Dearth of medicos in town–the reason?

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Apparently there is enough of mushrooming in medical practitioners in the city and its neighbourhood but quality wise it is just few and far between more so in the matter of competence and expertise. Their fee is too exorbitant irrespective of the service and care they render to the patients and their ill fated attendees. They hardly manifest a realisable ethics or etiquette while in harness to attending their customers unmindful of the adage that the requisite attention paid by medical staff itself forms half of the treatment. For money lust they compromise their discipline of a dedicated service to their clients making them feel amply satiated. Hakeem Lukmaan in medical history is quoted admirably as an ideal physician known for his heart to heart inter-action with his patients. Nothing but money and money alone is important to them and nothing sort of milk of human kindness.

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2 thoughts on “Dearth of medicos in town–the reason?

  1. Devaraj Panigrahi March 2, 2019 — 9:49 pm

    Wonderful presentation. So nicely worded. god bless u.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My sincere thanks with love and affection for your reaction.


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