A world without joints?


It’s a mirage in itself as to what the world as a whole is and what is the purpose which it stands for. Is there some God who created it or it just emerged at  its own with or without any massive volcanic eruptions devastatingly colluding with one another and the resultant mass was called the world. But authenticity part on this version is still sans an acceptable truth. What historians and anthropologists talk on the subject is all guess based. The role of the mythologists too has worsened the confusion in a form worse confounded.

We can of course talk about the real world of which we are the inhabitants, we can visibly see it, we can use it, we can share our views with one another candidly and frankly, and above all we can secure some little space somewhere as our own with plenty of ifs and buts to add or subtract from any where to any where. If it suits Jigar Moradabadi, an eminent Urdu poet he fumes and frowns saying “…na jaane kidhar se na jaane kidhar ko, azal se abad tak baha jaa raha hoon…”. As if it was not enough, Shakespeare finds the world as a whole suffering from loopholes and his Hamlet proclaims that he is the one born to set these disorders fixed. Hamlet cries with a shriek “The world is without joints and I am born to set it right”. The world continues the way it suits it and the critics have no pause against whatever they could at the maximum, say beyond a limit. We may have to keep ourselves contended that there are actually two worlds –one that we could never see and the other one that we could see with snags at every step.






Like every body wants every thing in the world they equally aspire, nay hanker, for an elevated recognition irrespective of the fact whether or not they are able to retain even their zero level. Why such fancies and of what advantages except a meaningless exposure for self?. A great Ram Leela used to take place in my Village at a large scale with a big fun fare and jointly with other boys I too used to be there all the days Ram Leela continued. It was all so interesting

The committee organised Raj Darbar with Raja Ram himself present there to listen to the grievances of the people. One Pandit ji appeared (see picture) and  after obeisance started narrating his problem like ‘I am fully conversant in several of the almost all the alphabets of Devnagari script and despite thatimages (17)no body calls me pandi ji’. Bhagwan Ram told him ‘don’t worry Pandit ji, go to the boys and when they look at  you tell them loudly ‘Look boys, don’t call me pandit ji, and they would instantly start calling you ‘’pandit ji, pandit ji, pandit ji”. The trick worked and the boys in the crowd of the venue itself continued repeating the spree till late in the mid night. This one is just a frugal instance but the very propensity of men and women to secure more, rather much more, recognition in different modes bordering a lusty hanker is a menace beyond repairs.


th (1)

As per the news flashed by the media, the ruling party BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) is all set to ban the Hindi Bhajans sung by the music legend Mohd. Rafi and several others in the film industry like Naushaad, Sahir Ludhianvi, Javed Akhtar, Shakeel Badayuni and a huge number of Muslim artists. The purpose? not legibly clear. But one thing is clear enough that the proposed list for the purpose begins with a Muslim artist and it ends too like that. The major chunk of Muslim populace in India have their faith in Ganga-Jamuni culture that recognizes both Hindus and Muslims totally at par without the least of any discrimination. The dialogues of the great epic Mahabharat, a maga TV serial in the past, were written by a muslim scholar, the top list of popular most Hindi bhajans were sung by Mod. Rafi with an astounding graph of popularity amongst the masses from all castes. Who can forget Hindu na banega na Musalmaan banega, Insaan ki aulad hai insaan banega:  Kab logey khabar morey Ram baree der bhayee: O duniya ke rakhwaley:  The shehnayee maestro Bismillah Khan once said to me ‘bhai mazhab ki baat to main karta nahin, main to itna jaanta hoon ki main Kashi ka niwasi aur Banaras sey kuchh lena dena nahin. Like that there are numerous instances quotable in volumes. If this contemplated  version of the news is really implemented, this is only unfortunate.

