Why not go for the modern as against what is communicationally obsolete?

Image result for internetGone are the days when communicational urge was confined to some post office or the other through hand written letters or at the most telegrams and for important delivery of letters to the addressees the postman used to be a very important person. Now that the very scenario has undergone a tremendous change and any type of communication is just a matter of a few seconds with the use of INTERNET by the people but it is not that much in use as this should have been. More of awareness on this front is still much of the need. A large number of my people has a grievance that their contact with me is not at all adequate. Now that there are bumper tools available at a negligible cost/investment, contact is no more any sort of a gigantic task, only the WILL is the need. I do miss my people and feel crazy to be in contact with them at the first available opportunity. A large number of them is in contact with me through internet and the rest can follow the suit. I myself do it, say have to do it, whenever the need so arises. In each post of this blog itself my detailed contacts are there. If need so arises, I make a note to give full details to my beloved followers separately. Long live my people.

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