On blogging:

I came across a well meant narrative on blogging by the well known blogger Christian Mihai highlighting the salient features that form the very soul of a meaningful blog containing several dos and donts to work out a successful writeup as a blog. It is inspiring and capable of guiding several of blogging enthusiasts. It is infact grotesque to secure a fool proof modus operandi of building up a draft for a blog but the directions pronounced by Mihai are meaningfully oriented towards a fool proof writeup fully acceptable to the readers. The bloggers community owes a gratitude to him. Blogs form an intrigue category of writeups that warrant clarity as most sensitive a feature compared to other writings where the the writer has to keep himself in a gear neutral and impartial doing justice to neutrality where the author is above board as against any prejudice or bias with the story and there lies the test of the writing irrespective of impositions from the outside.

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