Ad-hoc arrears>SBI Retirees:

Sent from my iPad Sir, Some Federation leaders are creating confusion,& are harming the cause of pensioners by saying that 6th BP retirees are not eligible for arrears. Ministry of Fin. Letter to the Chairperson, SBI, clearly says that w.e.f. 1st,July,1993 pension is fixed at Rs.4250/-,& w.e.f.1-04-1998 it is fixed at Rs.6883/- upto30-04-2005,& w.e.f.01-05-2005 onwards it is fixed at Rs.7120/- for all the pensioners,& there is no mention of only for 7th BP. By creating such confusion these so-called leaders are in fact helping the concerned bank authorities to interpret wrongly the contents of the ministry letter.
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