Why the heck I am writing?

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I have been writing for decades on varied topics to elicit some response or the other from the readers which I do get in abundance. It’s a different matter that I aspire for more for a lucid reaction from the readers enabling me to expand my boundaries to bigger heights acknowledgible at the readers level and also that of those who are scant in responding and a meaningful sharing. Commercial gain is not that much a consideration but what matters more is the aspect of sharing the thoughts through the valuable feedback that may enrich my feed for thoughts in turn enriching the total mantle of a substantial feedback. I owe a gratitude to those who vehemently admire the text so released by me but I do expect them to point out the flaws both in choice of words and the very rhyme of fluency on choice of expressions. If there are certain follies, I would welcome an all out criticism with thanks to those who so point out.

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