Writing a blog post -How hellish?

Howsoever best type of a writer you are, you are in for lot of tumultuous irritations the very moment you embark on the task of writing some thing or the other, more so as a bloggar. Lot many irritations overtake you to a negative direction working as negative factors. It’s for more than a week that I have not been able to even frugally type out even a single most item on my agenda of tasks. Mine is a well equipped office needfully furnished on more or less on different aspects but mechanically and also technically there are various irritants obstructing the very flow of writing, because of some visitor or the other frequently obviously obstructing the very sequence of the thought process marring the concentration besides the various other hurdles. Certain typical errors erupting the sequence including those in relation to very speed of writing and frequent breaks are a normal feature be it technical or mental. I feel sorry for the inconvenience caused to my beloved readers with a resolve that no longer gaps are further allowed to creep in. My regards to my readership.

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