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The bird of wisdom:

Image result for beauty of birdsThe bird of health and wisdom, the owl, with catchy gaze as if the whole world is in its command.










Yoga -myths and realities:

Wide-Angle Seated Forward BendThe YOGA Vedic philosophy has all along been known for its complexities since ages, or say since hundreds of centuries, and is known so well for its qualitative values and result orientations with a richer orientation on fitness factor. As against different tough masculine discipline of direct physical exercises involving a more rigorous discipline of regimen, Yoga exercises are considered as simpler and easy to adopt maturing to an expertise but it is observed that many take it as a short cut to achieving a perfection which is nothing beyond what is utterly utopian. The traditional physical exercises lay more emphasis on reoriginating physical body fitness whereas Yoga aims at building up a sound spiritual fitness aimed at in a way towards divine pursuits which is far greater a goal. Yoga stresses more emphasis on energising the veins and not just the bones as against wrestlers mode of practice.


Money is the need for every one no doubt but it is also the cause number one for miseries engulfing big chunks of humans. Poor people are there in plenty in our county still but gone are the days when poverty was at the extreme for dearth of resources. Soaring prices continue to go up sky high. Whom to blame for this is a different matter but living standard of even a commonest possible person only gives an impression that it has really gone up much much bigger compared to what was there a few decades back.You go to a mall and see the huge crowd of buyers, you go to a restaurant there is no space available to sit any where. So is the situation in all cinema halls and worst it is in the case medicos who are earning lakhs of rupees for their service they give to their patients for which they spare only a couple of minutes. I have seen rickshapullers, masons, dhobees, maids no more going to medium lever doctors but the biggies who charge 400-500 rupees per patient and the queues continue on their clinic till mid night. One can see any where that a maid servant goes to the house where she works travelling to and fro by scooty, scooter or motor bike. It is their money besides others that is pumped in the market channels and that is the root of soaring prices. If such a scenario goes on unchecked, the country as a whole gets closure to a Doom’s day.

Blogging -Many a sips between cup and the lips:

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There are many who consider blogging as a job damn easy  performable in too cozy  a manner like moving fingers in the void air. It’s not. The exercise is too tedious a task that involves your mental faculties to remain alert all the time on your tenterhooks, you try to adhere to one particular point and in the meantime another one interrupts resulting into a confused state of thoughts and in the process the whole chain of proceeding onwards is lost halting at nullity. As a freelancer mine is too vast an area of work with their coverage on different blogs involving ten hours plus on an average every day on my laptop which is a quality brand but it too succumbs to pressure of work at times with continuous 7 days a week work and collapses obviously forcing me to wait till it is resuscitated. My readers might be thinking  that I didn’t care to meet their requisitions without realising my predicaments. At times there are several urgency based tasks while talking to the visitors and they override other schedules. The entire situation is virtually like many a sips between cup and the lips while trying to sort out which item on the agenda is to be taken up first. I happen to have most uneasy a time when my work remains unattended but I have to take it essentially as a part of tasks allotted to me which has but to be attended even if it costs me my health. My readers are my source of strength. “…work is worship”, said Wordsworth.


Alzheimer’s Disease – Progressive mental Deterioration

Yoga is not only a great ancient science but it is in fact a miracle to overcome as dreaded a disease as Alzheimer’s named after Dr. Alzheimer. Health conscious people all over the world must take advantage of it.

Journal Edge

Alzheimer’s is a disease that causes dementia. Alzheimer’s causes nerve cell death and tissue loss throughout the brain. The damage harms memory, speech, and comprehension. In most people with Alzheimer’s, symptoms first appear in their mid-60s. Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of dementia among older adults. Alzheimer’s disease is named after Dr. Alois Alzheimer, a German doctor. In 1906, In Alzheimer’s disease, brain cells start to deteriorate. The body attempts to stop this process by producing a protein called amyloid. However, amyloid deposits build up in the brain, leading to further deterioration. These deposits of amyloid are referred to as “plaques” and cause the brain cells to shrivel up and form “tangles”, which in turn lead to changes in the brain structure and cause the brain cells to die. The formation of plaques and tangles also prevents the production of some important brain chemicals, called neurotransmitters. Over time…

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A note of regret to my beloved readers:


There is nothing unusual for a person to fall sick and get incapacitated but in my case this time it was a recurrence that prolonged and that was the reason my posts on this blog had a large gap in releasing them within the requisite frequency. I am much better now but it may still take a little more time for me to resume my usual form. I am receiving a huge mail from the readers particularly in relation to pension issues and compassion based appointments. I am requesting Shri K R Saini, known well to the readers for his expertise on pension issues so referred to by the reders, to extend necessary disposal to the issues himself and also on my behalf till I am back to my form which may yet take 10 days or so. I regret the uneasy moments the readers had to undergo for quite a time all these days and still a period beyond that. I request them to bear with me.

On trade unions–a view

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An omnivorous reader and a super intellectual, James  Allen Allen ‘hirundine608’ is unfailingly a regular contributor to this blog through his important comments which are gone through by the readers with a sumptuous interest. His views, far or against the subject, are always without any bias or prejudice and expressed candidly. A believer in metaphysics, he hardly has any interest in trade unionism but spares his attention to any topic that is covered in this blog. Quite meaningful as it is, one of his comments on my post “Biting a loaf without teeth* is given below:


My family has always been union supporter, including myself. Yet the only real weapon that unions have, is withdrawal of labour. This weapon is pretty much useless, in the face of overwhelming population and machines.

The union officials, largely enjoy a tenured position. Which further decreases their popularity. What unions nowadays should be focussed on. Would be health and welfare of the members. For a happy worker is a productive worker. Proper pensions are always going to be an issue. Spending money on things that war, is never as profitable as a happy retired population. Who will spend money back into the economy.

The investment bankers look for always the profitable ways of increasing their wealth. Yet miss out on the stabilizing structures of society. They are in essence … short-sighted. They are a blot on society. Cheers Jamie.