Obstructing the chain of thoughts:

Milky_Way_galaxy_sun05space3Engrossed in your work with a pensive thought it’s a tumultuous jolt to you if you get confronted with some hurdle or the other in the form of an obstacle. It is so annoying and irritating as if you had to incur a heavy loss with your mental faculties going astray like dry leaves wantonly flying helter skelter melting in the dust. Such a phase of life is like a Samadhi where one enters a circumference bordering unconsciousness bereft of any thing sordid. Any mode of thought process, a Divine mode or some business pursuits, none likes to be detracted to noise and uneasy utterances sans a normality. A chain of thoughts with Divine orientation or some business perception hardly tolerates hoarse voices in their close vicinity –the reason being a deep chain of thoughts never tolerates even a minor intrusion to their pursuit  and that is what is denotative of the kind of what a person thinks –it could be Divine, it could be sordid too.


Back to squire one:

This is small story from the Vedic era describing about a cobbler who wanted to be better placed in his next birth and accordingly prayed at Bhairoghat temple near Dashaswamedh ghat close to the Ganges river. This temple is mythologically known for granting the worshippers the type of birth they wanted when they are born next time. One day the cobbler went to the temple with the resolve to return only after the Deity consents to his wish. He prayed in a sequence asking for a king in his next birth but withdrew it on the thought that king’s life is very risky and his life is always in danger. Like that imageshe  made a request to become the king’s Prime Minister but that too he himself turned down on the pretext that every Prime Minister is supposed to be a chamcha to the boss the king. Then he opted for a tiger but that too was dropped by him realising that some day an elephant may crush him to death using his heavy legs and the trunk. Like this he continued requesting for dozens of the choices but was unable to stick to one out of his list. In the end he had no option but to request the Deity after obeisance to allow him to take birth as a cobbler only and it is from this point onwards that the saying “Banda mochi ka mochi” did emerge. Any live being has the same discipline to follow and it is only utterly foolish to hanker for the fancy of different genres.This applies to all live beings uniformly with no discriminations of any kind


All are angels here and no trace of a man:

images-21 A friend poet of mine once recited a Urdu poem to me a part of which reads like this:‘Hain sabhi yahan farishthey koi aadmi nahin hai’ (….all those present here in the mehfil are angels only as they are all sans a heart. Humans are identified as such as they could possess a heart to communicate, love, share and mutually exchange their feelings with one another and they take every thing to themselves both mentally as well as physically enjoying life which arena is denied to angels. Great poetess Mahadevi Verma aptly said “Rahney do hey Dev hamara marney jeeney ka adhikar”. Life is to live and not to let it go a sheer waste.


The role of language in expressions:

Think of the times when there was no language on earth and it was only much there after that people started talking amongst themselves with the language they themselves developed. Today there are thousands of the languages all over the world.Every language has its own personality. It’s language that regulates any theme. There is something called ‘speechless’, the word that became more popular after Shakespeare used it in ‘Merchant of Venice’ while describing how Lady Portia (Professor Balthasar) talked to Basanio, her love using gestures and miens to communicate the messages. But think of exchanging messages without words- they are actually bald ones without much of tangibility and substance in them. Whatever be the theme of the talks or the messages, it is some language or the other used as a powerful tool for expressions. I am never for isolating some particular language against another as in my view each language is bountifully rich both in vocabulary as well as oral expressions. Let there be nothing sort of discrimination between language and the other language.


The root cause of troubles?


Here, there and every where, there are troubles and troubles with no limit causing problems not only to the humans but equally any live being on the globe. This has been a topmost item on agenda of great intellectuals knowing fully well that this runs in association with the eternity that has no end. Count Leo Tolstoy, the great writer and author of ‘Anna Kerenina’, a novel recognised as one of the ten best novels in the world. The book is based on a love theme remotely indicating reflections of his own married life. He opined on a topic “Why there is trouble in the world” mentioning that it is ‘Love’ that is the root cause of troubles every where and he stuck to observation as such all his life. His version could be correct if not fully at least partly as there have been other people who too frugally endorsed him saying ‘…..’Is jahaan me teen saarey khurafaat ki jad hain –zar, zan, jamein’  (three things –money, woman and land are in the root of every trouble). The whole theme like this is an eternal matter and it is the one that would continue till the universe ends. Humans can satisfy themselves by talking amongst themselves but none can go beyond that.


When your laptop doesn’t behave itself?



Imagine you are in the midway of typing out your thoughts fully engrossed on your theme and all of a sudden it goes berserk with an spree of errors awe fully spoiling your work shattering your thought process with the result that the very script is totally spoiled. In my case I take the situation as terribly excruciating and more so when necessary repairs are not readily available. Highly puzzled I get upset and the thought process I had built up in my mind on the relative theme goes diminishing. Mind is not a device to store the action points and themes beyond a certain limited frame. There is no big a purpose in elaborating the topic except that of sharing even a trivial most anxiety with my beloved readers. Happy Diwali.

Relevance of media channels:

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In a supersonic age like it is there every thing stands transparently visible, nay exposed, to a naked eye with certain areas much more exceedingly making it difficult at times to differentiate between truth, half truth and an utter lie. Some child throws a pebble in a water pool and reporters from some press or the other are there to cover the news as if there is a bomb blast and the funniest part of it is when a camera man comes across a drowning person asking him as to how he takes the catastrophic event. Ganga barrage in Kanpur (U.P.) is a common sight for such eventualities. No doubt these channels have great role to play in building up the nation providing requisite. health to it in relation to development and overall growth of the country. Facebook sponsorers claim it to be a revolution in itself followed by Twitter. Yes, credit certainly goes to them to broaden much feasible a spectrum of  conversational value facilitating quite smooth a  platform where point to point contacts are just so easy and handy. But it is not that the great plus factors like these don’t suffer from colossal minuses much worse than media in general including news papers and periodical magazines resort to. Most of the print space goes to ads at the cost of the readers. If you are facebook enthusiast, it forms a task for you to get to the relative message straight, you may rather have to run between good morning, good evening, shubh ratri and the like. I wonder as to how people are able to spare hours of precious time in searching this thing and that and how it is that the users don’t keep it for other tasks, positive and with intrinsic worth. If some one goes for updating his/ her photograph in the face book, there is a huge number of people  to recognise the same as if it is a very big event concerning the whole world. No doubt social media is most powerful a tool to promote a climate for people to get closure to each other forming a strong society in in a bigger measure leading requisite missions.