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Investments in wastages?

Image result for investing in wastagesThere are enormous wastages mainly in plastic field all over the world with USA on the top 109% and India at 28%. The ideal position in some direction could have been there by taking advantage of mammoth developments on a scientific front but it has not been done except to some limited extent. It has rather assumed another negative parlour of pilferage -a highly derogatory one with the modus operandi that certain calculated amount of wastage is added to the finished product raising quantitative side of it in turn increasing its volume and value. This very mode of the deal provides additional profit to the company which actually is not earned and is fake. This is an open dacoity and amounts to a large scale blackmail and it is unfortunate that the relative governmental channels refuse to take any notice of it. Where to go?. The house wives prepaing the eatables have to have extra deal in sorting the grains out taking care of direct food intake.


Bhikshu Dharm -Relevance?

Buddha.jpgThe very requisite commandment at the initial level to join Buddhism is to adopt Bhikshu Dharm to practice it where the aspirant takes a pledge to be a Bhikshu for his sustenance solely depending on Bhiksha (alms) going door to door for the purpose. The other rituals follow thereafter. Lord Buddha himself underwent through the process.The followers of Mahabir Swami too follow this ofcourse with different  modus operandi in different places.The major difference is that in Buddhism alms process is initiated by the follower concerned himself whereas in Mahabir Swami’s creed the bhaktas (devotees) organise a dinner inviting some Guru (preacher) to taste it and whomsoever is extended this favour he is granted membership to join the clan as a Bhikshu –the number could be anywhere from zero to 100 at a time or even more. Whichever food is okayed by the Guru is admitted into the fold as a Bhikshu. The practice is prospering well in both the clans for thousands of the years. The world has changed a lot and so are the religions but the question is whether or not this would continue further sticking to dogmas like this.Wish the pursuers all the best.



What is it they owe to the people?

They are Members of Parliament representing the people of the Country with a mandate to serve them adequately and honestly in all the  matters of welfare for a tenure of five years normally. It’s different matter that with the exception of a limited few the rest always are deeply prone to foster their own personal interests say their rise of salary at par with top beaurocrats on which count they raised all hue and cries on the floor of Parliament. They ultimately got it obviously at the cost of the public exchequer. As a result several other important sectors like Banking were ignored which trend still continues unabated. Initially there was nothing like a fixed salary but an allowance of Rs.2,500/ and that too was an optional feature differing from an MP to MP.

Culture abuse stands hyperbolised:

.Image result for cheerleadersIndia’s cultural image has been having a top rank reputation all over the world with the slogan “Yastu nariyastu poojyantey ramante tatra devta” (angels live where ladies are worshipped) and their status in the society attained much bigger a status and necessary campaign on this front brought glory with recognition sky high.Thanks to people like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Swami Vibekanand and several others who were the great pioneers on this count leading to tremendous upliftment of the women with capability to elicit respect and dignity in the society. Now that today’s status extended to the women folks warrant a hault as heading beyound this may just lead to big social disorder creating a chaos proportionate between males and females. Heading onwards beyond society girls culture is always like distorting and diminish their grace. Frailty thy name is Woman is what Shakespear quoted and dignity and honour attained is to be retained without hyperbolising the same.


Women Executives in Banks:

Image result for women executives in banksThe women empowerment started taking strides in independent India a few decades back, more so in Banking industry and it is increasingly gaining grounds day by day with their induction in almost all areas both in public and private undertakings with a requisite speed. It was in fact Swami Vibekanand who was the first Indian to play an ambassadorial role abroad promoting women empowerment while addressing the masses there as ‘Sisters and brothers’ as against the routine ritual then obtaining every where as ‘Brothers and sisters’. This remarkable utterance became a great tool in promoting and highlighting the significance at a great scale. Theirs is a major share in joining senior positions in different major Banks like State Bank of India and ICICI Bank where they occupy the most covetous a placement as their top executive level. Many take it as notional but the fact is the said incumbents are able to justify their role as such by working hard with competent managerial capability of a high quality. It is quite in tune with the Vedic culture of respect for women with the saying “…yatra nariyastu poojyantey ramantey tatra devta” (angels are present where ladies are respected/worshipped).

SBI -Chaotic working conditions:

Image result for chaotic working conditions in state bank of indiaThe premier banking organisation in the country State Bank of India has no  more a good health suffer as it does from many an anomalies on operation front and popularity amongst workforce itself and also the banking public, more so in its offices abroad. No any business organisation can afford flourishing if it is sans goodwill of the people in general and the working personnel in particular. Staff is deprived of any incentive for the last several years that counts and the issues like pensionary benefits including that of an improved pension to the retirees which is pending for a long time in different courts of Law and bilateral tiers. The honest handling of transactional virtue too is suffering from a colossal parameter and the dealings are no more above board. Commision aspect is talk of the town in all places with fishy deals. StImage result for chaotic working conditions in state bank of indiaaff shortage is a curse that has overgulped the avenues of a better service to the customers. Looks like this once called a giant bank of global significance is reduced to the status of a pigmy money lender. In the process the dignity of labour too is miserably lost. Working hours for all categories of the personnel which were brought into effect after several trade union leaders had to lay down their life to fetch this demand are badly mutilated forcing again an unlimited sort of working hours at all administrative offices and the branches. There is no replacement on retirements and deaths and the staff strength is getting reduced day by day with the result that the residual employees are overburdened with huge workload which again adversely affects the requisite attention to the important customers. If ‘it is never too late to mend’ is the adage, it is high time for the top management of the Bank to mend their overall modus operandi to repair and rejuvenate the system and style of working.


The workforce that matters:

Image result for workforce in indiaWhat counts  most in any undertaking, business, administeration or any work challenge, is the workforce but for which nothing moves. This was the most neglected channels, rather ignored to the point of nullity, humiliation and contempt for hundreds of centuries obliviously forelorne and discarded by the bully lords mainly inclusive of land lords who employed them against most neglible a payment, or no pament at all, as slaves slapping and beating them for no reason at all. Slaves no more now, they are civilians now and as good citizens of their country as any body belonging to it. Trade Union movement on the labour front is turned to a white collared one and they are able to compete with the people belonging to a sophiscated society. People owe their gratitude to those leaders of theirs in the past who laid down their life fighting for a better status for the working class.