visitors to them. This is what they are saying. They also claim that their statement as such has to be taken on its face value come as it does from them, the Manneeya Vidhayak. They are actually part timers in politics in their capacity as MLAs., as basically they are either farmers, business men, teachers are some thing else which sumptuously fetches to them an independent earning, besides drawing around Rs.50,000/ a month in their capacity as an MLA or MLC. They have now raised a  demand for increasing their salary as such. Based on their statement of income while filing their nominations during the last elections, Association For Democratic Reforms has submitted a detailed report which says that nearly 271 MLAs (67% of total) in the Uttar Pradesh government have their income as more than a crore of rupees and a large number of them have much more than that. They are running the government and as masters they are of whatever they survey they are free to fix up any amount as their salary and allowances for them, and this is an area where all of them unusually behave as good boys showing their unanimity on the issue. This is unfair and a sheer misuse of the system. The demand so raised is all in the name of soaring prices. The records show that the same thing already happened in the case of the Members of Parliament when they unanimously agreed in the House to raise their monthly emoluments to more than a lakh of rupees. If soaring prices could be a basis for them, why it can’t be applied to all drawing some salary or the other in the country as they are the ones most adversely affected on account of the soaring prices.

Why politics is a favourite topic for every writer?

Damn easy it is to talk about politics. Every body talks about it, it is a rickshaw puller or thelawalla, a business man or a salaried employee, a butcher or a sweet seller, a student or a teacher, all of them are capable of talking untiringly on this subject. It is not at all necessary for some body to be a scholar or a researcher to opt it for discussion. People take up some specific item for talks and when they exhaust or fall short of the material for the topic, they get down to politics. Writers or free lancers settle at talking of politics when they are unable to select some specific topic for the purpose out of exhaustion. The reason for all this is obviously the fact that if there is nothing to talk about, talk politics, as it is so handy.

This is all in a lighter vein on the face of the reality that politics does play most vital a role in every body’s routine life. A housewife has to talk about it as she is the one to suffer most on the front of soaring prices. A daily labour has a pinch in managing meals for him and his family on day today basis because he just can’t afford buying necessary food out of the limited amount he receives as his labour charges. Thanks to soaring prices again on this count too. A salary earner has the same difficulty, and so is the case of a poor student. In all practical terms, politics is something that concerns all categories in the society and they do have but to take up politics as a topic of their routine talks. For this very reason, the writers too, who are supposed to be the spokesmen of any society, find in it their favourite choice picking it up as a cogent material for their writings.