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I have a deep fancy for blog themes and trying one after the other never knows an end. Technically this one has several improvements but my mind still continues hovering for a better one. I don’t know when such anxiety gets quenched. Readers liking is my primary concern and if they feel satisfied with it every thing is okay; if not, I may have to go for another one till such time I am able to lay my hands at the one that altogether matches my readers choice. I solicit their reaction.




New Theme: Karuna


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It’s Theme Thursday, and I’m excited to present a new free theme called Karuna!


Karuna WordPress Theme

Karuna, designed by Mel Choyce, is a clean business theme designed with health and wellness-focused sites in mind. With bright, bold colors, prominent featured images, a sleek responsive design, and support for customer testimonials, your business’ brand is sure to shine with Karuna.

Karuna, a Responsive WordPress Theme for Health and Wellness Businesses.

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hirundine608 commented on Monarchy Vs democracy:

James Allen

This blog is read by thousands of readers across the globe and they make their own comments on the relative topic in their own way agreeing or disagreeing with the author and such an exercise is interesting as it brings plus and minus together. At times I feel that the style and material provided by the different authors warrant a bigger publicity to the benefit and interest of the overall readership, hence reproduction of certain selected few. This time it is James Allen ‘Hirundine’ who as usual made a comment on my blog post ‘Monarchy Vs democracy’ dated 19th June’16 quite in brief and highly meaningful. I wish the readers go through it with interest. It is reproduced below:

Democracy little more than mob rule where 51% of the people take away the rights of the other 49%. T. Jeffereson.

Democracy can and is, manipulated. Monarchy is absurd. That people are born into wealth and land ownership, should not have the automatic right to govern others. Land ownership is also absurd. We are born into this world with fists tightly clenched and we exit with them wide-open.

Democracy is a method of counting votes, for a candidate. It does not guarantee freedom nor idividuality.
Cheers Jamie



A lot has been written by K R. Saini on the topic with the first line starting as above covering vital areas in relation to Pension Issues. This a running series 3 parts of which have already been published including one link on this blog and the 4th one is in the pipeline to be followed by a few more. The series is quite important from the view point of coverage of latest developments and retirees, the pensioners and the readers in general are earnestly called upon to peruse the contents as a whole of the series with the requisite attention. The remaining posts follow shortly.

Isn’t it that disciplined readership of blogs is yet a rare community?

images (3)_thumbThere was a time when the choice of readers was confined to books alone and of course to news papers later and then icame blogs when computers emerged as a revolution in the current era with a magic wand to sort out a solution to any conceivable thought in the field of messaging followed by emergence of blogging as a great communicational tool. My association with the computers goes back to mid 1960s and with active blogging in the Ist decade of the current century. My fancy for it stretched to five blogs at a time daily on varying subjects mainly inclusive of human relation (HR). It was too tedious a job but I was able to manage all of them with requisite response from the readers all over the world. Currently my concentration is confined to two blogs only and that too with certain unavoidable gaps in their frequency of release from time to time. Readership of my blog ‘Avenues’ stands at present at close to 3 lakhs globally.

The strength of a blog is determined through it’s readers who form the backbone of it. This post is in no way a pointer to the readers and is simply aimed at sharing with them on what I have been experiencing in the field. They make a reference of some problem at their end seeking my advice and in case the subject is similar to the ones raised by several others, I release a composite post exclusively for the topic so referred. What actually follows is that several of them continue the same thing again and again without going through the relative post. There are many who simply ask ‘What happened’?, ‘Any development’?, ‘Please reply’, ‘Help me’, ‘Waiting for your answer’, etc. Such questions are without mentioning any head and tail of it in the absence of which it is just impossible to answer their queries leading them to conclude that I didn’t care for their question. Pension issue is a burning problem in State Bank of India in which context a case is pending with Delhi High Court10881486_1016309615062877_1718043244602304723_n_thumb and whatever is the progress or otherwise is reported on a specific Page in this blog NewsPage routinely by an exponent with scholarly pursuit on pension issues, KR Saini, apprising the readers of the latest update but many of them prefer to shoot a separate query like ‘What is the development?’ instead of bothering to refer to the NewsPage which tendency indicates that they only take the issue cursorily. Those who really feel serious about the dispute are supposed to go to the right site on the blog appreciating the efforts of the author who has embedded his heart and soul to the cause of the pensioners with his indefatigable spirits. It is also the need on the part of the readers/pensioners to associate themselves with whatever are the issues in a committed measure and not just an onlooker. Marching forward jointly is always likely to elicit the desired outcome.