Pension issues in SBI–an expression:

pensionerMirza Ghalib was, like Keats in English, a poet of romance and had nothing to do with politics or governance but what he wrote impliedly or otherwise applies quite much to the people in general in their life on this earth. An unending wait for the verdict on grievance used to be a valid ground for punishment for delay so caused at the level of the Qazees, the then magistrates in olden times. Much above Paleolithic age, we are greatly civilised a society today claiming to be ultra modern but certain practices like those in Law appear to be not only outmoded but utterly out of date with thousands and thousands of the victims groaning with pain for an awful delay in timely delivering the requisite judgment –for example Pensioners case in State Bank of India where nothing could be done by the courts even after a lapse of decades. This is all brutally callous. Wait and wait till eternity is the scenario. The pangs of pain like Ghalib said as quoted below equally apply to the victim pensioners knowing no end. Possibly a maga revolution is the need:

आह को चाहिए एक उम्र असर होने तक

कौन जीता है तेरी ज़ुल्फ़ के सर होने तक। 

Route to divorce goes via gym too:

Society does undergo a change in course of time and it is changing fast currently. Clubs and gyms have mushroomed every where and a woman is no more confined to house hold activities alone –she is free in most of the cases to walk to some club or a gym of her choice selecting her partners in exercise the way she wants. Such a life pattern has been quite common globally in different developed countries now spreading its wings in a country like India, the country till now known well for its Vedic culture, a family based culture with a discipline. The new culture as it obtains now permits a free styled life hardly knowing any boundaries or limitations and all this is practiced in the name of neo culture. It is this style vagabondly kept in vogue that is responsible for a rupture in family relationship in the cases of many and it further results into disharmony and even divorce which has become feasibly a handy tool in relation to number of couples who otherwise had a healthy and well knit married life earlier. The gyms, says a report, are most popular an area where ladies from well to do families initially get familiar with their trainers ultimately leading to a close relationship including the sexual side. This, reiterates the report, leads to divorce in several cases ruining the otherwise normal husband and wife relationship. This is an aspect where the laws of the land are of no help and only a radical improvement at the level of the society can overcome the menace. The need is for the society to feel alerted and wake up.

Limit to dogmatism:

As per news in the media, the heads of a love couple were severed in Pakistan for the simple reason that they had their love marriage against the wishes of their family members. Pakistan is otherwise known well for discouraging love marriages. The heinous act was performed treacherously. The couple was invited by the girl’s father on the pretext of blessing them on the auspicious event. When they turned up both of them were tied to a tree with ropes beating them mercilessly followed by severing their heads by the girl’s father himself who had the grudge that his daughter had married a boy 15 years older to her who was 16 and that he belonged to a caste lower to his. Matter is being investigated by the local police. In an era of 21st century when there is a global competition on who emerges as the best in relation to a progressive and ultra modern a society, this episode is in an extreme contrast to all that. Where are the advocates of human rights? Are they all in a deep slumber? Most condemnable an act like this is a hard slap on the face of those who claim that they are on way to becoming most progressive a society in the world. Twenty first century is not supposed to tolerate a society riddled with rigidities of an outmoded dogma which has already outlived its life. An enlightened society is the one that knows respecting any consensual love and not ridicule it.

Poor MLAs–Do they really deserve sympathies?

Low paid as the poor MLAs in Uttar Pradesh are, they find it difficult to even offer a cup of tea to the visitors to them. This is what they are saying. They also claim that their statement as such has to be taken on its face value come as it does from them, the Manneeya Vidhayak. They are actually part timers in politics in their capacity as MLAs., as basically they are either farmers, business men, teachers are some thing else which sumptuously fetches to them an independent earning, besides drawing around Rs.50,000/ a month in their capacity as an MLA or MLC. They have now raised a  demand for increasing their salary as such. Based on their statement of income while filing their nominations during the last elections, Association For Democratic Reforms has submitted a detailed report which says that nearly 271 MLAs (67% of total) in the Uttar Pradesh government have their income as more than a crore of rupees and a large number of them have much more than that. They are running the government and as masters they are of whatever they survey they are free to fix up any amount as their salary and allowances for them, and this is an area where all of them unusually behave as good boys showing their unanimity on the issue. This is unfair and a sheer misuse of the system. The demand so raised is all in the name of soaring prices. The records show that the same thing already happened in the case of the Members of Parliament when they unanimously agreed in the House to raise their monthly emoluments to more than a lakh of rupees. If soaring prices could be a basis for them, why it can’t be applied to all drawing some salary or the other in the country as they are the ones most adversely affected on account of the soaring prices.

