Politicians–an exclusive burden on public exchequer:

Image result for indian corrupt politicianA labour toils hard the whole day to earn some frugal meals for himself and his family. It applies to all live beings on earth.So is done by all others including insects and other creatures. The humans are divided in to different categories -some justify their meals by putting in huge volume of hard work and there are some who relish sumptuous meals without putting in any efforts which is infact just a luxury and is called haraam. Haraam is actually forbidden in certain disciplines, say religious discipline like Islaam being followed up by several other cults. There are exceptions where work sort of disciplines are replaced by some minor physical exercises but it doesn’t serve the requisite purpose. Contrary to all this there is the category of the politicians who make it possible to enjoy the luxuries available in the world without doing any work excepting gossips and ho-halla all centred on their only chosen topic of election campaigns for themselves and their associates -a highly unproductive a pursuit. There is no luxury device that is unavailable to them on earth.As a crude expression, theirs is a pursuit Éarn some way or the other and Enjoy.Politicians in India are a category in themselves firmly committed to ther personal interest.Their vow is to take least care of service to the people but serve their own interest, come what may.

Image result for indian corrupt politicianImage result for indian corrupt politician

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