Mud slinging is derogatory:

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Singhasan Battisi
Singhasan Battisi, a bunch of 32 stories with monumental signigicance with a narrative of equal number of episodes pin pointed by each of the beauties one by one cautioning Raja Vikramditya against occupying the royal citadel for the reason that he didn’t possess the genuine credentials of a king his predecessor who happened to be his own father adored. The king Vikramaditya stepped back dismayed and disheartened.
No story dies down, it erupts time and again from time to time and age to age. In your age and era you peep through your surroundings you would find similar situations emerging unleashed. A lad struggling right and left outside his boundaries in a manner false and fabricated coining irrelevant slogans manufactured with a malice and derogation knowing no limits of the sorts
Twitter reports higher rate of readship for Rahul Gandhi.Negative material suits the publicity more.        
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