The role of language in expressions:

Think of the times when there was no language on earth and it was only much there after that people started talking amongst themselves with the language they themselves developed. Today there are thousands of the languages all over the world.Every language has its own personality. It’s language that regulates any theme. There is something called ‘speechless’, the word that became more popular after Shakespeare used it in ‘Merchant of Venice’ while describing how Lady Portia (Professor Balthasar) talked to Basanio, her love using gestures and miens to communicate the messages. But think of exchanging messages without words- they are actually bald ones without much of tangibility and substance in them. Whatever be the theme of the talks or the messages, it is some language or the other used as a powerful tool for expressions. I am never for isolating some particular language against another as in my view each language is bountifully rich both in vocabulary as well as oral expressions. Let there be nothing sort of discrimination between language and the other language.



Moving aside–nay, it could be an art of living:

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If I remember correctly, it was Sahir Ludhianvi who penned this couplet in most magnified a measure touching delicate turns of life more  or less in every body’s case. In a way this is the best compromise which a person may have to work upon as a remedy with grace:

वह अफ़साना जिसे अंजाम तक लाना न हो मुमकिन

उसे एक खूबसूरत मोड़ देकर छोड़ना अच्छा। 

(If you are on a mission but get  confronted with maladies making your task a miserable one in the midway, better it would be for you to drop it with grace).

Such an approach is not to be construed as an escapism which is just contrary to the very spirit of the message conveyed through the above quote. This can well be read in conjunction with what Lord Krishna heralded in Bhagwat Gita –Karmanne vadhikaristey ma phalesh kadachinam – an interpretation of which confirms that one need not stick to the ditch in pursuance of his goal, it is rather more graceful for him to call it a day.

What do you promise me?


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Has anybody ever talked to you about the sleeping giant in you?

There is a sleeping giant in you. There is a sleeping giant in each and every one of us waiting for us to wake it up and let it move mountains for us.

Take me for my word.

When you look at the marvels that people do in the world,  like going to the moon, flying into space, diving to the bottom of the seas and oceans, the marvels of modern information technology and other marvels, what comes to you mind? There is no doubt in my mind that great is the human mind; and that my creator created me for marvelous things.

I will not sell myself short. I am learning fast to make this a great blog.From its second year, beginning August 14, 2015, it will take a different dimension that will take it to the…

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Too little an amount of life to live:

Like it applies to every object on this earth, a life too is subject to depreciation, discount, wear and tear, bad debts and wastages with hardly a little amount of it left to live and that too on moment to moment basis. Jeevem Sharda Shatam (wish to live a life of hundred years) is the Vedic saying but it practically boils down only to a too little percentage of it if indispositions, ailments, bottom low forms, cloudy moods, desperate moments, depressive tendencies, moroseness and too week levels of mental faculties are reduced out of it. Only lucky few ones are able to make it in full measure after certain essentially inevitable cuts. There are persons trying their best to console themselves like a close friend of mine and a poet of repute Awadhesh Pandey penned his otherwise quite well received a poem a part of which reads like this:

सच बोलूंगा सत्य कहूँगा

गीता की सौगंध कहूँगा

जिसको मरना हो मरे

किन्तु मैं नहीं मरूंगा।

(Death doesn’t concern me and this I say as a truth with faith. I am not afraid of death and it is for them to adore it who fear it as such)

This is so bold an expression capable of inspiring the people on earth and appears strong enough to prove life meaningfully worth it of course as against the very fact that the amount of a well meant aspired life at our disposal is too short.

Delighting in the Faults of Others

Delighting in the faults of others is a vice and needs self introspection.


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We have a little spite inside of us, and no matter how bad things get, we all have a little compassion, too. It is when we allow this spite to take over our inherent human natures that we find ourselves in a bad position regarding other people. It is always best to be on friendly terms with everyone rather than being in a community of people around whom you always have to be watchful.