An unusual gap in releasing posts:


Yes, this was most unusual a gap in publishing necessary posts on this blog for too big a gap of three  week’s time after I started it in 2007 for the reason that I got confronted with certain eye related problems coupled with some seasonal ailments. It appears as if some one like my friend, philosopher and a guide has gone awry against me. It’s easy to have some compromise with other ailments but not those related to eyes, more so when it concerns the people who are computer maniacs like me too with ten hours a day on my laptop incessantly. I express my regrets to my readers on this count. I am somewhat better now and taking a plunge against odds to resume my routine tasks to secure release of posts on this blog every alternate day in the usual manner. I feel enriched with the warmth of love and affection showered on me in plenty by my beloved readers with the message of ‘Get well soon’ in a sumptuous measure. Spring up as it does from the very core of my heart, I offer them all my humble thanks in most sincere a measure.

Communication with invisibles:

All channels of social media are centred around those who remain invisible round the clock and so is blogging where conversation between the blogger and the readers is always limited to a form beyond any physical access between one another without any face to face contact. This is a peculiar relationship in the sense that every communicational transaction takes place online without the parties concerned physically knowing each other. Silence is gold, it is said, as against speech known as silver but the very silence factor referred to in the adage invariably doesn’t rule out physical presence of the partners concerned which element remains crippled totally in online talks or communications. A blogger too has normally to deal with the people other side as as invisible an entity as the reader himself/ herself with both the sides physically remaining poles apart with each other. No go as this is how the online world is built up. People use skype as a weapon to remedy the distance between the blogger and the reader but that factually acts as an exchange of merely pictures only and that doesn’t form a replacement to real physical contact between the talkers. Bloggers and readers both have to feel contented by typing words  as an exchange of their expressions online only and there lies their limit.

A respite to my valued readers:


Yes, it is respite in the sense that I have since reduced my frequency of releasing the routine posts of this blog from daily to alternate days basis and the same pattern is extended to the posts on my other blogs. Not all but there could be many who may experience some respite against otherwise an ordeal sort of reading material, a voluminous one in quick succession. Since this change is in practice for the last two weeks I have already received some feedbacks from a few of the readers who didn’t at all relish it, they rather said that they in fact expected more and the slash on frequency didn’t match their taste. Their number is not that big and I still feel that majority of them could have preferred this relaxed mode of reading material. This is actually also in tune with what was suggested to me by my great well wisher and sympathiser James Allen ‘hirundine’ known well for his meticulous reading duly followed by his candid observations on top to bottom of the topic. He is the one who doesn’t spare even me if there is some slightest possible error in the text of the post. His advice was to allow some gap in between the two posts of course not as any strategy but as a matter of my convenience realising in sincerity that I had to put in much hard a labour in pursuing my posts on a daily routine. I hope the change suits my valued readers by and large.

Beauty of small things:

It’s no news worth wasting any space and something too trivial to draw the attention of the readers but does count to quite  some extent from the view point of a get up compatible to viewers taste and fancy. A blogger too needs a platform capable of the requisite manifestation consonant to his ideas and thought process. Scribbling on a rough pad and writing something on a paper that is neat and clean are two different things –one is not capable of generating any ideas to writer’s mind but the other one is. So applies to blogging where an inspiration laden template matters a lot for the one who blogs as against awe fully yawning gaps in a design with unruly scattered style of letters gasping for their methodical placement. I have been trying different templates in a big number now settling down with this one wishing some patience to myself to stop here at least for some time to come. My great sympathiser and my mentor in a way in the field of blogging James Allen ‘hirundine’ always prefers a space savy template and this one takes care of it. This one is in fact my old favourite which I have rebuilt with some modifications. My blog displays ads from WordPress to which all the templates are not compatible but this one does it. For the commenters too this is quite user friendly. Hopefully this is to match the taste of my valued readership whose reaction in the matter is solicited through this post.

This blog has a change in design:

Not a big news but after all it concerns my routine blog posts. With a view to secure a look that is compatible to readers liking with a distinctly feasible reading I have been trying to change the look and design of my blog Avenues, the one revived only recently. The template now adopted for the purpose is a bold one with a robust get up and look. It provides plenty of space with the other features like Menu (a list of Pages) and widgets being available just on a small click on the relative buttons on the top. Hopefully this may elicit the liking of the readers; if yes, it can continue to remain in use. Alternatively the earlier template can be revived or the other one can be selected. Your reaction in the matter shall be of guidance to me for the needful.