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If the clouds had a tongue to speak?

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A word on the now current theme of this blog:

It is now for quite some time that this very theme is used and there have been quite a number of errors pointed by the readers. We have many ones set them in order but many of the remaining lot are yet to be set to order which job is still to be attended to that  may take a few more days. In fact mistakes are not of a  major type which are just trifling but they certainly mar operational beauty and look which, as I feel, causes irritation, hence setting is more important than correction. Our efforts are to ameliorate the blog in its function and look both. All the best to our beloved readers and a very very HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

Share not what is not sharable:


Mirabai was a sadhavi and much more than that she was an exquisite beauty to which many a royals envied. King Akbar hankered to see her and it was arranged with Taansen as a go between. Both of them made it to reach Mirabai’s temple in her royal palace in disguise and it was at the very first sight of her glittering face that stunned King Akbar and Taansen both like they felt swooning. King Akbar without disclosing her real identity did a pranaam to her and requested with folded hands to give him some aashirvaad to which she responded saying ‘never believe persons in disguise as they are the ones who can cheat you and never share your thoughts with unscrupulous and unsharable characters’.

“Love is great, love is Divine”–an addendum:

images (10)This follows it’s very predecessor post nearly in the same name as an addendum being a comment as from R.S. Pandey, a versatile writer. It’s not confined to a mere comment but has fully assumed the characteristic of a full fledged write-up dealing with the relative theme philosophically like Annie Besant did while writing on Mira Bai. It is reproduced here:

Sir, the subject of the post – Love – has been fiercely discussed and debated from the times immemorial. The worldly as well as divine references to love have been made by the people, yet even to date, it remains one of the most confusing and misunderstood(?) term. The bonding between two creatures with contrasting characters as shown in the post which may be love, probably is the feeling of absence of fear and insecurity which might have got generated by their habitation in an atmosphere where they are cared as pets sans any violence. The feeling of mercy and compassion are there in even cruel and omnivorous beings, when it comes to taking care of their kids. The love which, in general parlance, is often equated with longing of varying nature, depending upon the context and relation, is considered of a mean nature when related to worldly relations but when related to a deity or God for that matter is considered a pious one. This piousness or otherwise of love, although being a relative phenomenon, is the real cause of confusion. When a term when associated with the so called divine is good, how it becomes bad when associated with worldly relations? After all, relations are but result of the creation of the He. The desire, both for worldly as well as divine attainments (even for sake of Moksha) are desires; how they can be classified along different parameters for which essentially the concerned person may or may not be responsible (often not)?

Sir, may be I have dared to tread in an area of which I have no insight and have no qualification or ability at all. But, as it seems to me, these are very perplexing ideas and notions which are not discussed and debated in public domain. The so called gurus try to have their own view point digested with no questions from other side. Raising questions is taken as being misbeliever or the one with no respect for gurus (the preachers who claim to be able and learned ones).

If this coincidence can give some solution to my problem, I shall be greatly obliged, although already and always so. However, seeking forgiveness for misadventure. Regards.

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A thing of beauty…..

While in America Swami Ramteerth of India was passing through a city street and all of a sudden he stopped with his eyes glued to the face of a beautiful woman  standing on the terrace of her house. A passerby interrupted him asking ‘what is wrong with you’ to which he replied saying ‘I was wondering if this woman is that beautiful to force my attention to her, how beautiful might be the God who created a human like her’. The man who interrupted him felt terribly inspired and became his disciple. Beauty is of course a great divine factor and this is how Keats felt when he said ‘A thing of beauty is a joy for ever’.


Beauty of small things:

It’s no news worth wasting any space and something too trivial to draw the attention of the readers but does count to quite  some extent from the view point of a get up compatible to viewers taste and fancy. A blogger too needs a platform capable of the requisite manifestation consonant to his ideas and thought process. Scribbling on a rough pad and writing something on a paper that is neat and clean are two different things –one is not capable of generating any ideas to writer’s mind but the other one is. So applies to blogging where an inspiration laden template matters a lot for the one who blogs as against awe fully yawning gaps in a design with unruly scattered style of letters gasping for their methodical placement. I have been trying different templates in a big number now settling down with this one wishing some patience to myself to stop here at least for some time to come. My great sympathiser and my mentor in a way in the field of blogging James Allen ‘hirundine’ always prefers a space savy template and this one takes care of it. This one is in fact my old favourite which I have rebuilt with some modifications. My blog displays ads from WordPress to which all the templates are not compatible but this one does it. For the commenters too this is quite user friendly. Hopefully this is to match the taste of my valued readership whose reaction in the matter is solicited through this post.