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yoga at ease:

Image result for yoga at easeMany a people feel that Yoga is too tedious a task to practice and doubly cumbersome an exercise.It is not so.There are hundreds of modes to practice. There are numerous postures to select by the enthusiasts. The choice lies with the practitioners and they are supposed to select the mode that fits them. You can draw your plans compatible to your body system and capacity or else you can innovate  your own choice and apply the same to it. like how do you sit, how do you get up, how do you sleep and how do you bend and walk. All this adopted to your system every step delivers results. Sleep well with preceded by frugal dinner. Get up early and walk lightly say for 15 minutes before going to bed. A detailed modus operandi follows separately on this blog.

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A potential war -hazards:

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War is a factor that can’t be ruled out any where in any part of the globe any time even in the apparent absence of any symptoms in the direction as this is how the world has lived for millions of a century -those who won the battle became Raja or Maharaja and the ones who lost had to live as a praja (public) with cycle running in the same measure till date in all continents and countries even whenever it was strategically warranted new country or countries were created to accommodate the gymnasts in politics. History is the witness with examples being that of Pakistan and Bangladesh. There are already undercurrents for more of the regions or countries currently in a subdued tenor when the global scenario is viewed as such. A war, if it so occurs anywhere in any region of the world, may result into what a ghastly scenario and havoc can well be imagined by any one with the index of history and viewed from that angle none could really be for it as with the present day nuclear war equipments available almost everywhere it has to be turned to a Dooms Day with a total devastation of the  mankind on earth. Mercenaries apart, any one would hardly ever opt for it

Yoga -myths and realities:

Wide-Angle Seated Forward BendThe YOGA Vedic philosophy has all along been known for its complexities since ages, or say since hundreds of centuries, and is known so well for its qualitative values and result orientations with a richer orientation on fitness factor. As against different tough masculine discipline of direct physical exercises involving a more rigorous discipline of regimen, Yoga exercises are considered as simpler and easy to adopt maturing to an expertise but it is observed that many take it as a short cut to achieving a perfection which is nothing beyond what is utterly utopian. The traditional physical exercises lay more emphasis on reoriginating physical body fitness whereas Yoga aims at building up a sound spiritual fitness aimed at in a way towards divine pursuits which is far greater a goal. Yoga stresses more emphasis on energising the veins and not just the bones as against wrestlers mode of practice.

The real India is here?

india image‘There is no time to stay and stare”, said Lord Kipling and that’s because of every day growing population of India which the country is just facing and may be it grows worse in days to com. In our puraans (epics) there is already a warning signal that some day India may collapse because of awefully overpopulous a country with the Earth unable to bear the burden. Some brand it as something catastrophic and there are some who smell a Doom’s Day in it. Possibly it is the time for India to fall in line with China who brought certain legislations to curb this menace of overpopulation.

Leading the life of a recluse?

Truth is this, rather an eternal truth, that none bothers about the other ones and the question is why should they? And the question is why something for nothing? And yet the question resounds in the air why any tussle on that count or why any hue and cry for the purpose? Monkeys have an inherant propensity to kill their inmates if some one of them is fatally sick. Nothing wrong; it is aimed at rescueing the victim against tortuousmost an agony of pain. Humans too virtually fall in line with monkeys as a matter of cause. Socrates, a great thinker and philosopher, was poisoned by his own disciples including Aristotle, the most confidant follower of his. Lord Buddha had more or less the same fate and when his chief disciples Sariputra and Maudgalyayan rushed to him in his last moments he advised both of them too to follow the suit. Swami Shraddhanand was given samaadhi by his followers against his will and the story is unending. What pervades triumphantly in a masculine measure is the Immanent Will and one has but to succumb to it.

Obstructing the chain of thoughts:

Milky_Way_galaxy_sun05space3Engrossed in your work with a pensive thought it’s a tumultuous jolt to you if you get confronted with some hurdle or the other in the form of an obstacle. It is so annoying and irritating as if you had to incur a heavy loss with your mental faculties going astray like dry leaves wantonly flying helter skelter melting in the dust. Such a phase of life is like a Samadhi where one enters a circumference bordering unconsciousness bereft of any thing sordid. Any mode of thought process, a Divine mode or some business pursuits, none likes to be detracted to noise and uneasy utterances sans a normality. A chain of thoughts with Divine orientation or some business perception hardly tolerates hoarse voices in their close vicinity –the reason being a deep chain of thoughts never tolerates even a minor intrusion to their pursuit  and that is what is denotative of the kind of what a person thinks –it could be Divine, it could be sordid too.

Back to squire one:

This is small story from the Vedic era describing about a cobbler who wanted to be better placed in his next birth and accordingly prayed at Bhairoghat temple near Dashaswamedh ghat close to the Ganges river. This temple is mythologically known for granting the worshippers the type of birth they wanted when they are born next time. One day the cobbler went to the temple with the resolve to return only after the Deity consents to his wish. He prayed in a sequence asking for a king in his next birth but withdrew it on the thought that king’s life is very risky and his life is always in danger. Like that imageshe  made a request to become the king’s Prime Minister but that too he himself turned down on the pretext that every Prime Minister is supposed to be a chamcha to the boss the king. Then he opted for a tiger but that too was dropped by him realising that some day an elephant may crush him to death using his heavy legs and the trunk. Like this he continued requesting for dozens of the choices but was unable to stick to one out of his list. In the end he had no option but to request the Deity after obeisance to allow him to take birth as a cobbler only and it is from this point onwards that the saying “Banda mochi ka mochi” did emerge. Any live being has the same discipline to follow and it is only utterly foolish to hanker for the fancy of different genres.This applies to all live beings uniformly with no discriminations of any kind