Workplace drug testing is part of our positive connection with the business community. When we allow our employees to abuse substances while on the jobsite, we are not only liable for any accidents which may occur, but we are also affected by how our employees interact with the business community around us. If a worker who is high offends a customer, or a drunk employee ticks off a client, then we would have…

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A bond of affinity with the invisibles!

How very typical it is to get intimated with the persons physically invisible and that too at a big distance geographically. I don’t know a person living at the other end of the globe, or even within my own country at a far off the place. Thanks to the blogging platform which brings variety of people together online, but such a peculiar phenomenon is the one that remains quite invisible. Their ‘Likes’ and faithfully made comments are denotative of the factor that they do like me otherwise what a hell they have to waste their time and energy for me and my work. I too like them, some of them much more, yet some of them so closely and personally. People known to me closely in person are just a few and far between, rest of them accessible not an inch beyond a mental mapping. Looks like the house hold stories meant for the children – there was a king, there was a queen, there was a prince, there was a princess, and all this coupled with fairy tales. At times I feel like I am dealing with imaginary figures sans any physical shape, but then I correct myself saying ‘no, they are very much there quite in an earthly existence with the difference that they are not visible except beyond their icons in the blog, mine or theirs’.

Indian philosophy prescribes that even the Creator of the Universe is Nirankar (nirakaar), and it is for the people to practice seeing even some humans in that form through dhyanyoga. Possibly the bloggers too in their turn may have to resort to such an alternative to experience their love for each other satisfying their urge for an element of kinship.

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Why not behave yourself ?

‘The world is without joints’ as said Shakespeare in his ‘Hamlet’, and it was like this only when it came into existence, and has to remain as such during all the time the eternity consumes. Grievance against whom?. Me alone one side with the world as a whole at the other end. People don’t behave the way I want, or the way you want. What  to do?. Do whatever you like, the world is not going to incur any change in its behaviour simply to match your mood and convenience. You might be a business man with a thinking that your other dealers are dishonest. Did you ever notice that you yourself are like that?. You could be a boss nurturing a malice that your junior is not performing well the duties so allocated to him. Did you ever realise that you too are lagging much behind in discharging your responsibilities in the required measure. There is a small story running like this:

There was a boy consuming too much of jaggery with the result that it caused a regular disorder to his stomach and his parents remained upset on that count all the time. As a last resort, they took the boy to their family priest, whose word was considered to be the last and final in every matter in the family, humbly requesting a remedy to this. The priest told them to see him again after a fortnight for the purpose. They returned to him along with the boy as advised. The priest told the boy ‘Look, too much of jaggery intake is very harmful for health, stop it or just take a very little amount of it’. The parents were shocked and humbly requested the priest to tell them why it was not possible for him to give the same advice a fortnight back. The priest replied ‘…my problem was that at that time I myself was used to taking too much of jaggery, and how could I give an advice on an evil unless I myself got rid of it’.

If one is himself a liar, he has no business to advise others to follow the truth. Moreover, one can’t go ahead with the task of reforming the world as a whole, but what he can very well do is to correct himself and adjust. If I am the master of my soul, it is me myself to set an order for me and then expect the similar response from others in the society. This even applies in the case of animals too. If I treat an animal with love and care, the act sumptuously elicits the similar reaction from it in much bigger a measure.

In the midst of a mountain of memories:

