A leap towards horizon!

This one is just a piece marked for My Diary in my pages: 

Harnessed as I have been trying to  give a shape to my posts in different blogs on different sites, I still move forward indefatigably knowing no limits to working hours. Getting no results. Writings remain unnoticed in most of the cases and the volumes of work I put in just go barren. I go through many a stories put in by other bloggers -some quite meaningful and some looking just cursory but response wise they are capable of eliciting better results. Possibly I am yet to learn more on the art of blogging to see that my posts do get the expected recognition. I go through other web sites of different authors but it appears that the culture of reading is only overpowered by the desire of the authors to highlight more what they put in compared to what others do. I don’t know whether mine is a peep into dark or just a leap towards horizon.

5 thoughts on “A leap towards horizon!

  1. Krishna Kumar Agrawal September 23, 2012 — 12:10 am

    Your efforts are indeed a leap into the horizon.


  2. What a leap?




  4. Which usually Cruel Purposes character have you been? And
    how extreme is your faithfulness to lasagna? Do you know what your favorite breakfast every day
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    These are just some of the seemingly endless variety of questions which
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    A long time before Buzzfeed, best quiz website even though, these quizzes were
    the staple of teen plus women’s mags, catering our own insatiable being thirsty to discover
    and categorize ourselves. And as Slate recently pointed out, the most popular Ny
    Times actual 2013 was in fact a quiz written by an intern.

    But age groups ago, Socrates described the fundamental human inspiration to know thyself — a
    fundamental drive that individuals all need to explore and understand ourself.
    Now, with a quiz to inform us every thing we could probably want to know about ourselves (and things all of us never wished to
    know), in the Internet age group, our real desire
    may be to rank thyself.

    “We like to believe the world will be categorize-able, ” Emma
    Tool wrote within Slate. best quiz website “On the dark side associated with human nature, this desire to simplify the entire world is one justification for bias of all types; on the light side, much more lists extremely fun. A lot more so much easier when you can group people into different containers! ”

    Individuals have suggested that the quizzes may
    cater to a need to reaffirm the particular stories
    we tell yourself about ourselves, our inner narrative.

    “It reinforces a feeling of ourself, whether or not it has any kind of legitimacy delete word, ” media psychologist Robert Simmermon informed the Huffington Post within February.
    “We know a possibility literal, yet we hold on maybe a little secret component of ourselves that will hopes it really is true. ”

    But if understanding which Quite Little Liar or classic Jimmy Consume World melody you are basically doing enough to build up your own sense associated with self,
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    You may actually learn a worthwhile thing or even two
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    associated with course).

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    best quiz website

    Are you within love?


    So if you’re in a brand new relationship so you can’t quit thinking
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    Problem of enjoy is one that’s baffled and preoccupied numerous poets, performers and romantics of all types, and even specialists who research human relationships and sexuality haven’t visit a good functioning definition. Yet
    there is one test, created by University associated with
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    Take Langeslag’s 20-question to discover to tell a person if your relationship is romantic love.
    best quiz website To qualify as this kind of love, you’ll have to score at the top of both infatuation and connection.

    How conscious are you?


    “You are usually introduced to a group of people. After shaking hands and swapping names, you understand you weren’t really listening and have no idea what their own names are usually. ”

    Sound familiar? If it really does, you might have the tendency toward spaciness and distraction — and you could probably take advantage
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    Exactly how emotionally smart are you?

    two women combating

    Think you are able to tell the difference between worry and surprise?
    You might actually be surprised with how tough it
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    Try a facial recognition to figure out from the College or university of California, Berkeley’s Better Good Technology Center to
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    If your score is low, may read in it too much — while the test is a good sign of your
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    Such things as self-awareness, emotional regulation, plus social skills also come into play, based on psychologist Daniel Goleman.

    Are these the best defining personality traits?

    Can your character be summed up after answering forty questions?
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    The “You Just Get Me” test, developed by professional individuals
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    your personality traits right after answering forty questions.
    Better still, you’ll get the personality “bubble chart” revealing which traits you possess the majority of and
    minimum strongly.

    Just how mentally well are you?


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