Hail the Chief of Ajmer Dargah:

Yes, the spiritual Head of Ajmer Dargah Sharif, Diwan Zainul Abedin Ali Khan, said a point blank no to receiving the Prime Minister of Pakistan on his visit to the Dargah for worship and obeisance. His statement was:

“I will not welcome the Pakistani Prime Minister (Raja Parvez Ashraf) during his visit here to protest against the beheading of Indian soldiers by Pakistani Army on LoC. The incident hurt Indians but their government is not understanding our sentiments, so I took the decision”.

He reiterated his view point saying further that “..the incident of beheading and brutal killing was highly condemnable and has hurt Indians. It is not only violation of human rights but is also against the Islamic law”. The local business men and the lawyers already took a decision to show black flags to the Pakistan Prime Minister, Parvez Ashraf, when he visits Ajmer. There is an all round protest in the offing against his visit as such mainly in view of the beheading and merciless killing of the Indian soldiers by the Army of Pakistan. In the wake if all this, the statement so made by the spiritual Head of Ajmer Dargah Sharif carries a big message of harmony and togetherness of different communities of the country. Diwan Zainul Abedin Ali Khan deserves all praise and laurels for his most patriotic an approach.

‘RapeMe’, says an Ad–What does it denote?

These are the days of massive publicity and that is what has become the key note theme for publicising different products. Vocabulary falls short of the required amount of stimulating words to attract the buyers to various commodities with the result that the dealers work full time to secure necessary provocative names from the very existing words. As if there is no limit to usage of vulgarly provocative language, there are the dealers always prepared to go to any length for the purpose of an aggressively suggestive propaganda. It happens many a times that you are engrossed in some serious work on line on your lap top and all of a sudden some ad flashes on the screen most unwantedly. I fell a victim to this and while perusing the contents of an important message I came across an ad appearing as ‘RapeMe’ to publicise a brand of girls shirts. I am sure there is no dearth of buyers of such a brand, mainly so from the side of the girls themselves, but what ridiculous sort of a message it carries with it, and to whom it is addressed. The whole country is concerned on the every day growing incidents of  rapes and gang rapes including New Delhi gang rape case which occurred only some time back. Most shocking is that the women, particularly girls, at times behave themselves most provocatively by using a suggestive dress in a wildest sort of a form like ‘RapeMe’ vividly written both on the front and back of their shirt. After all, dealers are not fools to manufacture a product to just keep it in their go downs, they know thoroughly well that the it has to elicit a tremendous response from the side of the girls. If the women themselves are not vigilant enough about their safety and security, any amount of efforts made by any forum, including very much the government itself, is bound to go a flop. A pointer like this is not aimed at talking against modernisation, it does warrant a due caution on the part of the women themselves. Those dealing in such products of highly a suggestive nature require to be banned.

Now another scandal in the name of copter deal!

India, thy name should be the country of scandals as there is hardly any amongst the developed world who could beat you on that count. Those born during Bofors scandal have become old enough now but the sequence of events related to it continues to be still fresh, and every now and then there is some news or the other to supplement it. There are yet events to supplant this scandal looking like a brand new version of much bigger a magnitude, for example the scandal of Copter deal. Defence Ministry of India appears to be a great hub of the things of this kind. The deal may be scrapped if there is any thing wrong in it, says Antony, the Defence Minister. This has possibly become an order of the day for the Indian Government to do or undo the things only when there is a big furore from the side of media and the public as a whole. If India loses its integrity like an individual does, is it restorable?, and if such a damage is of a recurring character taking place off and on, is it corrigible?. A deal of this very type was earlier rejected by the American President, Obama, on the ground that it was very costly and not commensurate with necessary quality for the purpose. How amazing?, what was rejected by America was found quite suitable by India. If necessary sequence on that count is taken in to consideration, India looks like an individual who has a taste for a stale food. Wake up India, wake up.