A fighter on Bank employees front!

I am working on my book ‘Beyond the barriers’, the story of a fighter on bank employees front. Presently it is in the form of a serial and is regularly published on http://gallery-neelkanth.blogspot.com  Since it doesn’t look quite feasible to repeat such a voluminous work on this site atleast presently, the viewers may make a reference to the aforementioned site. The book serial is widely read by the people with some of them requesting me to repeat the same on this venue also. May be I am able to make necessary effort on that count in days to come.


20 thoughts on “A fighter on Bank employees front!”

  1. Christian can you provide your thoughts on the Hindenburg Omen? Everyone is talking about it? and it is getting annoying. I follow you primarily on YouTube so I apologize if you have already discussed it somewhere else.


    1. ‘Beyond the barriers’ is in a publication stage and your access to it is welcome after it is published. Meanwhile, you may go through certain extracts from it by searching ‘Beyond the barriers’ published in this very blog from time to time. My sincere thanks to you for your comments.


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  3. sir mere father sbi me nukri karte the jine death 21 octobar 2014 ho gaya kya mujhe anukmpa ke addhar nuyatei ho sakti hai mera mobile number hi 9919548432


  4. My name is snigdha chakraborty w./o lt. Utpal chakraborty my husband was employee of s. B i main branch jalpaiguri w.bengal. He died on 11. 12. 2002 his age was 49yrs. My two sons both are mental retarded . Iapplied for job branch manager forwarded my application but regional office refused my application in aug- 2005. Till fade i am fighting for my rights. I am getting pension 6000/- i at present my condition is so grave what i will do. Your faithfully snigdha chakraborty. Neelkanthshahi@gmail.com


  5. Respected sir..
    Plz give me some suggestion of this matter.
    My father was a guard in kurkum sbi branch maharashtra.
    He expired in 01/09/2016. due to kidney failure ..
    I want to apply for job on place of father’s job but bank giving me ex-gratia rs 1lack but I want job because we need it. In my family i have 1 miner sister , my mother and myself..i am also studying( age 19 years) .. we are facing problem after death my father.
    And I have no way else this job ..
    I want to know how could I get this job kindly give me some suggestion ..



    1. Yours is not a solitary problem, it is rather in too large a measure. Matter is already being vigorously pursued by the respective channels but there is actually no outcome till now. If you can manage delay, avoid accepting exgratia for some time and continue pursuing your case with the Bank. Remain in touch with this blog so far as the developments are concerned. All the best.


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