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Advanced technology–a handy tool in perpetrating frauds:

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Frauds are no more a difficulty, they are rather more user friendly to the cheaters, thanks to the highly developed modern technology in the country. Neelramesh Neelakantan, a veteran on awareness issues and front runner in the movement on pension issues in State Bank of India. He published a story in facebook narrating his experience gained through a friend of his. The message so published is important to every body as it may happen with any one and from that point of view it acts as a warning signal to the advantage of a large number of people. The relevant portion of the message is reproduced below:

This is to caution my friends about door to door delivery scam, pls take a bit of time to read it: The message was sent to me by one of my friends
This scam is actually very cleverly worked out that you will not suspect of anything wrong:
The following is an account of the incident.
《Wednesday a week ago, I had a phone call from someone saying that he was from a company called: "Express Couriers," He asked if I was going to be home because there was a package for me that required a signature .
The caller said that the delivery would arrive at my home in roughly an hour. Sure enough, about an hour later, a uniformed delivery man turned up
with a parcel and a bottle of wine. I was very surprised since there was no special occasion, and I certainly didn’t expect anything like it. Intrigued, I inquired as to who the sender was.
The courier replied, "I don’t know, I’m only delivering the package."
Apparently, he said the sender would want to give you a surprise and a card would be sent separately… , it happened that my birthday was on the way also, so we thought could be from a distant friend. There was also a consignment note with the gift.
He then went on to explain that because the gift contained alcohol, there was a Rs 257.50 "delivery/ verification charge," providing proof that he had actually delivered the package to an adult (of legal drinking age), and not just left it on the doorstep where it could be stolen or taken by anyone, especially a minor.
This sounded logical and I offered to pay him cash. He then said that the
delivery company required payment to be by credit or debit card only, so
that everything is properly accounted for.
He added they also don’t carry cash to avoid loss or likely targets for
My wife, who by this time was standing beside me, pulled out her credit card, gave to him to swipe the card on a small mobile card machine with a small screen and keypad and asked to key in the verification code.
Frankly at this point we never suspected anything abnormal and a receipt was printed out and given to us, he then wished us good day and went off as normal,
To our horrible surprise, between Thursday and the following Monday, Rs 50,000 had been charged/withdrawn from our credit account at various ATM machines.
Apparently the "mobile credit card machine," which the delivery man carried had all the info necessary to create a "dummy" card with all our card details, of course with the verification code.
Upon finding out about the illegal transactions on our card, we immediately notified the bank to stop payment, but already too late.
We went to make a Police report, and was confirmed quite a number of households had been similarly hit.
WARNING: Be wary of accepting any "surprise gift or package," which you neither expected nor personally ordered, especially if it involves any kind of payment as a condition of receiving the gift or package. Also never accYuhept jI anything if you do not personally know or there is no proper
identification of who the sender is.
Above all, the only time you should give out any personal credit card information is when you yourself initiated the purchase or transaction!
PLEASE Pass this on, it may just prevent someone else from being swindled.


Isn’t it that disciplined readership of blogs is yet a rare community?

images (3)_thumbThere was a time when the choice of readers was confined to books alone and of course to news papers later and then icame blogs when computers emerged as a revolution in the current era with a magic wand to sort out a solution to any conceivable thought in the field of messaging followed by emergence of blogging as a great communicational tool. My association with the computers goes back to mid 1960s and with active blogging in the Ist decade of the current century. My fancy for it stretched to five blogs at a time daily on varying subjects mainly inclusive of human relation (HR). It was too tedious a job but I was able to manage all of them with requisite response from the readers all over the world. Currently my concentration is confined to two blogs only and that too with certain unavoidable gaps in their frequency of release from time to time. Readership of my blog ‘Avenues’ stands at present at close to 3 lakhs globally.

The strength of a blog is determined through it’s readers who form the backbone of it. This post is in no way a pointer to the readers and is simply aimed at sharing with them on what I have been experiencing in the field. They make a reference of some problem at their end seeking my advice and in case the subject is similar to the ones raised by several others, I release a composite post exclusively for the topic so referred. What actually follows is that several of them continue the same thing again and again without going through the relative post. There are many who simply ask ‘What happened’?, ‘Any development’?, ‘Please reply’, ‘Help me’, ‘Waiting for your answer’, etc. Such questions are without mentioning any head and tail of it in the absence of which it is just impossible to answer their queries leading them to conclude that I didn’t care for their question. Pension issue is a burning problem in State Bank of India in which context a case is pending with Delhi High Court10881486_1016309615062877_1718043244602304723_n_thumb and whatever is the progress or otherwise is reported on a specific Page in this blog NewsPage routinely by an exponent with scholarly pursuit on pension issues, KR Saini, apprising the readers of the latest update but many of them prefer to shoot a separate query like ‘What is the development?’ instead of bothering to refer to the NewsPage which tendency indicates that they only take the issue cursorily. Those who really feel serious about the dispute are supposed to go to the right site on the blog appreciating the efforts of the author who has embedded his heart and soul to the cause of the pensioners with his indefatigable spirits. It is also the need on the part of the readers/pensioners to associate themselves with whatever are the issues in a committed measure and not just an onlooker. Marching forward jointly is always likely to elicit the desired outcome.


Passing through the divine thrills:


Lost into memory lanes and engrossed into woven threads of imaginations in a pensive mode of mind with my eyes glued to an overstretched horizon, somewhere at a long distance I see a storm brewing, a storm transmitting currents to my otherwise awe fully inquisitive a heart, a heart twitchingly hankering for a  sublime sereneness of ecstasy emanating from the Divine. If wastages are written off the sum and substance of real life apparently so lived by an individual is in fact too little but this too little amount of time counts enormously if measured in terms of its quality, the divineness of thoughts. I remember number of such events –one of them being when I was on a visit to Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir) quite a long time back. This being a Sunday in between, a friend of mine and his wife prevailed upon me to accompany them on some sight seeing much yonder to Gulmarg. I had some back pain but did agree to join them. A little beyond Gulmarg I developed more of discomfort due to back ache and opted out to drop at a particular spot with enchantingly beautiful greeneries all around, a fall streaming with a royal grace in the mid of it. It was a forest area and both of my friends were reluctant to leave  me alone at otherwise a lonely place. I convinced them and they proceeded ahead with a word to return earliest possible even though total to and fro journey involved around 8 hours. After a brief strolling I sat by the site of the fall with an ocean of thoughts entering my mind feeling for a moment as if my mental faculties had some jerk undergoing a colossal change with a feel that I was entirely in a different world sumptuously lost into a tranquil calm and a divine ease. I was no more myself and the time was stopped for me making those moments an eternity. It was a sort of collapsing into nothingness and I actually failed to notice when my friends returned until they gave me a swift jerk. It was about 6 hours time I had spent alone in a divine lap with my friends away but had a feel as if I sat there for an eternity. It looked like regaining consciousness to realise that my friends were really back and that my staying there lasted around 6 hours. I feel like getting bestowed with a thrilling experience like this times and again as actually there lies the worth part of life.