Trade union scenario as of date:

Trade Union scenario in the country has undergone a tremendous change as at present if the very past of it is read in the context and the situation that obtains currently with a comparison to what it was certain decades back. It started as a mission but has since converted into a career building, more so from a financial prospect gainsaying the very service spectrum. State Bank of India being the biggest financial institution in the country is the biggest employer with a most powerful trade union unit with a global image and identity that is celebrating its 100 years of existence with a mark. The relative celebrations are to continue with these century celebrations for the whole year within the country and even outside. One such mega event was recently held at Kolkata attended by thousands of the participants mostly being the enthusiasts from the union from its nook and corner of the country. Meticulously and most methodically organised, the event in itself was a land mark to be followed by other centers covering the whole country shortly.

These are peace days, hence nothing like a hectic movement which is a live activity for any trade union -the difference being that in peace days the activities run in a lower gear but it is for the union leaders to see to it that the momentous character is duly retained in their functionality. Once it lacks the very momentum with zeal and fervour miserably dwindles to the setback of an overall performance. The situation demands a radical overhaul to re-align the whole modus operandi to keep the overall tempo of live activities which unfortunately lacks resulting into minus factors erupting. Unfortunately this is what is rampant to mar the very movement. Today’s scenario is that of a lethargic perspective and is bound to prove detrimental to the respective trade union tiers. There is no dearth of issues and the art of recuperating on the part of the leaders lies in rejuvenating the same with a committed pursuit. The very outcome of the plans so worked out matter and not the silky talks.

The whirlwind of the activities.

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