Me and Myself?

Gramatically there is hardly any difference between ‘Me’ and ‘Myself’ but there is an ocenic difference between the two in intrinsic terms when it comes to their individual personification -both stand poles apart distinctly. Faith and confidence differentiate the yawning gap. An over all bold and strong posture with requisite amount of conviction and confidence are amply indicative of a fully satiated person as against those who all the time look marosed and clumzy with a dullard countenance indicative of utter confusion.Divine reflection is another factor that reveals the intrinsic worth of a person capable of holding a firm confidence about his identity as to whether he/she is just a self or ‘MYSELF’ denotative of his Divine strength. A blogger friend of mine in England reiteratedly affirmed that she is leading her life as ‘MYSELF’ and not merely as a trivial entity in the world. She is fully correct. Her’s is the concept worth being followed by others: 

Story of Vibekanand and Sister Nivedita in relation to this post follows:

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2 thoughts on “Me and Myself?

  1. Respected Sir
    This Article is the best. A divine massage is given to us to know the difference between “ME and MYSELF”.



      On Mon, Sep 3, 2018 at 6:56 PM Avenues:>Muchbeyondhorizon wrote:



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