Out of station I was for the last few days getting back only yesterday. This outing included one full day at my village home in Bahraich (U.P.,India), nothing less than a paradise for me in whatever the circumstances –pleasant or even adverse at times. Visiting my village, my sweet home, is always reminiscent of a Himalaya of memories right from the days of my childhood and onwards. Off home, I was never happy, in the midst of it, I always felt soothingly relaxed even in the situations and happenings otherwise negative. I raise a question to myself at times as to what is so special about my village home?. Nothing so special actually as it is as good a place as any village any where in the rural areas of the country. My mental faculties trace an answer to this telling that the very earth smells to me so sweet and fragrant because of my physical involvement with it intrinsically placing me to a spot where I feel and realise a mountain of solemn memories flashing before my eyes as a live film reminding me of the cows, the calves, the bulls and the buffalos playfully roaming in the pastures of the greeneries chewing and swallowing whatever they could trespass as their food unmindful of the servants guarding and pointing them their directions with a stick. They had strict instructions  as from my mother never to be harsh to the animals, and equally we the children had her directions in strict terms never to call them by their names, instead her advice was to address them as bhaiyya, kaka, and the like based on their age group treating them with love and respect as if they were the part of the family. Servants (now helper or domestic help) in their turn loved us in a big  measure always prepared to shed their blood for us. What an atmosphere of a close affinity with an element of kinship it was for us to roam with them in the fields and the pastures, thoroughly full of love all around. Nothing like any malice or prejudice was visible even remotely. A world of an enormous satisfaction and peace was at our disposal both in house and outside. Although our family was that of great Zamindars, my mother was deadly opposed to any kind of feudalistic behaviour with the result that our domain was peace and harmony, and not at all that of reservation and bitterness. The memories read in conjunction with the over all congeniality prevalent in the family are now left only as a pointer that what surrounds us today has a sky high contrast in comparison to what is treasured by us tranquilly as a matter of those sweet memories of the days gone back far behind.

Beyond self-centredness:

First me, and then any thing else, is normally the most feasibly available thought in ones mental cycle hovering all around. It’s an utopia only to eliminate this phenomenon howsoever best one tries to be  impartial by compromising at least some part of it for the sake of selflessness. But if it is left as it is, the very grace part of life’s mission is lost. The mission of life lies, inter-alia, in doing some good things which interest others and are not confined to one’s own self alone. Doings are always secondary to thinking. What we think counts more than what we actually do in physical terms. As illustrated in Bhagwatgeeta, the very thought process, and not the physical part of it as an act, determines one’s role. One interpretation of it defines celibacy more as an act of mind, the medulla oblongata, than an element of physical performance. In terms of it, if a person physically abstains from any sexual activity, this by itself is no practicing any celibacy unless he/ she is able to discard the very thought of it mentally. Mind is the master and what master does matters. Same measuring rod applies to routine activities too. If a prick pinches me, I am supposed to similarly think when such an eventuality causes pain to some body else as an offshoot of my activities. This actually warrants that I have to refrain from doing any thing that causes pain or discomfort even to the person at the receiving end. This is actually the stage when I have to rise above my self-centredness before indulging into any activity that causes pain or even inconvenience to others, physically or mentally. It is blatantly selfish to get dominated by self-centredness sans thinking for others in the similar circumstances.

When a moment is made an eternity?

I very often feel like reciting what Robert Browning ecstatically felt when getting a chance to meet his love source, Elizabeth Barret, crying “…the moment made eternity”. It was a love much beyond a physical romance. This was a moment of ecstasy much bordering what is known as supreme love, a love superbly divine. Drowned dead deep into a sort of limitless divinity, he echoed into the ears of his love mate “Who knows the world may end tonight”. What a name Browning might have thought to give to such sort of feelings and realisation, I don’t know, but what I prefer to derive out of it is that it was some thing far far away from the carnal desires based on physical needs. To translate such an ecstatic moment in terms of the message contained in Bhagwatgeeta, it was the pinnacle of Truth transcending the barriers of the worldly bondages culminating into the abode of the Supreme, where this very earth seems to be a non-existent entity. Geeta talks about it like this:

Indriyani paranyahurendrabhya param manah

Man tastu para buddhi, buddhiryo par tastu sah

Lord Krishna tells Arjun that feelings (heart) emerge from physical faculties to form the mental wave. and what ultimately emerges from the mental wave is the Supreme, that is Me. The very cycle of various faculties moves this way: Heart>Mind>Satiation>Pleasure>Peace>Ecstasy>Enlightenment>The Supreme. It is here that the earthly world ceases to exist, like Robert Browning realised, and the Love overtakes every thing culminating into Eternity in superbly sublime and celestial an order.