Some mahabharat or the other is always there!

Lord Krishna with Arjun of Pandavas

The history has it that the world was never without a war and it had to make its way some way or the other. Pugnacities at the outset were turned to a mammoth massacre claiming innumerable lives virtually leaving hardly any survivor excepting Ashwathhama(son of Dronachaarya the great warrior of Mahabharat) who is still believed to have been seen by many in the dense ice laden forests of Himalayas as a lunatic, immortal as he was. The global scenario all over the world is strife laden with different countries fighting each other neck to neck on different counts. A close look reveals. Mahabharat is there where humanity pervades and it is utopion to think of ahimsa(non-violence). War mongering and violence besides loot and rape (Refer cheer haran where Draupadi is directd, say forced, to appear naked before Duryodhan in sexual gear. So long as the Universe and humanity is there the kind of Mahabharat as enumerated are but to obtain side by side. There’s no go.

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Cheer haran of Draupadi

The history has it

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