My Laptop, my first aid:

When there is frenzy of thoughts coupled with a bird eye view of the world storming my mental faculties right and left with a sort of hits and jolts overpowering my brain cells in tit bits, I hanker for a breathing to rejuvenate whatever energy is left in me and catch some straw of help from the zero zones to recapacitate my mental organs but it terribly fails with the result that I harbour in a mess –my thought spree running astray. This is the stage when my laptop jumps to my rescue providing me enormous tit bits to form the requisite material of a running thought process linking up the varied phenomenon to let the thinking process assimilate easing the burden. Even otherwise my laptop is capable of providing a sort of first aid when I am passing through an arduous torture caused by burden of the thought spree causing me extreme headache sort of pain. I do love my laptop, I adore it. Mine is a romantic sort of relationship with it which I cherish most.


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